Top Selenium Benefits You’ve Never Heard Before

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Discover the biggest overlooked cause of selenium deficiency and the top selenium benefits many people don't know about.

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0:00 Introduction: Selenium explained
0:10 Health benefits of selenium
1:10 The best source of selenium
2:30 The most ignored cause of selenium deficiency
6:26 What to do
6:45 Other selenium deficiency causes
7:58 Learn more about mercury in fish!

Today I want to cover some interesting points about selenium that you may have never heard before.

Selenium is a trace mineral, and it’s involved in thyroid function and helps detox mercury.

Selenium is also a powerful antioxidant. It’s important to support cardiovascular and brain health and may help prevent strokes and cancer.

Brazil nuts are loaded with selenium. One Brazil nut will give you the selenium you need for the day. Taking too much selenium could lead to selenium toxicity.

Selenium is in many other foods, too, so why are so many people deficient in selenium? It has to do with the fact that it’s in a form that plant roots have a difficult time extracting—they need help from microbes. However, there aren’t enough microbes or diversity of microbes in the soil.

A good solution is to start buying foods from farmers who care about their soil and grow things with microbial diversity. It’s also essential to consume fermented foods.

Another overlooked cause of selenium deficiency is a certain genetic mutation related to the proteins or enzymes with selenium. Taking statins may also lead to selenium deficiency.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand selenium deficiency and the top selenium benefits. I’ll see you in the next video.

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    • 👆🏻👆🏻Let’s talk now 💬.
      thanks for watching📺.

  1. Hi Dr Berg, you are changing my life !! 59 year old female with hypothyroidism, now 38lb down, ( weigh 128lb BMI 20 ) came off statins in November, came off hrt patches last month. Have always eaten well but cut out all refined carbs now ( feel so much better ) I watch all of your videos and am totally inspired ! Gave up all alcohol over 2 years ago. Living my best life, thank you so much 🤩

    • You are inspiring me. Ty. 58 yo, Hashimotos dx 2015, gave up wheat gluten and most dairy back then + added amino acids, probiotics, selenium D3, Magnesium, folic acid, VitC & B vitamins, etc. *Jan 2023, I recently added grass feed collagen 10g + Bulletproof MCT oil C8 C10 x 1 tspn. *Decided this week I want to try I.F. =
      *food cravings gone, energy up, I dropped 3 lbs… Gotta keep going forward. I Decided I needed to do more when have ama back arthritis tryn to return! (after 1st & only bout with covid in Dec – I’m pretty sure this hit my immune system hard). I’m leaning twrd healing my liver.

  2. I have fever 5 days ago and became Zinc deficient. Then I know about Selenium in Brazil Nuts. I took 3 Brazil nuts for 2-3 days and I became more deficient in Zinc. I was feeling so sick and started talking 200-300mg of Zinc Acetate per days for 3 days and now feeling better again 🙂. I will switch back to 50mg by tomorrow. And I Selenium fixed my Low testosterone, It’s since 4 years i have low Testosterone. Zinc ans Selenium bringing it to normal 🙂

  3. Brazil nuts: These nuts are considered to be one of the best dietary sources of selenium, with a single nut containing more than 100% of the daily recommended intake.

    Seafood: Oysters, clams, crab, and lobster are all good sources of selenium.

    Eggs: Eggs are a rich source of selenium, particularly the yolk.

  4. Continueing on from this and your lastest videos…I seem to be almost alergic to the sun since the jab…Was interested if you found any additional info as to how your body rejects the D, A and Zinc after being infected by certain Viruses and how to combat this other than taking extra suppliments…Thanks for your work . Oh and by the way my veggies have loved my liquid fertiliser i make and the compost is just the biggest worm fest!!

  5. Spot on.
    I’m a farmer, some of us do understand the importance of the soil micro biome and their role in the soil food web…. very similar effect than in the human gut.

