Dentist Says You Don’t Need a Dentist

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Do we really need dentists?

Yes, at least for now because there is so much damage to be repaired

For the longterm I’d love to see the future dentist becoming a specialist in optimal health, starting from the mouth.

Nature has designed our body to support itself through all essential stages of growth. BUT, modern day lifestyle and habits have rendered our systems weak and incapable of performing at the level they were originally designed to.

So, my personal belief: with the right nutrition, lifestyle, and habits, you will never really need to see a dentist. Not now, not ever 🙅‍♀️

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  1. Could you please suggest some toothpastes that don’t destroy the teeth and doesn’t include carcinogens like fluoride. Or atleast please talk about how to buy any good toothpaste? Thanks

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