The Root Causes of Depression

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Is depression really a chemical imbalance? Learn more about what causes depression and how to overcome depression naturally.


0:00 Introduction: SSRIs explained
1:10 Side effects of SSRIs
1:45 Common treatments for depression
2:58 Root causes of depression and natural remedies for depression
11:15 Learn more about insomnia!

There is no evidence that depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain involving serotonin.

It has been found that SSRIs can temporarily help increase serotonin in the brain. However, drug trials have shown that these anti-depressants were almost indistinguishable from the placebo in treating depression.

SSRIs come with a lot of side effects, including serious side effects involving the sex organs. Psychiatric drugs also come with a black box warning, meaning there is a high risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Does depression cause body problems, or do body problems cause depression? I think it could be both—but we’re going to focus on the body problems and deficiencies that could cause depression.

Potential causes of depression:
1. Insomnia
2. Chronic fatigue
3. Stress
4. Nutritional deficiencies (vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin B1, magnesium, DHA)
5. Lack of exercise

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Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand what causes depression and how to fight depression naturally. I’ll see you in the next video.

55 responses to “The Root Causes of Depression”

  1. Your data definitely helped me when I was depressed, bed ridden, etc. My life is so much improved despite I could not imagine it was possible.

  2. Thank you so much! I’ve battled depression for about 30 years. I’ve never taken pills for it. Walking has been my treatment. Of course, if you’re depressed, getting out to walk is a challenge in itself. Great info here!!!

    • Also stop comparing with others, I think my happiest best clothes are my cheap fruit of the loom black t shirt, people dont assume which is amazing.

    • Mindy Pelz’s book “Fast Like a Girl” has a 30-day Brain/Depression fasting reset. I highly recommend the book (even after watching 100s of hours of Drs Berg, Ekberg, and Pelz on fasting) for everything fasting, but I sure wish I’d had her Brain reset regimen or even knew about the power of prolonged and intermittent fasting when I went through my years of depression. Best to you!!!

  3. Potential causes of depression:
    1. Insomnia
    2. Chronic fatigue
    3. Stress
    4. Nutritional deficiencies (vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin B1, magnesium, DHA)
    5. Lack of exercise

    Thank you Dr Berg!!

  4. This video is one of the thousand that I have saved to share with others. It boggles my mind how great your videos are, but your followers are still relatively small. Dr Berg is a best kept secret!!!

    • I agree. My son sent me some of Dr. Berg’s videos and now I’m hooked. He’s so informative and seems to care about his viewers health .

  5. I was prescribed SSRIs. First as a teen. My mom refused to give them to me. I’m happy she did so because it led to me avoiding them now later in life.

    Leading a healthy lifestyle, even if it‘s not easy sometimes, is what helps the most. Thanks Doc.

  6. I had a stressful life event last year that put me in a very severe depressive episode. What got me out was getting outside for long nature walks, yoga, meditation, lots of time spent with family and friends, and cutting out alcohol. When you’re stuck in that state it’s like you forget about the basic things you love and make you feel good. Good luck to anyone going through it because it can be so difficult to climb out.

  7. I suffered from clinical depression for years – from childhood until about age 40 when I figured out what was causing the problem. It turns out that I was living in an insane world and didn’t know how insane it is. When I figured it out about 30 years ago, my depression forever ended. Since then I call depression a social illness. We are a social species. We are not supposed to be living in cultures like ours

    • Ya please elaborate, was it just the realization, or was it a deficiency as well? This could help the younger generation

    • @donatello9482  i agree, I feel like having the realisation the world is insane has made me worst, and maybe this is just common knowledge I have just figured out…

    • I think I know what you mean. People in this World…they don’t care if you have trauma or anything. Nobody cares. So you can just move on or be depressed for ever. Because you just survive in this world, when you move on. And that fact is insane. Because we are human without humanity

  8. So far Mr. Berg has saved me a trip to the hospital, you are truly a blessing sir, I pray you have a bless day.

  9. Love your videos…I have gotten off all meds the doctors have prescribed.. Trying to Eat right exercise and taking vitamins..I’m feeling a lot better . Thank you so much

  10. Thanks for spreading this to the masses Dr. Berg. I took Anti Depressants for about 3 years and they didnt do anything besides make me worse with awful side effects including ED and intense mood swings to the point I lost my job…I used diet, yoga, and meditation to heal my stress and insomnia that went along with the depression. I saw the studies that showed that anti depresssants basically are useless about a year glad I trusted my gut and got off of them.. Thanks Doc

  11. I do not want to take any more prescriptions for my sadness and I have listened to your suggestions for stopping my anxiety. Thank you!❤❤

  12. Thanks Dr Berg. During wars soldiers are often drugged to hold the emotional shock. When they return home, we see that the war did not kill them, but the drugs will. Iraq killed fewer GIs than the drugs taken when they returned to the US.

  13. I was on antidepressants for five years following a divorce and I finally realized that they were not allowing me to experience normal rational anger to get past the hopelessness. Once I stopped the drugs I was able to formulate a plan to win my home back in court and I got it done. I had residual anxiety still working on it but no drugs.

  14. I would definitely take a look at the ‘potential’ causes of depression, but I would also look at the spiritual effects on us. Many years ago after having given birth to my second child, I began to feel a kind of depression coming on me. I have felt I was heading down that rabbit hole and I couldn’t understand why. I realized that I had two children to look after, and could not afford to be depressed. I made a statement at that time that I did not have the ‘luxury’ to be depressed. I made that statement in my mind and acted accordingly and chose not to be depressed. This is not to minimize or put down anyone that has been through depression, and I know plenty of people who have, but for me this was how I felt and how I still feel. If you talk to people who are depressed they are incredibly focused on what is going on with them and I think that sometimes we need to take that focus off of ourselves and put it onto others and how we can help others. I think you will find that depression will lift, if you continually do this.
    is not to put down or minimize what
    3:18 others have been going through but only what I was going through.

  15. After 45 years of serious depression and the meds that come with that, I thought it would just be life for me. 10 months in, -115lbs down and no meds. It was like being reborn into a different person. There has been no end to all the new benefits. I’ve been enlightened at 63 years old and now healthier than I’ve ever been. Welcome to the First day of the rest of my life 😂

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