I Tried The Carnivore Diet For 24 Hrs! Only Eating Meat To See What Would Happen

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Today, I'm going to be trying the carnivore diet for 24 hours! Find out the meals I made and how I felt about it afterwards. Have you tried the carnivore diet? Let me know your experience in the comments below!

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00:00 Introduction
00:42 What is Carnivore?
01:19 Foods You Can Eat
02:15 Let's Go!
03:08 Why Carnivore Works
03:18 Meal #1: Sausage Mcmuffin
04:11 Zero Carb Coffee
04:53 Meal #2: Flying Dutchman
06:19 Meal #3: Steak and Eggs
07:48 Final Thoughts

31 responses to “I Tried The Carnivore Diet For 24 Hrs! Only Eating Meat To See What Would Happen”

  1. Carnivore diet makes me feel so good! I’m 55 and have been on many diets! So far low carb and carnivore are the best for me!!

  2. I did it for a week and realize it definitely wasn’t for me 🤣😂😂 I love my sweets way to much!!!! I did however eat 6lbs of bacon during it😊

    • I think it takes most people about a month to really get sugar and cravings out of the body. Once you get though the rough patch (and it’s rough!), it’s amazing how much better you feel without sugar!

  3. Meat (grass-fed, grass-finished if you can afford it as this will give you the most complete nutritional profile)

    Seafood (if salmon, eat wild caught)

    Eggs cooked any way you like (cage free if you can afford it)

    Dairy (no limitations, unless you are sensitive to it)

    Seasonings without sugar
    Beef Tallow
    Duck Fat

    Bone Broth

    Pork Rinds

    Redman’s Real Salt (has numerous minerals vs. Iodized salt)

  4. Yes my cravings did go away when I did keto. I’m really thinking about doing it again. I’m on ozempic it’s helped a little but now I’m having bad stomach issues, so I’m getting off of it. I enjoy your videos. Thanks for posting!

  5. I’m thinking of trying Carnivore. Thanks for sharing your day with us, and good luck. I’m sure you’ll do well.

  6. Olive oil is not Carnivore
    If you truly want to give Carnivore a true trial and report on the Carnivore diet, no seed oils, butter and beef tallow or bacon grease, you haven’t truly given Carnivore an honest trial if you haven’t done it the right way for at least 30 days.

  7. Skipping breakfast seems to curb cravings during the day. Not sure why but it works for me. If I eat breakfast I seem to want to eat more during the day.

  8. I tried carnivore for a while earlier this year. I too love vegetables so I only lasted a few months on it. It is a really good way to lose weight though.

  9. I love meats proteins, but never thought about just eating meats, eggs etc. I also love my veggies. Haven’t been eating any processed foods for many years now. I’ll have to try 1 day of just the meat, egg, protein day. Maybe it will kick me into my goal finally! Thanks, Myra!

  10. Myra I also want to thank you for making the number on the scale so realistic. I’ve spent years aiming for an unrealistic number and you have helped me change my mindset! Thank you!

  11. For me, after about a week being on Keto my carb cravings go away, and I’m even able to IF when I’m in ketosis, sometimes I hafta remind myself to eat, but that first week is SO HARD!!!

  12. I found a nice balance for myself by doing carnivore approx. 3 days a week — roughly every other day. I do keto the other days and it almost feels like I’m cheating because of the endless food choices. On my carnivore days, I eat just like you shared, but maybe a little more food — butter on the steak, bacon with breakfast, etc.. I make sure to get in enough fat because it has such a profound affect on my mood. This lifestyle seems to keep me in a good place with my health, hormones, energy, mood and weight!

  13. i just hit 30 weeks on my keto journey. i have lost 100 lbs in 30 weeks. your videos have helped me sooo sooo much not only with having excellent recipes to make to keep the lifestyle new and fresh but you have helped me mentally to have the right mindset to not think of it as just a “diet” but a lifestyle change

  14. I’m a new carnivore and all the cravings have gone. I eat breakfast 🍳 and then within 8 hours I eat a second meal. I have to keep the fats up or I get hungry. As long as I eat 2-1 or 1-1 protein to fat I’m good and don’t get hungry. I have lots more energy and feel so much better that when I had sugar and carbs!!!

  15. I was pre diabetic and started with keto and IF two meals for two years ago. After a while, I learned about the carnivore diet. For a long time, I avoided eating too much meat because of the medical recommendations. Fast forward to today, at 68 years old, my perspective has changed dramatically. Like you, I do not think I can live without my favorite veggies, but I do two days a week of pure carnivore only sin is coffee and/or tea once or twice. Since I can lose weight too fast on keto only, on my carnivore days I eat three times a day. This approach is helping me to maintain a healthy weight while keeping my metabolism in check. Thanks for the recipes, I have adopted a few in my meal plan for variety.

  16. Hey Mira, what was the cut of your flat steak called ? I have always wanted to try carnivore for a long time. Love your videos. 😊❤

  17. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. The only downside to this is the economy 😢. Meat is so expensive now. I grew up on a farm/ranch. And during the lean years, sometimes the only options for meals were beef/chicken/pork and root vegetables. Honestly, as a family, we were way more healthy. Thank you again for your objective viewpoint. ❤🎉❤🎉❤

  18. Your meals look great! 😉A few bun options (if you’re really craving a “sandwich”) is chaffles or paffles. (Chaffles = cheese & egg, Paffles = pork rind crumbs & egg.) I’ve also made meat waffles with canned chicken or tuna (and egg to bind) to use as buns that really bumps up the protein.

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