Dietary FIBER, Bloating, and Intestinal Gas

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Find out how to support your gut health if you can't consume dietary fiber.


0:00 Introduction: What would happen if you stopped consuming fiber?
0:18 What is the best type of diet?
4:00 What is the worst type of diet?
5:30 Understanding fiber and the microbiome
9:10 Tips to support your gut health
10:15 Learn more about your gut microbiome!

I believe the best diet includes both meat and plants. But I understand that some people can't consume vegetables. Let's talk about how to support healthy digestion if you can't consume vegetable fiber.

The worst type of diet is the one that many humans consume. This diet is technically an omnivore diet, but the plant products are really mostly grain products, and grain products can lead to gut damage. Gut damage can make it difficult to consume foods with fiber, like salad.

One of the benefits of fiber is that it feeds your microbiome. Your microbiome has many different functions, including fermentation.

During the fermentation process, the microbes make small-chain fatty acids, vitamins, other acids, and secondary compounds that support the immune system.

But, if your microbes don't have access to fiber, they can consume other things. If someone is on a carnivore diet, their microbes can adapt to digest protein. You're not going to kill your microbes if you avoid plants. The important thing is to avoid grains.

While some people have difficulty consuming any vegetables, other people may be able to consume fermented vegetables. This includes foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickled vegetables.

Fermented vegetables have additional microbes that may help support your gut. They also have prebiotics, vitamins, and other health benefits.

Tips to support your microbiome and overall gut health:
1. If you consume animal products, consume grass-fed, grass-finished animal products.

2. If you are vegan or vegetarian, don't consume grains.

3. If you have severe gut problems, try a carnivore diet with grass-fed, grass-finished animal products.

4. If you have less severe problems with digestion, try consuming fermented vegetables along with grass-fed, grass-finished animal products.

5. If you don't have any digestive problems, try consuming a combination of plants (not grains) and grass-fed, grass-finished animal products.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 57, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! Follow these tips to support your gut health if you can't consume dietary fiber. I'll see you in the next video.

41 responses to “Dietary FIBER, Bloating, and Intestinal Gas”

  1. This is great info. I love how you break it down and make it easy for us to understand. It’s also refreshing to have a doctor that realizes that life, exercise, food, is not a “one size fits all” but we have to l8sten to our bodies and do what’s right for us. Thank you.

    • @Dr. Eric Berg DC Do you do any consulting? I have a condition no one can figure out. I did some things you recommended and my mystery syndrome stoped. I wish I understood what happened. A full battery of doctors did not believe me and when I told them what I did that you recommended they might as well have accused me of lying. My osteopath, on the other hand, said if it works, do it. I just wish I understood what it was more fully.

  2. So difficult to talk about such subjects without including a degree-course in both biology and human-evolution to counter the usual pro-vegan or SAD muddle-heads. But one point I feel would aid understanding of a human-centric-diet that we generally follow here is that cats, dogs etc have a shorter digestive tract so are less prone to illness from raw-meat borne bacteria than humans and that we have adapted to survive from many food sources because of our opposing thumbs and the processing of food by washing, peeling cooking and fermenting prior to eating it. Thank you Dr Berg for continuing the improved diet of human-kind.

  3. Vegetables and grass fed, organic meats Dr. Berg ❤ Sunshine, exercise, plenty of sleep and stress free. Your vitamins and minerals are great too! Thank you 🌅

    • @Kat I am, Holistic masseuse & Spellbreaker 🧚🏼 exactly. He did mention all of this before. Playing politics it seems

    • @Dewon Hodls yeah, i dont hear about him getting strikes & threats to delete his channel/videos… he is playing it ‘safe’, makes him sus imo.

    • @Kat I am, Holistic masseuse & Spellbreaker 🧚🏼 medicine and nutrition practicioners have been so compromised. It is why disease is running wild. It is why I carnivore.

    • @Dewon Hodls not this one… ive eaten carnivore all my life (71) I had schooling 60 years ago, better than the last 30….& i went to trade school, not the medical indoctrination. Your loss if you dont want what i have to offer for free. I also do RAW milk/cream/cheese and eggs from local farms, whatever i can get. (See my channel) I dont shop at supermarkets, its all toxic chemicals posing as f♾️d. All ppl are now addicts if they do. Do you read labels? I still am cutting out many foods inc: grains/starches (bread, pasta, rice, etc) vegetables, beans (oxalates), sugar, coffee… doesnt leave much. So what do you eat?
      Disease is just symptoms of toxic blood & more recently n@n0**p0is0ning. Much love on your journey.

  4. Dear Dr. Berg,
    Thank you for making this video! I am confused… I have been told about 2 different types of fiber and each seem to have a particular function in our bodies but nothing more has been explained about it. I would very much appreciate if you could kindly make a video about that and also give us some foods that are rich in one and others that are rich in the other type of fiber. Also the ratio of the two, should we consume more of one than the other? and what to look for to know which of the two we are running low on.
    I love your videos and always find them helpful! Wholeheartedly thank you, ! Eva

  5. Thank God for you Dr. Berg. I have been bloated and belchy for the longest time and could not figure out why; I started eating sauerkraut regularly about a month ago. It has completely knocked out my stomach acid and I don’t belch constantly anymore. I think that’s definitely a sign things were off on the in the gut. It has also been greatly helping me with my fasting and healthy keto (I’m eating more eggs now as well). I have been following what you teach very closely, and I can’t believe how great I have been feeling. It’s very motivating, thank you.

