This is Why Your Candles are TOXIC

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The hidden dangers of candles!

Lighting up your space is lovely, but candles can emit harmful chemicals like toluene, leading to headaches, dizziness, and irritation.

Plus, constant use overnight can expose you to carbon monoxide. Opt for natural essential oils and diffusers instead – they keep your space smelling great without the risks. Choose health, choose wisely!

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5 responses to “This is Why Your Candles are TOXIC”

  1. Quite a coincidence this video now after the blackout that happened in my city a week ago.

    I stayed reading at the night with three candles and after a while it was really starting to mess with my nose and breathing. And also got a very sharp headache from that day.

    Didn’t knew any about that. Always thought candles perfectly fine to use.

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