What Happens After 14 Days of Cold Showers (Part 2)

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Find out how to make taking cold showers easier so you can take advantage of the benefits!

What Happens After 14 Days of Cold Showers (Part 1): ▶️
Why Do You Sleep Better in a Cold Room: ▶️

0:00 Introduction: Why should I take a cold shower?
0:52 The benefits of cold showers
6:30 11 better ways to take cold showers
11:00 Learn more about the benefits of cold showers!

Today I want to give you some tips on how to take a cold shower for the benefits without feeling so uncomfortable.

When we’re too comfortable, our bodies weaken. So, adding a little stress, as long as it’s not overwhelming, can be a positive thing. A few other examples of good stressors are exercise and intermittent fasting.

The potential benefits of taking cold showers:
• Immune support
• Decreased inflammation
• Cognitive support
• Mood support
• Increased energy
• Increased fat-burning
• Improved insulin resistance
• Increased longevity

11 tips to make taking cold showers easier:
1. Start by taking a warm shower and gradually make the water colder
2. Rub the skin while being exposed to the cold water
3. Relax your entire body
4. Slow down your breathing
5. Turn on some music
6. Before your cold shower, do intense exercise
7. Don’t overthink it, just do it
8. Gradually increase intervals
9. End your shower with warm water
10. Gradually do portions of your body in the cold water
11. Do intermittent exposure to the cold water



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Thanks for watching! I hope these tips make it easier for you to start taking advantage of the benefits of cold showers. I’ll see you in the next video.

45 responses to “What Happens After 14 Days of Cold Showers (Part 2)”

  1. I have been taking cold showers for about a year and I feel AMAZING! I look forward to taking cold showers. In the winter, I warm my house up and take my shower. I’m 54 years old and I have no inflammation, it’s AMAZING! Dr. Berg is the REAL deal!

    • I’ve noticed the opposite. I was doing alternating hot bath 10 min/ cold shower 5 min repeat. When I started, my adjoining bedroom was colder than usual, and I was shivering before getting into bath. After I finished up with cold shower, I noticed that the ambient temp in the room was now quite comfortable. Cold showers may be a way to deal with rising heating costs?

  2. And I would just like to give Dr. Berg a big thanks for all the knowledge and work in blood sweat and tears that he’s put in to these videos thank you sir you help me out greatly and I appreciate you

  3. I’ve been having only cold showers for over 10 years, all year, and it’s the best thing I ever did for my health. Even living in an area where winter temps are -14C at night I couldn’t give them up. I tried alternating hot and cold therapy but I couldn’t handle the heat. I get straight under the cold water and have no shock reaction any more.

    • @nightfox It’s like anything else… especially super athletes… they just use mental toughness to overcome the obstacle

    • @nightfox You gotta develop your discipline and mental resilience through other areas in your life like exercise, diet, and mindfulness.

    • @Elizabeth Scott I am in texas and have been practicing cold shower at least more than six months. So far the coldest temp hit here is about 45 deg F (8 dec C). I am not at all discomfortable. But, I must admire you. Taking Cold Shower in -14deg C seems very challenging. It is great your body got used to. What inspired you 10 years ago and how did it benefit you?

  4. I’ve been taking cold showers more n more lately thanks to you Dr. Berg 💜 I always appreciate your advice, My fibromyalgia is so bad I definitely need it

  5. I’m doing an ice bath every day now, feeling fantastic! The only trouble is I’m too big to get fully emersed in the water.
    Doing about 20 minutes. Also doing cold showers at the gym after workouts. I still have a lot of weight to lose so I’m doing every intervention I can fit in.

    • @Richard Howe I’d be substituting all those veggies/carbs turn to sugars within…to eat fats, a stick of butter, ghee or even coca butter to satiate your belly and being. NOT one sugar can develop.

    • @Leda Cedar one cup of spinach is 2 g of carbohydrate.. I think the health benefit from the spinach far outweighs the sugar problem it produces.. don’t you think so?

    • 20 minutes is great but when you pass a few minutes, it doesn’t do much of anything.
      Wim How said that, 2 min of a cold shower a day gets you to that prime position.

      I personally do more than 2 myself ( about 4-5 ) but, there you go.

      Continued success.

  6. I’ve been taking cold showers for more than 8 months, 2 per day actually, each one after my strong vinyasa yoga sessions at 4 a.m (I wake up at 3 a.m.) and in the late afternoon. It was not so very hard to get used to it, so much so that in the end hot showers became somewhat unpleasant, honest. All this seems to fit very well with the 6/18 intermittent fasting. In the beginning, I used to say to myself: “Hey, it is just water, why worry so much? This sensation will pass away anyway, so just keep on enduring it, we’ll reward ourselves with a delicious oatmeal/nuts/kefir bowl for breakfast afterwards”. Now it is no more traumatic, but decidedly stimulating.