  6. Great video, I have experimented with meat only and salad/plant only diets and very quickly came to the conclusion that neither is a suitable option for me. Meaning that I felt both are necessary so I usually have a salad wrap with steak or meatball on it. I usually feel less bloating and gas like this plus feel more satisfied. I think I will take your advice and include some sauerkraut in my diet also. Kind Regards from Australia

  7. Went from strict vegetarian (20 years), then vegan (10 years) to Keto, then borderline carnivore.

    The less plant food I ate, the better I felt. Currently I am on mostly beef/bacon/butter/fish/chicken/eggs/cheese, and I eat some almonds and/or almond butter here and there. Some avocados sometimes and probably 2 slices of tomato and/or onion.

    Never felt this good.

    Grains cause instant bloating, cauliflower causes instant constipation. I just stay away from vegetables now, except “flavour quantities”, like a thin slice of onion and tomato on a burger.

    That said, with the diet change I got rid of 15 kg in about 3 months (exercised before and do now, every day) …. and all my knee-back-wrist joint pains went away. That with mountain biking 5 days of the week at the age of 51.

    It’s like someone replaced all the failing cartilage in me, and it literally happened in less that 3 weeks, that pains went away. On the “normal diet” I had days when I could barely tie my shoes or pick up something from the floor … after a longer ride I could barely get out of bed due to back pain ….
    All that is gone …

  8. Thank you Dr. Berg, I was wondering what was going on with me. I’m someone who gets bloated and fatigued after eating some of the smallest of meals. I cut out bread products and started consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables. My stomach would start hurting. I have been eating minimum amounts of meats. Now I conclude I should consume more for awhile.

    • I’ve found that bloating and gas goes away when dropping plants from my diet and sticking to mostly fatty meat

  9. Post Helicobacter , I have suffered from chronic Gastritis…. Grossly bloating after 1 simple slice of toasted bread ,unbeknown to me had high fibre. I looked like I was about to have triplets. This is very interesting and what I had a hunch was the cause. 🙏🏻

  10. Yes i totally agree with Dr Berg I remember many years ago moving away from the standard diet to a Keto diet and quickly realised that the large amounts of plant fibres where causing me major issues about nine years ago when i came in contact with Dr Bergs YouTube channel. I remember one of Dr Bergs old videos about reducing the fibre content. I found the best diet for me is grass fed beef mainly (occasional other grass fed red meat) fresh fresh cod , salmon not farmed sardines etc and time to time good quality poultry. With vegetables only being fermented or pickled so like Kimchi, Spanish pickled garlic, Italian artichokes in extra virgin oil and pickled cucumbers. Good quality eggs and hard cheese . Anyway thanks again Dr Berg keep up the great work. 😺🙏👍

  11. Wow! This video definitely enlighten me on my gut problems. This will help me for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Berg

  12. Hey Doc, been on carnivore for 4 months, felt amazing. During the holidays I started incorporating some white rice once a week or so and since then I can’t get rid of the bloated stomach & constipation feeling, I eat VERY clean so kind of lost on what I would eat to feel flat again.

    • Stop eating the rice lol. Go back to carnivore for 2 weeks. Then add in another carb you’d like to add in. See how you feel. Then if THAT bothers you, rinse and repeat the steps above. Carnivore is like a neutral zone to see where other foods adding in agree with your system.

  13. You’re The Best Dr. Berg, not to mention that you are the best that have happened to me in 2022!! Thank you so
    Much for every single video broadcasting every day. I love your terminology of SAD diet stands for “ Standard American Diet”😄😄is funny how you turn things and make it even better with some humor. Sending you a lot Blessing to you and your family Dr. Berg. And Happy new year again, i hope have you in days watching your channel all year around. 🎉

  14. Three years ago my sister was diagnosed with fatty liver, she did not live. I found your website to investigate fatty liver and have watched all your videos since that day. I am certainly healthier now, I watch what I eat every day now.

  15. As always, I feel supported and well informed without the overwhelm. As always, Dr. Breg is making us healthier and teaching us more about our bodies and it’s needs and it’s amazing abilities. Thank you Dr. Berg. Love the beard!

  16. I love Dr. Berg’s insight that we are all on a “digestive spectrum”. Each person individually will discover what works best for them, and for some with severe gut issues, removing plants and fiber is a great way to start the healing journey back to omnivory.

  17. Hi Dr Berg, I noticed that you didn’t mention Kefir amongst the fermented foods you recommended taking. Would Kefir also help your gut? And speaking of fermentation, would making your own sourdough bread help with the digestion of the grains, seeing as it ferments them?
    One other question of great interest to me. I lived for some time in the Netherlands (I’m now back in my home country of New Zealand), and there the cows spend many months outside eating grass, but are kept inside during the winter months and are usually fed on a mixture of hay and maize silage. As this has taken the maize through a fermentation process, would that be better for the animal as well as for those of us who consume their milk or meat? Not sure whether thei maize is GMO or not. Thanks for all your great information.

    • I wish he had answered you…darnit…If i eat 1 slice of whole grain bread i end up with 2 days of bloat enough gas to run a car for miles…white bread and im fine..ugh (btw i use to make new england country kiefer back in the 80’s in greenfield, mass great stuff ! !)

  18. The timing on this is terrific in my specific case – very grateful for the work you put into helping us all stay healthy. And may I age as gracefully as you do!

  19. Interesting discussion as always Dr. Berg. I have been making my own sauerkraut for a few years and just started making Kefir as well. Very easy to ferment and great benefits. Many new veggie choices in the Philippines also.

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