  6. I remember Dr Berg saying in a previous video that pecans are rich in selenium too. Thanks for the info Dr Berg 😊

  7. Yes, just 1-2 all natural Brazil nuts a day. I keep them on my orders & I keep them in my freezer to preserve them & so I won’t overeat them, cause I love them. They remind me of eating a raw fresh piece of coconut, which I also love. ♥️🌴🥥

    • @Janet Baker like Doc stated in his video selenium toxicity is a real thing so look up other foods that you may be eating that have selenium in them as well. Several kinds of fish & seafoods have selenium as well as turkey & lamb. Just keep that in mind cause we’re all different. A certain amount of selenium in one day may be a different needed amount for another person. I’m certainly no expert, I just know what works for me. 💖🌻

  8. Interesting trivia i learned in the mid 1980s, when I lived in New Mexico. Tobacco grown in Mexico had a very high amount of Selenium, and Mexican smokers had a much lower rate of lung cancers than US smokers smoking US grown tobacco.

    • Of course smoking is hazardous, but you both seem to have missed the point. In the mid 80s Selenium was only thought to have anticancer properties, that trivia was pointed out to me, as evidence that Selenium did have ant8cancer properties because the primary difference between US tobacco and Mexican tobacco was the very high, reletive speaking, amount of Selenium in the dried tobacco in Mexican cigarettes.

    • That’s good information. Green tea seems to be also somewhat protective in some parts of the world against cancer, but it maybe the cocktail of other chemicals added to US tobacco that makes it so cancerous. Sadly, in the US, we have lost our common sense. We use chlorine, which promotes lung cancer, in our pools, showers, hot tubs and our drinking water. The smell of chlorine is very prominent in fitness centers, People that would never breath in second hand smoke flock to fitness centers and inhale deeply. It’s interesting that although tobacco has been villainized, our population continues to inhale chlorine and associate it with cleanliness instead of cancerous.

  9. Mashaa Allah, may Allah bless upon you, Dr. Berg. Wa Allah, the American Universities need your knowledge and your sincerity to benefit the humanity 💌

  10. Very informative Dr. Berg. Michigan has one of the lowest rates of selenium in the soil. Therefor many goat and other critters are deficient and end up at the vets office for injections because the forage does not contain enough. Think I need a Brazil nut or two.

  11. Thank you doctor. I’ve learned so much from you.Thank you for breaking down how it works with the thyroid..even a baby can understand. Blessings to you and your to family 😊💓

  12. @DrBerg Be encouraged. I work for a fertilizer company. One of our biggest sellers to our customers is a series of products that are essentially probiotics for the soil. Many of our customers have been using these instead of pre-crop soil sterilizing and it has been high effective. We have even been able to restore fields that have been ruined by overuse of glyphosate or petroleum products. Truly, soil biology is an amazing field that in my mind testifies to the wonder of the Creator.

  13. Dr Berg – much respect Sir. You have answered a question for me. Now I know why we in the Caribbean have survived for decades and been eating mainly root vegetables. Yam dasheen cassava sweet potatoes.🙏🤪😂

    • 👆🏻👆🏻Let’s talk now 💬.
      thanks for watching📺.

    • 👆🏻👆🏻Let’s talk now 💬.
      thanks for watching📺.

  14. Hashimotos. 5 years ago an endocrinologist wanted to remove my thyroid. They couldnt get the dose of levothyroxyn right and just wanted to be done with it. Came off all my medicine and started taking selenium daily. 5 years later my thyroid,t3 and t4 are all in great range!!! Selenium has been wonderful for me.

    Dr. Berg. Love to here your thoughts on Comt gene..and insulin being affected from the cortisol and estrogen increase. Currently taking b12,dim,gaba, selenium.

  15. Huge amazing benefits! Brazil nuts are nutritious and tasty. Thank you so much for your continuous educational content, Dr. Berg 🙏

  16. I had miserable Graves Disease for 16 years. I started taking selenium because I had many mercury tooth fillings. After a year of taking selenium, my Graves Disease was gone. My doctor was surprised. Was it the selenium?

    • What else do you recommend? I got all mercury fillings taken out. They are literally killing us…people don’t want to believe. I take silica to detox.

  17. Hi Dr Berg! Thank you for all the useful information. Could you please do a more detailed video on how to heal endometriosis? I would really appreciate that.

  18. Hey Dr. Berg! Could you please make a video specifically about the parasympathetic nervous system? How we can activate it, how to benefit from it, and how to heal it?

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