NEW STUDY: This Intermittent Fasting Window Extends Lifespan

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27 responses to “NEW STUDY: This Intermittent Fasting Window Extends Lifespan”

  1. OMAD 6 years:

    Intermittent Fasting Video Course:
    Metabolic Autophagy Master Class:
    Metabolic Autophagy 4 Week Meal Plan:

    Circadian NAD Activation System:
    My Supplement List:
    Code SIIM for 10% OFF:
    David Sinclair Supplement Stack Review:

    • I’d look into the Weston A. Price way of eating, prioritizing the foods high in protein and fat soluble vitamins first.
      It’s a way of killing a thousand birds with one stone: healing, metabolic improvement, lean muscle, getting to your ideal weight, clearing the mind, restful sleep, dental health, regulates inflammation, etc.

      If you can eat the Weston A. Price foods, keep it within a restricted time window, and take regular walks outside – you’ll do very well.

    • @Michael D Where’s the fat and fat soluble vitamins? There are unique properties to fatty red meat and pork that elicit healthy fat loss. I wouldn’t fear that stuff if you want to lose weight and feel great.

    • @Nikola Tesla Very funny. Love your name. I actually love Siim and have watched every video he has made for at least four years. Did not expect such a reaction. As a speech instructor, I thought I was being helpful. I did watch the video several times and tried out adjusting the speed, too, which was interesting. My problem is that I am actually thinking about what he is saying. Maybe I can learn to think faster, too.

  2. I like eating 2 meals a day, in a tight window, with meat, animal fat, eggs, hard cheeses, ghee, seafood, some organs, etc.

  3. What works in mice often does not work in longer lived species. We know CR drastically extends in mice. CR does not drastically extend life in Monkeys and may shorten life in Monkeys.

    • And the long list of benefits that come from intermittent fasting?
      You’re saying they don’t lead to a longer life?

    • @dragonfishing I am saying I don’t know. It might lead to a longer life, it might not. It might be good for some people, harmful for others.

      There is some conflicting evidence. I will give you a sample study that adjusted for some co-founders on breakfast skipping below. Breakfast skipping does not have to have to be IF but it typically is. The study is certainly not definitive and it may turn out that IF leads to a longer life for everyone. However, we should at least try to test nutrition theories as much as we can. The mouse model is not very good.

      In this Japan study on Breakfast skipping in humans, they adjusted for several cofounding factors: age, sex, history of hypertension, diabetes mellitus Body mass index ,Smoking status . Alcohol status , Education level, Exercise level. Sleep duration, Work – day shift, night shift, or shift work. After adjusting for confounding factors, skipping breakfast significantly increased the risk of mortality from circulatory diseases [hazard ratio (HR) = 1.42] and all causes (HR = 1.43) in men and all causes mortality (HR = 1.34) in women.

      Yokoyama Y, Onishi K, Hosoda T, Amano H, Otani S, Kurozawa Y, Tamakoshi A. Skipping Breakfast and Risk of Mortality from Cancer, Circulatory Diseases and All Causes: Findings from the Japan Collaborative Cohort Study. Yonago Acta Med. 2016

      Erratum in: Yonago Acta Med. 2019 Dec 28;

      If there was no adjustment for cofounding factors, I would presume that breakfast skippers are just unhealthy, poorly educated people that smoked. However, in this study, that did not appear to be the case. I suppose it’s possible that Breakast skippers still had a long feeding window, but that does not seem likely. It’s possible that Breakfast skippers had lower quality diets in general, but one would think that adjustment would been inherently picked up through correlations with the adjustments for shift working, smoking, education, hypertension level and diabetes. Though maybe not.

    • Hmm, CR works to extend lifespan in monkeys, dogs, mice, ect. “rhesus monkeys that were fed a calorie-restricted diet, which contained 30 percent fewer calories than a control group’s diet, survived to about 28 years for males and about 30 years for females—above average for such primates in captivity.” Lots of studies on its efficacy.

  4. Interesting. I pretty much follow this naturally….just sort of my natural habits. Im 37, and a lot of people think I am 28-30. I get it all the time.

  5. We really need to stop extrapolating fasting protocols from mouse studies. A mouse will starve to death after just 4 days of not eating, meanwhile, a human can survive two months without food. So fasting a mouse for 24 hours, or 12, or 8 tells us basically nothing about fasting for humans, let alone time restricted eating.

  6. 10/14 is not OMAD. It is close to a traditional eating schedule, when I was a kid dinner was at 5pm, breakfast at 7am.

  7. There have been multiple studies recently showing no benefit of TRF aside from the reduction in calories. Which, if reducing your food intake is your goal, then TRF is a valid strategy. But we basically have no evidence (yet) that simply changing your eating schedule will lead to any benefits, when caloric intake and dietary choices remain the same.

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