Take 2 TABLESPOONS Before a Meal for GERD, Bloating or Acid Reflux

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Learn more about the best remedy for acid reflux, heartburn, bloating, and other digestive issues.

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0:00 Introduction: Important information for people with digestive problems
2:25 Apple cider vinegar for acid reflux or GERD
3:48 Acid reflux, heartburn, and GERD explained
6:48 Other benefits of strong stomach acid
9:15 The best natural remedy for digestive issues
10:45 Other natural remedies for digestive problems
11:55 What causes acid reflux?
13:50 When to stop taking apple cider vinegar
14:55 Learn more about digestion!

Today I want to cover the most important information you need to know if you have digestive issues.

An antacid or PPI is what most people turn to for digestive issues, but these medications have potential long-term side effects. There are fantastic natural remedies for acid reflux and other digestive problems—however, always check with your doctor before coming off any medications.

In my opinion, what causes acid reflux, heartburn, bloating, and GERD is stomach acid that’s too alkaline. If the acid in your stomach is strong enough, the stomach valve that allows acid to go into the esophagus will close.

Other benefits of strong stomach acid:
• A healthy release of bile
• Lowered risk of gallstones
• Better digestion
• Increased nutrient absorption
• Fewer harmful bacteria
• Better absorption of B12 and iron
• Lowered risk of H. pylori

The best natural remedy for acid reflux, heartburn, bloating, GERD, and other digestive issues is apple cider vinegar. Mix two tablespoons of ACV (apple cider vinegar) in eight to twelve ounces of water and drink the mixture before your meals. Drink this with a straw to protect your teeth.

If you feel worse after taking apple cider vinegar, stop taking it and work on trying to heal a potential issue like inflammation or an ulcer.

Other natural remedies for acid reflux, heartburn, and GERD:
• Consume cabbage
• Get on the Healthy Keto diet



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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps explain the best natural remedy for acid reflux and other digestive issues. I’ll see you in the next video.

52 responses to “Take 2 TABLESPOONS Before a Meal for GERD, Bloating or Acid Reflux”

  1. Do it first thing in the morning on a empty stomach, take it before or after every meal ESPECIALLY if you’re eatting alot of carbs/sugar. Before bed to help sugar levels. It’ll help bloating, acid reflux and digestive problems. Talking from personal experience. I love apple cider vinegar and honestly disappointed I was never introduced to it when I was younger. I love looking forward to having like a cold glass of apple cider vinegar with WATER! NEVER RAW!

    • @J A My guess is please dilute the ACV with water so you won’t burn your esophagus while drinking it. You can also add a dash of lite salt to it or honey

    • @Sleepless In Manila It should become a daily activity, not just once and done.

    • I can’t say I look forward to taking ACV. However, I am taking ACV and fresh lemon juice diluted in water at least once per day. Can’t stomach taking it first thing in the morning, so I usually take it shortly before having my morning smoothie.

  2. Sending this to my sister Dr. Berg! Thank you for sharing your incredible health care with the world ❤🌎

  3. Thanks Doc. It works. I had intermittent but recurring issues with acid reflux. For the past number of years I haven’t suffered it at all, my wife has also benefited from this. We use organic pure ACV, and drink it with some water.

  4. My parents always do homemade wine from different fruits inc. pry tree flowers and recently they put bottle of home made ACV next to the bottles with a wine. My younger brother came for a weekend and thinking its a wine he drank big glass of ACV by accident.
    For the rest of a day he was walking around telling everybody how good he and his guts feel .

  5. I once told a gastroenterologist that I was taking shots of ACV to treat my GERD and she laughed at me. It was the first and last time I saw her.

    • @ssewali peter yes. If you are experiencing this it’s very VERY important to go for an upper endoscopy. If you have esophagitis or elevated Eosinophils, you could be at very high risk for esophageal striations or cancer.

      I’m not trying to frighten you, but I’m suffering esophageal issues right now, and have similar sensations/issues. I was found to have extremely high Eosinopils, and it’s not something you can just fix with apple cider vinegar. You’ll need some major lifestyle changes while your esophagus heals up. Yes they may press you to take prescription meds for it. But ultimately you want them to biopsy the region and make sure you don’t have cancer. Then you can talk to them about treatment and alternative potentially holistic treatments like intermittent fasting (having last meal of the day by 7pm the latest, and no snacks), sleeping with a few inches of elevation on your upper body to top the acid away from your esophagus at night, avoiding greasy or fried foods and too muny refined sugars.. etc.