  7. I’ve started building up my time in the cold shower since you started talking about how great the benefits are. Thank you

  8. From my experiences with cold showers, number 7 is the most important here. Especially when you first start out, every fibre of your body will be screaming at you “DONT DO THIS”. The more you think about it, the more chance you’ll talk yourself out of it. JUST DO IT!!
    I started out taking the advice of number 1 but found it just prolonged the anticipation of the misery that was to come, for me I quickly realised the best way was to just go straight to cold, starting with the head and face. It took me about three weeks to gain total control of my breathing, before that there was lots of shouting and swearing lol.
    Start today and in four weeks from now you will be so glad you did. It’s great for developing stronger discipline too. DO IT!

    • Start from put some water on foot and leg. So that your body temperature adjust itself . Then start with right side from shoulder to foot then left and then centre from head to toe. You will feel amazing and everlasting benefits

    • I have heat sensitivity due to multiple sclerosis. Now that I know there is real benefit to cold showers, I will do it every time I shower. 🎉🎉Thank you Dr. Berg.

  9. I am 18 years old. Since I was 16 I take a cold shower every day, even in WINTER! It gives me a lot of energy and my skin is clearer than ever. It’s hard to go back to hot showers when you’re experiencing the benefits of cold temperature

  10. I’ve tried cold showers but we live in a northeastern state with VERY cold well water. I will definitely try these tips since I feel better using 16/8 fasting and weight lifting along with hiit exercises. I’m 62,female at 115 lbs at 5″ in height. Im in better shape than most of my peers,but continue on this path of improvement due to caregiving for 25 years and now helping my 87 year old mother. We can improve so many things about our quality of life, and the journey is worth it!

  11. I got to the point of taking cold baths and it did wonders for my fibro inflammation. That paired with the gerson protocol changed my life. Haven’t had a bathtub in 4 years and i can tell the difference in my pain levels and everything else.

  12. Cold showers are incredible. They helped me so much I purchased a flat chest freezer and converted it to an ice bath and sit regularly. It’s helped me tremendously with depression. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

  13. I actually showered with cold water everyday for 7 months ,it definitely does improves mood, like day and night difference in mood ,it gets rid of any kind of laziness

  14. I take alternating hot and cold showers, and what helped me the most is, before turning the water colder, thinking “Yay, here comes the awesome cold water” instead of thinking “oh, no, it’s going to feel horrible in a sec.” Makes all the difference in the world, expectation has a huge influence on experience.

  15. I’ve been dismissing cold showers as a gimmick but since Dr Berg is endorsing it, I think I’m ready to dive in- literally and figuratively

  16. As an Indian it’s normal for us to take cold showers on summer as our climate is kinda tropical… But during winter people do take hot showers as winter is also unbearable for us… But I started taking cold showers on winters too from last 8-9 years as I was residing in hostels after I left my home for higher studies at the age of 15…since then though sometimes winter may be unbearable but cold shower is no more a problem for me. Even my mom urges me to take hot showers so that i don’t catch a cold… But amazingly my frequent cold has gone after I started taking cold showers on winter too… I no more suffer from frequent cold & cough.. I don’t remember when i last suffered from fever except due to covid vaccination

  17. I’ve been doing cold showers for over a month now and it’s significantly reduced my eczema and greatly helps my chronic pain.

    Never thought such a simple change would make dramatic differences.

  18. I can’t take cold showers, but I recently found out that I have no problem with cold BATHS. I love them, and to my own surprise, even look forward to them. What makes it different for me is that I can control the speed of immersion. I live in Montreal and the water’s cold here now, but a 15 minute cold bath feels easy to do. I don’t feel the need for warmth after. My body feels alive, the skin more toned, and it’s a balm for sore muscles. I never thought I could do this, let alone like it.

  19. 3 months now, up to 12 mins on weekdays, started with a minute, really good for maintaining attention and performance at work. Another tip, avoid water to the head and alternate with hot water at the end, back and forth for those benefits. Huberman has an extensive list of tools on the topic, got my ice bath on the way, which I can’t wait to finally try, especially now being acclamated to cold showers. The breathing tip is key, and also the mental method is useful to think of each step as a wall you need to climb over. Try physiological sigh or Wim Hoff breathing, and a few controlled hyper ventilating breaths too (3 x cycles) also helps.

  20. I love to sleep in the winter months w/ my balcony door opened at night, people think that is crazy but I sleep comfortably being cold. Thanks Dr Berg for basically confirming that this is actually a good thing for the body 🙏

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