Dr. Sarah Hancock – ‘Oral Health and LCHF nutrition’

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Sarah Hancock has a PhD in public health nutrition and researches oral health, general health and the nutritional ties that bind them together. Dr. Hancock completed her PhD in Public Health Nutrition at Auckland University of Technology with a thesis that investigated the links between diet and oral and metabolic health. She is an advocate for dietary lifestyles incorporating low-carbohydrate healthy fat eating approaches for the prevention of chronic disease.

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21 responses to “Dr. Sarah Hancock – ‘Oral Health and LCHF nutrition’”

  1. every time I get as much as 0.5 ketones in the blood my blood pressure goes up like crazy.
    This first happened about a year and a half ago when I decided to get back on keto after covid (I did keto a few times in the past) but this time I felt really bad,ended up in the ER with a diagnosis of hypertension.
    After going through all the tests the doctor told me that “everything is ok” and that he does not know what is the cause for the hypertension 🤔.
    His solution was lots of pills that gave me a ton of side effects,It was horrible!!!’
    I have started to get educated about the subject because I never truly believed in doctors.
    I think the reason might be some kind of insulin resistance, leaky gut for the most part.
    So I knew I had to change my diet and keto was not an option because of what happened,so I tried anything else.
    I went vegan,high carb low fat,the dash diet,OMAD, alternate day fasting, I even did a 10 day water fas that nearly killed me!
    Nothing was helping but I had no choice, I had to move on and find a solution because BP numbers were going up and I can’t take the drugs because of the side effects.
    As I’m searching on YouTube,I found a video of a woman that did carnivore to cure her BP. And that is what I did, but after a few days on it my BP numbers started going up and I started feeding really bad,it felt like that time when I ended in the ER, so I checked my ketones and I had something around 0.8 ,as soon as I ate some carbs the BP came down and I felt much better.
    I started experimenting with it and every time my body started producing ketones over .5 my blood pressure will go through the roof!!!
    After this is experimentation
    I understand that something happens in my body when it starts producing ketones.
    I’m losing my mind over this and I feel really bad with this high BP .
    Does this sounds familiar?
    Does it makes sense?
    What is going on?

  2. When I was growing up in the sixties there was an add for white bread. The slogan was six slices per day is the well balanced way. What a con that was. Apart from destroying tooth enamel you were constantly hungry and it led to weight gain.
    Its a great video as most parents have bought into the eat the sweet’s but brush your teeth.

  3. As a dentist, I’ve seen most of our continuing education never focuses on nutrition and the few that do are given by vegans. They don’t ever say it’s OK to eat meat but they OMIT the elephant in the room and focus on, do not eat processed foods and eat more fruits grains & vegetables. I like sitting on the front row, keeping them propagandizing too much!

  4. Dr. Sarah Hancock shares excellent information. Balancing oral bacteria and preventing the overgrowth of anaerobic pathogens are the keys to excellent oral health and minimizing systemic risks. Nutritious whole real natural food and beverages, exercise, managing stress, regular dental visits, and conscientious daily oral hygiene (including oxidative home therapies) are all part of a healthy lifestyle … an “insulin-friendly lifestyle” (IFL).

  5. Dr. Sarah Hancock has increased the level of excellence that Low Carb Down Under is, very high, she has brought us all to the next level. Thank you doctor. It is my opinion the issue of oral health is much much more integral to how low carb diets are beneficial to overall long term health. The key being the understanding of systemic biofilms.

    • As she went along she shifted into Beast mode, it was truly enthralling and inspiring. This is a great way to start the new year, the year that will mark the point in time when humanity saved itself from the forces of evil. Fight the good fight.

  6. Wow, this is incredibly interesting. I’m watching it again just to get it all in my head. I grew up in a household where Mom gave us three meals a day. Snacks were rarely anything we had. I never had a cavity until I was 15 and had started eating a lot more often because of growth, including more carbohydrates. But I grew up hearing that sugar caused cavities. It was common knowledge back then, and sugary desserts were generally confined to special occasions.

    I still have all my teeth, with a few crowns, at age 76. This is an apparently rare situation as when I went to get my cataracts surgically dealt with, the nurse asked me to take out my dentures! One friend of mine had a huge dental bill that his health insurance didn’t cover. He said, “The last time I checked, the mouth was part of the body.” It is rather strange that dentists and doctors aren’t working together to solve these problems, but apparently, they’re not. 😮

  7. I have been on a ketogenic diet on and off for years. I then went Carnivore for three years. I started back on LCHF the beginning of December 2022 adding only vegetables like Cabbage, Brocolli, Cauliflower and Spinach. No grains, the only dairy butter, no sweetners,. I add garlic and onions as my “spicy stuff. I eat beef, sardines and tuna. I brush and rinse after every meal, which is no more than two meals a day. I lift weights Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At 70+ years I have lived longer than most of the males in my family. The only teeth I’ve ever lost was from playing Racketball with a “rookie” and took a wooden racket in the mouth. I like the LCHF lifestyle and highly recommend it and “Low Carb Downunder”.

  8. Great presentation. I remember Weston Price pictures comparing Natives dentition on a natural diet to English dentition. Society has a business model I guess.

  9. Getting some truth out. Another brave Dr. aliening her name against the old static intrenched falsehoods. Thank you, Dr. Sarah Hancock for this & your humanity

  10. Such and important talk! LCHF has done wonders to cure my bleeding gums. The benefits to our dental health needs to be addressed more often. 🤙🏼

  11. It’s astounding that humans are supposed to be the most intelligent mammals; but we can’t even get basic nutrition correct. Biological dentistry saved my life- deep appreciation to these brave doctors,, re: ‘The Toxic Tooth’

  12. Excellent information. Also add mouth breathing, thumb sucking and pap like foods involving no chewing creating misalignment & crowding of the teeth & poor formation of the oral orifice. This leading to further extractions that should never have occurred with a proper diet.

  13. After decades of parodontitis, in 2021 may I moved to LCHF approach, near strict. I had many benefits in health, but first in time was a total recover of parodontitis. Within one week blood disappeared brushing teeths. My dentist was surprised. Now me and my friend dentist are investigating the different species of bacteria in mouth before and after. I am convinced that with Low carb approach only friendly bacteria remain, and they are very important to protect gengives, so I stopped recurrent disinfection and Hygiene. I think that guidlines are wrong cause influence of veganism, that nowadays is a common mindset. Impossible to say: “Eat fat and animal protein at first”. I am Sorry for my low level English.

  14. Great talk! Horrifying to see the complacency on the part of authorities, and the lack of understanding even by many dental practitioners. It’s another nail in the coffin of the anti-scientific food guidelines.

  15. Excellent talk. Thank you for raising the awareness about the dangers of sugars and other carbohydrates for oral health. We need more research on Vitamin K2 roles in a body. It is an interesting hypothesis that the tartar could be caused by chronic vitamin K2 deficiency. I want to hear more on this.

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