How to help food addiction

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If you struggle with food addiction, please know you are not alone, and also know there is a path to improvement. Dr. Jen Unwin and colleagues published observations from three different low carb interventions programs showing improved food addiction and mental wellness scores. Could low carb nutrition be a cornerstone to food addiction therapy? Early suggest it may.

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17 responses to “How to help food addiction”

  1. A high protein low carbohydrate diet failed to treat my food addiction.

    I still keep coming back for more nuts and seeds.

  2. I have gone off the keto wagon when I had a serious infected wound that had me take antibiotics for 15 days. During that time I could not drink electrolyte water it contained magnesium and other minerals that were limited. So I ate “regular” and now a week off antibiotics I am struggling rummaging the kitchen for carbs, especially sweets. The struggle is real, I never thought so.

  3. Allen Carr’s book did it for me. He stopped me from smoking so I thought I’d try the ‘quit emotional eating’ book. It works!!!

  4. I feel a majority of the population has a food addiction. I hate to put a percentage because can’t back it up with studies but feel it is close to 80% plus with sugar and fast food. We definitely have eating disorders with how frequent and how much we eat in the United States. I appreciate this as a tool to share because fortunately I have beat my addiction but definitely will share.

  5. I suffered with this for most of my 40 something years. What helped me was liver and butter. my theory is it’s the B vitamins in the liver, along with other micronutrients like copper, zinc and iron. and the Saturated fat in the butter. Things I had been devoid of all my life. Especially among the b vitamins, I think it’s the B1 and B3.
    My theory is the cravings for carby things and things like chocolate is the body is in search of these nutrients, that are not well absorbed and in some cases, depleted by sugars and starches. so it causes an endless craving cycle. And the saturated fat has its own nutrients but I think it also helped with feeling of calm and satiety.
    For reference, I followed the low fat, plant based, healthy whole grains style of eating most of my life, along with what I now see was over exercise, which probably further depletes everything.

  6. So would you reccomend eating mainly protein and leafy greens/vegetables and eliminating bread and starchy carbs to curb appetite?

    • For me I would recommend mostly protein and animal fats with some low carb plants. Becarefull with the plants a lot of them contain oxilates and other toxic substance.

  7. you know when people fast past 18+ hours and not eat the most common complaint i see is what do i do with my time? food is often seen as a reward and a thing people do with friends and family and feel left out when they dont eat, people stress eat and fill a void in their life its not just food, social media, porn, drugs and so on.

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