      You can get better and stop that weird “food stick in my throat” feeling, but first go make sure it’s not something that can kill you quickly short term. The esophagus is very delicate and you should see a gastroenterologist immediately. I just had 2 procedures and tons of blood work and Ct Scans with and without contrast last month. I felt like a pincushion, but now that’s behind me and and I have a game plan between my gastroenterologist, primary care doc, and allergist. There’s also an elite team at Mt. Sinai in NYC if you’re local to NY for esophageal issues.

      Good luck!

    • Yes this happened to me last month. My Gastro stated it was the ACV that caused my Gerd. Not only that, I requested to have a SIBO test and was told oh there’s no such thing! Wow

  6. Does blood type and factor affect your diet? I’m AB-, and am sensitive to many foods. I can’t tolerate hardly any type of pharmaceuticals. Also, I’m 3 weeks into no sugar, carbs, or snacking. It’s been difficult, but it’s worth it 100%!!!

  7. Thank you Dr. Berg! I had taken your advice about ACV a year ago. I use it everyday. I no longer have acid reflux and have stopped taking Omeprazole and the chewable antacids. Your videos are a lifesaver, literally!

    • LJ:. I know a woman who carries her acv bottle to every restaurant she goes to.❤️ Me. Along with my digestive enzymes. Blessings

    • I wrote my post before I read yours and my words mirror what you have been going through. I and many others know how you have suffered and I feel connected just by knowing I am not alone in what I went through. Gerd is a life draining issue and acv should be prescribed by dumb programmed doctors instead of evil drugs.

  8. Great tip on the ACV! I didn’t know that BRAGGS sold their product to another company nor did I know the new company was adding water! I am definitely switching to your recommendation as I do want the best quality for my over all health. Me and my family start off are day with two tablespoons of ACV mixed in a glass of water each morning. Thank you Dr Berg!🎯

  9. Thank you Dr Berg! I have learned so much from you and appreciate the time you put into your videos and educating us. I too did not know about Braggs watering down their apple cider vinegar. I have been using ACV for some time now and it does help me. What I did not know was the importance of diluting it. Since Braggs already watered down their product, is it still necessary to dilute it? I just recently purchased a bottle of Braggs and want to use it. I must say, however, I purchased a bottle of Braggs which has honey in it and it is much better tasting!

    • @Ricky Sekhon I mix a cap and a half of acv to a jelly Jar of water. Drink a third in the morning before breakfast, a third in the afternoon ,and the rest before bedtime. Been doing it this way for twenty years.

    • @Ricky Sekhon I take it 3 times a day when I can. Never a set time. I eat no sugar and less than 50 grams of carbs a day so, to me, it’s not necessary after a meal. I never ever get indignation or acid issues. I have blown minds when I talk people into taking ACV for stomach problems.

  10. I drink this every morning & all organic, tablespoon of Chia seeds, tablespoon Apple cider vinegar, teaspoon of lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger and a dash of stevia and mixed with water, drink with a straw… excellent and yummy for the tummy!

  11. Thank you Dr Berg…it’s been 2years since I watched your previous video about Acv…makes a huge change in my health and I say no to any antacid.

  12. I’ve had acid reflux my third trimester of pregnancy. I am delivering my baby this month. I am going to start ACV after she’s born to clean my system out. Thanks Dr. Berg!

  13. I found that only drinking water and cutting out Alcohol, breads, dairy, and processed sugar made my acid reflux dissapear. I mainly cut out all the above because I saw the affects of my diet on my mental health and I needed to get on top of my MH. Healthy body, healthy mind.

  14. ACV helped me get my cholesterol under control along with better digestion AND weight loss.
    Thank you for the lessons doc.

  15. I’ve been struggling with bloating and gerd for years and years. This is exactly the video I needed to see! I am going to take this advice asap.

  16. You are so awesome Dr. Berg. This is so helpful. I also love how you explain everything in the description section in case one has no patience to finish your video. But I assure you I always watch your videos start to finish and I have learned a lot. Thank you so much for making me wiser with every segment of your brilliant analysis. 🤗

  17. Over 27 years of taking PPI’s despite my begging my doctor’s for an alternative. Thanks to you Dr Berg I learned to wean off them and acv is my daily go to. Literally you saved my life and I am getting my health back. Thank you forever and keep pushing the correct information. You are laying down medical truths for future generations.

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