Groundbreaking New Revelations on Alzheimer’s Disease

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Have we been looking at Alzheimer’s disease all wrong? Check out this interesting new research on Alzheimer’s disease and learn more about Alzheimer’s disease prevention.



0:00 Introduction: Alzheimer’s disease explained
2:15 Alzheimer’s research
6:08 Potential triggers
7:35 Alzheimer’s disease prevention
10:15 Learn more about epigenetics!

Let’s talk about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. A lot of Alzheimer’s disease research is focused on getting rid of amyloid plaquing. But we may have been looking at this the wrong way.

New research suggests that this plaquing is actually a very important antimicrobial peptide.

The immune system has two parts:
1. The innate immune system that you’re born with.
2. The acquired immune system that you develop over time.

But, the brain only has the innate immune system, and they found that the plaquing is an innate immune system reaction to a microbe. This reaction leads to neuroinflammation and collateral damage. This infection is typically subclinical and develops over time.

Key pathogens associated with Alzheimer’s disease:
• Herpes simplex
• Spirochetes
• Chlamydophila pneumonia

Some people may also have a gene susceptibility to Alzheimer’s disease. If someone has this gene, they may also be more susceptible to allowing the herpes virus to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Potential factors involved in Alzheimer’s disease prevention:
1. Supporting the immune system
2. Supporting the gut microbiome
3. Supporting healthy blood sugar levels
4. Consuming a keto diet
5. Avoiding alcohol and smoking
6. Exercising
7. Consuming foods with antioxidants
8. Keeping stress low
9. Getting plenty of sleep
10. Avoiding harmful chemicals
11. Fasting (OMAD)

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of Alzheimer’s disease prevention. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Seriously thank you so much and to your team too, my health is so much better just by using your incredible and free videos ❤❤❤❤

  2. Thanks for the info Dr Berg. I still think, besides what you’ve already recommended, activities like: learning new skills or practicing a hobby may delay it, as well as consuming turmeric on daily bases, which will come handy as well for most common health probs.

  3. Just lost my mother in law to Alzheimer’s in Dec ,, It’s a slow horrible battle and the later stages are not pretty ,, My 🙏🙏 to those dealing with Alzheimer’s and 🙏🙏 to the DRs n researchers like Dr B trying to defeat this disease,,, Blessings 🙏🙏

    • @Caleb Veloz the vaccine is more likely to cause Alzheimer’s with all the spike proteins gumming things up.

    • I lost my mother in Dec to that cursed disease as well. It’s just horrible. My thoughts and prayers for your family and anyone afflicted or affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia.
      I pray every day for a cure but the truth is, I believe it’s mostly preventable. I’m certain our family has the APOE 4 gene but my mother also started smoking at age TEN, drank lightly and obviously consumed lots of sugar most of her life.
      I’m on a mission to cure my family’s addiction to nicotine and sugar…

  4. Dr. Berg, I know I’m in the minority here, but could you please make a video on transverse myelitis and ways to overcome it? I think it might be the single disease you haven’t touched upon unless I missed something. Thank you very much.

    • I’ve read some reports that some people who got the vaccine after a few months developed transverse myelitis but obviously they won’t link the two and two together 100%. I think watching any of his immune system videos and how to improve yours could really helpful in general.

  5. The fact that the rain fell in the right minute, proves that there is an angel realm around you protecting you Dr Berg 😇 and protecting your future as well as a doctor, who will help too many people 🥰

    • Rain falls on me just like in “The Truman Show” just right in my lap and nowhere else. Got me a bed in hospital as I went a little hypothermia then as fortunate would have it one patient gets the new covid strain so the whole hospital in lockdown including me for 5 weeks for free. Nice shower, clothing, food and medical care… Thank you God.

    • @Ro Ro PLENTY of evidence if you open your eyes. Try doing a search on the net researching some history on the matter and praying to Jesus and your eyes will widen. Good luck.

    • If I may say? I think you meant to say in the last sentence of your comment “help so many people” vs “help too many people” Just trying to be helpful.

  6. My grandpa died at 89, not knowing any of us, or where he was. Terrible situation. Healthy brain equals happy life!

    • My dad got his memory back as his last lumg collaps and panick set in.. I saw it.. he had a stroke that cleared all memory after years of fighting camcers. I wiah he did not wake up.. he called My name in the end as he choke 🙁

    • I am so sorry, my Grandmother went the same way, it was awful, nobody deserves that. My thoughts are with you, I personally understand.

    • I got to see my first foster Nana before she passed away from alzinmers at 92. She kept thinking that my oldest daughter was me.I have a picture of my youngest daughter and my youngest first foster brother ‘s daughter both being held by her. Less then a month later she passed away.

  7. Dr Berg, I am a new subscriber from England. I wanted to say that you are not only fascinating, but I find your presentations very easy to follow. I have put myself on vitamin D3 with K2, M7 at more than the dose recommended here, which is very low. I have also started Magnesium Glycerate, plus your guide on Cod liver oil. I can honestly say, after years of being put on high dose pain medication, which is dished out by my doctor, then increased as it is tolerated and the body requiring more, I am now finally feeling much better using some of your recommendations which I have watched here. I have even begun to lower these awful pain meds they give out like sweets.
    I would be interested in any suggestions to ease the effects that certain higher pain medication has on the colon, senna, doesn’t work and the issue is more sluggish, even though I drink a lot of water. I began a low carb diet 3 weeks ago, so I am restricted to 20 carbs a day and cannot have as many vegetable variations as I would like. The great news for me is I am feeling so much better and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for providing these inspirational videos, that I would never have had the access too, or been lucky enough to be a patient. Thank you kindly for giving me the tools, to start to feel alive once more it’s a feeling I think so many of us need to feel again.

