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00:00 Introduction
01:17 The Truth About My Surgeries
02:45 Loose Skin
04:15 Do What Makes You Happy
07:06 Try On Haul
10:46 Getting Support
13:04 Insecurities
15:18 Giving Yourself Grace

22 responses to “MY BODY AFTER LOSING 100LBS + TUMMY TUCK”

  1. Definitely document it! I’ve lost 210 pounds using Keto only and have a lot of excess skin. Would like to see the whole picture. I really appreciate you!

    • Wow congrats!!! I’m doing keto now. but it’s hard. any tips you can share to make it a lil easier?

    • @beckycortez7102  it’s hard work! Consistency is the key. I plan meals for the week and prep as much as I can ahead of time. A macro app has really helped me stay on track too.

  2. Girl, you look beautiful and thank you for sharing over the years! I have had weight loss surgery and gained and lost again at the end of the day. You were absolutely 100% correctly. It’s how you eat to live. Stay blessed. 🥰

  3. Yes please share your journey! Love the real and rawness because after all 100lbs weight loss it’s the reality loose skin and all thank you ❤

  4. Thank you for your honesty!! I lost 22 lbs 2 yrs ago- @69🤪. Skin loss was bad at first time being at my new ( high school) weight…. BUT it firmed up a bit a year later and I eat a lot of lean protein every day( still lo carb eating plan) .the skin will come back eventually 🎉

  5. All the clothes looked amazing on you!👏 I would like to see your journey for skin removal because I’m going to have to have it at the end of my weight loss journey. Thanks for your vlogs, I appreciate you!🥰

  6. Keep on keeping on Mayra. live your and love your life.
    It would be great to document your scar revision surgery I find all of that fascinating.

  7. Beautiful! I think we are always too hard on ourselves. You are not your old self. Celebrate all your hard work it has paid off!

  8. Definitely document your journey. You look amazing! I am down 40 lbs; watching you as a diabetic has helped so much!

  9. Yes, document it. I love love love your progress, it gives me hope that I can lose this excess 60 lbs. that I have been carrying for the past 30 years. Six months ago my A1c was the highest at 6.2 and was put on metformin’s lowest dose. My A1c it is now 5.8 since my last blood draw a few weeks ago. I am addicted to SUGAR and currently pre-diabetes, my A1c is almost normal after 6 months restricting carbs and taking the low dose metformin. I have lost 13 lbs. since restricting the carbs/sugar with minimal exercising. I was hoping I would lose more weight and lose the fat but I have been on a plateau on losing the weight. my guess is I will need to restrict carbs further and start exercising more. PS you look so gorgeous and super great with those new clothes.

  10. I had weight loss surgery after YEARS of trying on my own with no support… I was actually sabotaged and undermined by my “village”. I had severe medical problems because of the weight, and was heading downhill fast. I just happened to luck up on the opportunity to have the surgery through my then job because I always look at the health insurance plans and benefits when I get a new job! I was amazed and grateful that God had opened the door. I had it done in 2014, and lost 115 lbs. in about 15 months. I took my time because there were alot of emotional issues attached to the weight. Today I have some scars and loose skin too, but I am so glad that I did it. It changed my life forever! The surgery just ended up being a weight loss tool because I was so far in the rear with my health. I still had to learn how to eat and exercise and grocery shop and manage my feelings. For the most part I’m so “normal” now that if I didn’t flat out tell you or if you didn’t know me then, you would never guess that I was obese or used to have so many health problems… All of those clothes are SO cute! I do really like the blue one, and that black one needs to be worn at a really nice, elegantly lit “nightlife” restaurant!! 🙂✌

  11. First off You TRULY are inspirational with your outlook and “do what makes you happy” You HAVE to love yourself before you can truly love someone else. You are a strong confident roll model example for EVERYONE. Be true to yourself. And THANK YOU.

    At that age you do bounce back ESPECIALLY with exercise. I lost probably 20 pounds between my junior year in high school and senior year and kept it off even after my 1st 2 kids. With my 3rd I lost it because of working a physical job. NOW dang menopause happened and bam at my heaviest. I don’t eat crap, don’t eat out but I’m not taking any “weight loss meds” or script meds UNLESS I need them for what it’s intended for.
    I would say document it, you are up front and honest that you already had it in the past so you can do a document of Now and showing the areas you are planning on having done, then you can show after and whatever “pictures” you are comfortable with at first so folks have a realistic aspect. Now I say after and whatever you are comfortable with as a reminder that for You Tube and making sure it doesn’t demonetize the video or the “tube” doesn’t shut it down for standards violation. I am hearing from others I follow for different things they are REALLY going after channels for things that really aren’t violations. And YES what makes you “comfortable” although the only time I would say something is if there are trigger warnings that it’s not “normal” weight loss at a healthy time frame but way too fast.
    GIRL that picture of you in the Hawaiian Dress with that high split! HOT, it’s absolutely a stunning picture and those colors on your skin tone Is PURE DAMNNNNNN GURL!!!! My husband would be “What are you gawking at” and I’d be saying “HER, LOOK AT HER Shes STUNNING” And that’s just admiring how beautiful you are. That’s all it is.
    You totally need to wear more BOLD BRIGHT colors. The black dress is nice and looks great on you but it’s more subtle that the Bold Bright. I’d definitely get one if they have bold bright colors also. Your legs look fantastic. You can tell you work out, it’s not abnormal to have loose skin as you age. BUT if YOU feel uncomfortable then by all means document the journey.

  12. Judgers will judge…. that’s on them NOT YOU! You have worked hard and deserve respect for that. You have also shared with all of us very openly. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone to help those of us who have those fears and insecurities. Kudos to you for all you have done and shared!!!! Love Love Love and respect to you!!!

  13. Loved all the dress and fits. This made me realize also how magnified our insecurities are for us but for others we can’t even see these “issues” on others. Everything you pointed out I’m sure feels like a big deal for you but they were things I wouldn’t even see ❤

  14. Yes please definitely document it! I have sagging skin from losing weight and even extra skin from just getting older…

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