The Ugly Truth About Wet Wipes

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Wet wipes can be just as concerning as white bleached toilet paper.

They contain xenoestrogens, which can disrupt your hormones and potentially lead to health issues, including weight gain.

Plus, the environmental impact is a real concern – wet wipes aren't biodegradable and can harm sewer systems and the environment.

For a safer and eco-friendly option, stick to natural, unbleached toilet paper.

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13 responses to “The Ugly Truth About Wet Wipes”

    • if the water is 2 stage filtered with a carbon filter and reverse osmosis. Theres hormone disruptors in the tap water as well.

    • @moonaka I doubt the tiny amount of it does anything. It’s pretty much impossible to avoid all the dangers. The reason they don’t talk about it is because it causes unnecessary paranoia over something that isn’t as big of an issue as other things they could be talking about

  1. If you think there’s estrogen in your toilet paper that can in any way affect your hormonal balance, you need to see a doctor and be put on a lot of medicine

    • I mean its literally an objective fact that there are Xeno-estrogens (Meaning, compounds that mimic estrogen in the body) in many of our daily products, including toilet paper.

      The lens you may want to view this through is: Are these xeno-estrogens from toilet paper entering the body with enough voracity to cause any changes to our hormonal functioning?

      My guess to that question would be no, but obviously you only have one opportunity to get your health right. Might as well keep an open mind.

    • You’re denying something that’s demonstrably true. Why do you think people should be put on medication for making a claim about something that is demonstrably true? That’s kind of strange if you ask me.

    • @moonaka it’s one of countless other exposures to these chemicals. If you’re getting thousands of microdoses from various things in your environment those all add up. If there’s an easy change to make to avoid one of these sources I don’t see why not.

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