The #1 Best Diet for Dandruff

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Find out how to get rid of dandruff once and for all.


Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting Plan:

0:00 Introduction: Dandruff explained
0:10 Common treatments for dandruff
0:34 Dandruff causes
4:07 How to get rid of dandruff
4:40 Learn more about natural remedies for dandruff!

Today we’re going to talk about how to get rid of dandruff.

Even though common dandruff treatments may look healthy because they contain zinc or selenium, they still come with potential side effects. So, it’s important to consider natural alternatives.

There is a high association between dandruff and insulin resistance. When a person has insulin resistance, they have high levels of insulin, which can increase androgens. Increased androgens can lead to dandruff.

The best ways to get rid of dandruff:
• Get on the ketogenic diet
• Do intermittent fasting

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Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! Try these tips to get rid of dandruff fast. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. This was such an interesting video. I loved how you explained everything in such a clear and concise way. Looking forward to more videos from you!

  2. Something worked for me :

    Wash your hair with cold water !!! Basically take a cold shower 🚿 .
    Not very cold as you don’t wanna get a headache from icy cold water . But just cold water.

    It’s much better than hot water for your hair.

    • ​@Dr. Eric Berg DC my commment was this one below before 3 weeks i sent it to you: Hello Dr. Berg cool contents carry on doc .. i have a medical issue and i think its gonna effect my quality of life .. since a week i have sleep deprevation that literally i couldnt sleep for more than 2 hours aday! Can that causes builtup of b- ameloyds in my brain by the time and leads to degenerative deseases?is that achronic insomnia or something else more serious? By the way my father passed out last year from stroke related dementia “vascular dementia” and al zheimer’s together.. could that pass to me and shall i seek neurologist advices? I have noticed that when i stopped suddenly the intake of coffee my sleep went worse and worse… what do you suggest me doc? Thank you so much

    • Where a health condition is considered to be passed down a family tree, very often it is in fact due to shared lifestyle choices like the same type of diet that has been passed on rather than through one’s genes. Sorry for your loss.

  3. Ive struggled all my life with it. What made it dissapear was cold showers and working out

  4. I find it utterly disgusting that the treatments for ailments in the medical community all are based on addressing the symptoms and not the causes. High praise for Doctor Berg for teaching us that fact.

  5. Using a scalp brush while showering significantly helps clean my scalp and prevents dandruff for up to a week.

  6. There is a high association between dandruff and insulin resistance
    High levels of insulin, which can increase androgens. Increased androgens can lead to dandruff.

    The best ways to get rid of dandruff:
    • Get on the ketogenic diet
    • Do intermittent fasting

    Thank you Dr Berg!

  7. Yep, had dandruff pretty bad 6 months ago… On healthy Keto no dandruff. Again, Thank you Dr Berg! Of course, sharing…

  8. Hiya Dr Berg! Thank you for all the amazing advice! I want to know, what isyour opinion regarding green sour / raw unripe mango? I found that it contains a lot of good nutrients and almost no fructose, is it OK to eat on a ketogenic diet? And also I usually eat them with skin, as I live in Thailand and over 80 percent of all fruits and vegs here in the North of the country are inherently grown organic and non-GMO (This is heavily promoted and even expected from farmers by the Thai princess!). Thanks in advance for your expert advice. Sander

  9. Been on keto IF for about 6 months. Pre diabetic before. Couldn’t go below 100 blood glucose without feeling extremely hypoglycemic, sweating, shaking, feeling extremely weak. A1c checked 2 days ago and it’s 3.9 now. 65 average glucose. Skin tags dried up fell off. Toenail fungus almost completely gone and I’m using nothing on them(I’ve tried everything on them nothing worked, had it for decades). Sub Dermatitis gone.

  10. I had really bad dandruff and I also would get painful and itchy bumps on my head. Tried all sorts of shampoos. Then I happened to stumble on my fix by accident. I ran out of bread. I was a big sandwich guy. I ate a lot of them. It was a couple of days before I had a chance to stop by the store and grab a few loads. I had noticed that my dandruff problem had gotten noticably better. I reflected on what had changed over the couple of days. The only thing out of my routine was a lack of bread in my diet. So I went ahead and ate some bread. Sure enough the dandruff and bumps came back. Stopped eating bread and it all cleared up in a matter of days. So bread is something I no longer eat. I might have a bagel every once in a great while. But other than that I have greatly reduced the amount of wheat in my diet which has also seemed to help.

  11. I also noticed that after stopping dairy and sugar products , my skin improved tremendously. The key is indeed insulin resistance. Add workout and your skin will thank you !

  12. I think because I followed Dr Berg on Keto for years and cut off sugar from my daily intake, I avoided having PCOS with a miracle, unlike the rest of my female relatives, and therefore the impact of all these symptoms were lighter and never suffred from a serious case of dandruff, yet in general: I think sugary things tend to dry off the skin and increase the activities of pathogens in our bodies. Thanks always for the knowledge Dr Berg.

  13. Literally everywhere I go I see people struggle for months, especially post Winter with Dandruff or Dermatitis
    and the age is not fixed, i see many in 20s and many in 30s or 40s.
    I’m age 30, dandruff on hair which I NEVER had before this winter, and Dermatitis on lower areas.
    NO gluten, fasting 15-18hours per day (dont eat after 18:30 PM and no mornings).
    I barely eat any complex carbs.
    People really need to start asking and question what is happening with and in the air we breath or water we drink.

    • Dandruff or Seborrheic Dermatitis is a kind of Eczema and has a chronic course with remissions and relapses.Root cause is Insulin Resistance which needs to be corrected by dietary modification and Intermittent Fasting.Supportive treatment by Ketoconazole shampoo and others are also needed.Avoid simple carbs (wheat,rice,sugar etc) and add complex carbs (broccoli , carrots etc) to your diet.Don’t get frustrated.Treatment of chronic diseases deserves patience.Blessed be.

  14. I definitely remember having a little bit of a problem with dandruff , but that was when i was consuming mountains of sugary drinks daily and tons of junk food . It wasnt bad but i could see that my scalp was dry and would drop flakes when i scratch

  15. I have seboric dermatitis and after only 3 weeks on keto and IF, it’s almost gone. This stuff WORKS.

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