The # 1 Dementia Remedy (GAME CHANGER)

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Learn how to help prevent cognitive decline with this incredible dementia remedy. This is a game-changer!

The MOST Powerful Antioxidant Is Melatonin:


0:00 Introduction: The missing information about dementia
2:05 What is Lupron?
3:52 Progesterone and brain health
5:30 Suppressing luteinizing hormone as a remedy for dementia
7:37 How to stimulate melatonin

In this video, I'm going to share an incredible potential natural alternative to help slow the signs of dementia.

The drug Lupron works to suppress certain cancers because it suppresses certain sex hormones. New research has also shown that Lupron can decrease dementia symptoms. Lupron is a potent suppressor of luteinizing hormone.

Luteinizing hormone is made by the pituitary gland and signals the body to produce hormones like progesterone and testosterone. As we age, luteinizing hormone increases significantly. Patients with Alzheimer's have higher amounts of luteinizing hormone than people with normal cognitive function.

High levels of luteinizing hormone significantly decrease progesterone. Progesterone is a very powerful neurosteroid, so it supports the development of neurons.

Women have more progesterone, so they often have fewer adverse effects if they experience a traumatic brain injury. Progesterone minimizes inflammation in the brain cells, enhances serotonin, prevents apoptosis, and decreases blood-brain barrier leakage.

After menopause, progesterone significantly decreases in women. For men, this decline can happen around 70 years of age.

Melatonin can suppress luteinizing hormone, which indirectly increases progesterone. Research on mice has shown that melatonin and exercise may help halt dementia symptoms.

DHEA and pregnenolone also work to suppress luteinizing hormone and increase progesterone. DHEA also suppresses cortisol.

To decrease luteinizing hormone with melatonin, you'll need a much larger than average dose. You can also stimulate melatonin by going to bed with the lights turned down, increasing sun exposure, or sitting by a campfire. Around 95% of melatonin can be obtained from the sun's infrared rays.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this explains how melatonin may help with the symptoms of dementia. I'll see you in the next video.

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    • My aunt did that a month ago and had a massive stroke. She heard a supplement can do it from the food health store can replace her meds .. will never walk again, please be careful

    • @@dylannicks1146 I’m so sorry to hear that. Do you know if this happened because she stopped suddenly or was it because she was off the statin? I just lowered mine from 40mg to 20mg with the hope of getting off some time. Thanks.

    • @@Smileeen she had high cholesterol and blood pressure and didn’t drink or smoke, she stopped it and had arm tingling and numbness for a week and then had a hemorrhagic stroke right infront of the doctor. At 70 years old, she lost all her left side and is incredibly lost after it.. It is a scary thing, she also then had a stomach bug on top of being paralysed when she was in hospital..

  1. Dr Russel Reiter is where I first learned this about melatonin. He has dedicated his life to the study of melatonin. Glad to finally hear someone else saying these things.

    • Been on the mel train for years.Ten mg’s.A sleep guaranteer for me.Would love to discover how they make it as i’m guessing it will be as inexpensive to produce as that other miracle/essential hormone millions of us are deficent in.Vitamin D.

      Amazing how Melatonin has escaped Big-Harma’s-Codex-Alimentarius agenda all these years but it is banned for some reason here in the UK.(The bastards)

  2. See Eric, all you had to do was replant the trees INSIDE the paddock…problem solved.
    Reminds me of the story of two Wall Street Bankers who meet. One says to the other “Hi, how are you?”
    The other replies “Not so good, I’m not sleeping well and I keep seeing little green men under my bed”
    His friend suggests his Shrink giving him his card.
    They meet several weeks later and his friend asks how it went with the psychiatrist…
    “I didn’t go to him…he wanted $900 an hour… I cured it by myself…
    I just sawed off the legs of the bed” 👍

  3. Longterm loneliness and life with chronic deprivation/lack of intimacy, both social, physical, emotional and sexual (which is taboo) is also heavily linked to developing dementia starting at (relatively) young age.

    • @@Benefacez im sorry to hear, i hope it changes for you. In my country, a while ago there was a lot of media attention on young people and longterm loneliness and several neuro scientists explained the dangers of developing dementia due to the effects on the brain of lack of social and romantic interaction; not to say everybody in these unfortunate circumstances will develop dementia but according to them a large portion of people suffering from dementia have had a life with lack of social bonding.

  4. Anything that lowers my testosterone levels is a NO-NO for me. I don’t even like to touch receipts when I make an in store purchase, and I wear gloves when I open packages! Take glyphosates, for example. They described a link between EDCs and cancer burden, particularly with testicular, breast, and prostate cancer. The pituitary gland seems to be a potential target of these compounds. Endocrine impairment induced by EDCs can express in a wide range of consequences: hormonal secretion, cell proliferation and cancer, growth, metabolism, sexual development, circadian clocks, and even, cognitive functions, neurodevelopment and behavior. 🤨 We need our testosterone, men! Stay healthy, everyone! Thank you, Dr. Berg! 💪

    • I wonder how much EDC I got when a paramedic. We handled all sorts of strange things We do glove up but I even wonder about what’s on and in them. Do you know if nitrile gloves are bad? Do they have a non stick coating to help them stay stored packed so tightly?

    • Toxic masculinity alert! Your comment is a red flag so much testosterone will make you violent hypersexual impulsive not to mention a threat to women and society.

    • ​@@DrbergIt’s time for a parathyroid growth video. SO many physicians etc thoroughly cover the THYROID goiters, nodules, hypo/hyper, but hardly anyone has provided a thorough video regarding the PARATHYROID. Come onnnnn! It’s time for a new one!

    • @@Drberg I heard some “experts” say that supplementing with melatonin can dramatically lower your body’s own production of melatonin. what do you say to this Dr. Berg

  5. It’s precisely sunrise and sunset that are so beautiful and beneficial as well. Nature is our powerful healer. Thank you, Dr Berg 🌅 ❤

  6. You must wean yourself off statins and kick the sugar carb habit at the same time…I reduced to one pill alternate days for 2 weeks, then every 3 days for 2 weeks and then none. My bp dropped, my sugar stabilized, my leg atrophy stopped, and my cholesterol went back to normal.

  7. I had a 10-lb Yorkie named Ponchy who performed similar feats as Bennett. I never would have figured out how Ponchy managed to escape my back yard if my neighbor hadn’t observed him in the act. I had a wooden compost bin made of railroad ties near the fence. He used the top timber as a springboard and from there he sailed over the fence. Ponchy and Bennett would have made great friends!

  8. You’re actually the only one that I know of that constantly keeps researching in order to find new informations that could help us while other YouTube doctors just keep repeating the same exact information over and over again not really contributing in any meaningful way. Thanks for all you do.

  9. We have a saying in South Africa in the farming community…if water can go through a fence…so can a goat…

  10. Going on 75, I have been taking melatonin for decades. I recently uped it to 20 MG from 10. I still only sleep about 6 hours a night.
    I’ll double it and see what happens.
    My father and his brothers all ended up with dementia and most of them lived into their 80s, but I was adopted, so I don’t know about my own family history.
    Thanks for the info, Dr. Berg.

  11. The fact that we get free videos from Dr. Berg on YouTube is priceless., keeping education & knowledge alive. 🙏🙏🙏

  12. I stopped taking melatonin to help me sleep, when I realized that I got lots of dreams, not good dreams, when I took it. I’m now trying to decrease the amount of sugar I have and increase my exercise. And I’m praying more and I’m more relaxed trusting God.

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