  8. Dr. Berg love your stuff! I look forward to my days with coffee in the mornings whilst watching your content. Best doctor I’ve had thus far from having an autoimmune disease and heart problems as a 21 year old, your stuff has been greatly helpful.

    Question/video idea: how to bullet proof your BBB? That would be a cool video!

    Also: how to increase GFR function in the kidneys? My mother has stage 1 kidney disease. Would be great to see!

    Thank you!

  9. I appreciate you admitting that you’re a pyromaniac. That was quite a good story. I also admire your knowledge of medicine.

  10. Having Lyme disease this is such important information. Already doing a low-carb diet and will transition into keto this spring. Giving up sugar is HUGE in healing and feeling better! Thank you so much for your wonderful videos.

  11. Thank U Dr Berg, I have learned sooooo much in last 3 months, made drastic yet actually , SURPRISINGLY EASY , slow, changes, to my lifestyle. Teaching myself, reading, listening to U & doing your teachings
    I am not overweight. I run.. ( ok , power walk too), take care of myself, but NOT feeling normally healthy like I easily used to be in my 30’s 40’s, 50’s ..
    Of all the Worst fears I have now @ hittng 60, is being put in a horrible facility with alzheimer old age, eating my brain up- YET… still having lucid moments in total terror & fear that I am STILL alive & no one knows or sees it, or cares…..My absolute Worst fear….KETO is going to be my ” balm” as I age into 60’s, 70′, 80’s in a coherent healthy way & die at peace in my sleep, normally, still living independently, dying & recognizing I am ready….my family history is no cancers, heart disease, just living to old age ,but with senility, no physical or mental health left….no, no, no….

  12. Ashamed to say I did a similar thing aged 6 or so. The distraught farmer screaming about his hard worked wheat burning haunts me sometimes even 40 year’s later.

  13. Early on I attended a couple autopsies as part of my Forensics classes. The Cranial Autopsy was specifically for the purpose to look at “amyloid plaquing” The deceased had passed with advanced Alzheimer’s, and the family had requested this autopsy .. I remember the conversation about APOE4.. It’s been a number of years since I took those classes, but have continued to follow some research on this. I believe your report here is correct.

  14. Dr. Berg!!!Thanks for bringing us the latest research, finding ways to explain it, and practical ideas on how to use it to better our health.

  15. Thank you so much for keeping us informed about Alzheimer’s. A soul-destroying experience for both the patient and the carer.

  16. I took the genetic test through the Boston Heart Institute. Unfortunately I fall into the 3/4 % or 75th percentile profile for Alzheimer’s. Not sure if knowing this was a blessing or a curse. My memory is getting worse than it ever was before. I’m in my mid fifties with much stress and lack of sleep. It is sometimes frightening knowing this genetic test result and trying to understand if it’s my mind playing tricks on me, stress or if I’m truly declining. I’m so thankful to Dr. Berg because modern medicine has completely failed me in my life. I treasure his wealth of information and will take his advice.

    • My husband started Dr.Berg keto diet, with supplements, we listened to many videos and finally I can tell you that he is stable now! Don’t give up!

    • If you have apoe4 (the genetic risk you are probably talking about) then keto with its saturated fat content may not be the answer. Look up Grundy here on YouTube. Mediterranean (shellfish, greens and olive oil) is better suited but look it up yourself to be sure.

    • @Jo Watts I appreciate the feedback. I will look it up. I have a very difficult time digesting fats so this maybe a better solution for me.

  17. A friend of mine parents both developed Alzheimer’s at the same time. She had to put them in a community facility. Her mom got worse faster than her dad but her dad died first and she lasted 6 months after he passed. I thought it was crazy both of her parents showed signs at the same time.

  18. I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s. She was diagnosed at the age of 60, but the symptoms (hallucinations, leaving the house) actually started a few years earlier when she was 58-59. She had Alzheimer’s for 17 years. I took care of her 14 years out of 17 years until she passed. I saw all stages of the disease through stage 7e. I feel like I’ve seen all from where she started leaving the house (thank you to those police officers who kindly brought my mom back home:), calling me auntie, lol, eating/playing with her poops (there are anti-disrobe onesies that you can buy for that in case anyone here is experiencing the similar issues) to where she’s unable to sit up swallow food. I guess I should get tested to see if I have the APOE4 gene. I’ve been eating healthy, exercising regularly, and trying not to get stressed out too much!! I learned it’s important to live everyday of my life to the fullest not get stressed out by watching my mother’s life. You won’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. I really miss my mom!! ❤️ Happy weekend to everyone!!

    • My mom passed with Alzheimer’s too. So sorry for your loss and experience. My mom was apoe3/3. I am apoe 3/4. Makes me more diligent with diet and lifestyle choices since she had it even without the mutation. For me knowing is powerful.

    • 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 I lost my mother in Dec to Alzheimer’s. I looked after her for 6 years and was with her when she took her last breath. Looking after her these last six years was rough and a blessing at the same time.
      At the beginning, not only did I feel a tremendous sense of loss as I realized that the mother who had raised me was gone, but I also had to make the adjustment from someone who could do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted to the role of caregiver, not an easy time to say the least.
      But over time, I learned to love my mother in a whole new way and began to think of her almost as my own child in a sort of way and I began to love every single moment I spent with her. So now I’ve lost her all over again and it’s just awful.
      My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone afflicted and affected by this cursed disease.

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