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If you are chronically hungry, chances are you won’t succeed with long-term weight loss. But what’s the opposite of hunger? According to Dr. Ted Naiman, that satisfied state is called “satiety.” And by focusing on higher-satiety eating, Ted has helped thousands of patients improve their health and lose weight.

In this interview, Ted explains what you need to know about satiety, and how you can get started with higher-satiety eating. We also discuss the role of exercise in relation to satiety and weight loss. And don’t worry, we tackle all sorts of diets — from no carb to no fat —and see how they fit with higher-satiety eating.

Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
1:48 About satiety and nutrient dilutions
8:28 Differences between satiety and satiety per calorie (SPC)
11:13 Balancing the concept of high and poor SPC
16:33 About Dr. Naiman’s diagrams
23:42 The nuance of diets with zero carb and fiber
28:55 Satiety case study: the Okinawa diet
32:13 The relationship between exercise and satiety
40:16 Strategies to help patients prioritize healthy eating
46:02 Eating the satiety way and avoiding the extreme
49:20 About Diet Doctor’s satiety calculator concept
55:59 Important update about the podcast

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21 responses to “Satiety: the path to healthy weight loss — Diet Doctor Podcast”

  1. I’ve been trying to find a study I read about where
    they fed goats feed that was missing one nutrient
    and the goats continued to eat the feed until they
    were grossly fat. When they repleted the feed with
    the missing nutrients, the goats went back to eating
    just what they needed and didn’t stay fat. Does
    anyone know where this study might be found?

  2. Some people need more fat for mental health and hormones. Some people need a little less. I was eating more fatty protein and I still needed some added fat. I have a very active job though. Everyone needs to figure out what works for them personally.

  3. Doctors who do not fully understand how neurotransmitters control our hunger and cravings will never fully embrace Carnivore.

    The same 70 year old advice: “Eat less and exercise more” WILL NOT work.

  4. I’m in Spain now where ham is just delicious. I enjoyed 200gr of this delicious ham and it turned out to be even very fulfilling/satiating.
    Today I bought another 200gr and I google: what’s happen if I have ham every day? The answer was: you are going to dye earlier!!!!! I don’t believe so although ham contains lots of salt but either the good Parma ham or the Spanish pata negra are healthier in my opinion. What do you think about ham?

  5. I think Ted’s message would be better received if it he just quits using the word “calorie” altogether. It’s food quality, not quantity that matters most.

  6. Amazingly a lot of meat eaten as it comes off the animal has a really wonderful ratios of fat and protein that seem to work very well to reach satiate. Fiber is a wild card that certainly gains satiate and if you want to eat it would help.

  7. i can’t eat lean animal proteins very low satiety for me. I eat the fats that come along and roasted my veggies in health fats

  8. i think fat is very satisfying and never satisfied with watermelon just cravings and glucose would be very high

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