What Protein Speeds Up Aging and Glycine, Okinawan Diet to Live Over 100 – w/ Inka Land

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00:50 Our New Book We're Writing
02:00 Benefits of Glycine
04:00 Collagen for Anti-Aging
07:20 Why Okinawans Don't Live Long Anymore
15:40 The Okinawan Diet Now vs Then
28:20 DASH Diet vs Mediterranean Diet
36:00 Glycine vs Methionine Balance
46:50 Incacao Collagen and Chocolate

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28 responses to “What Protein Speeds Up Aging and Glycine, Okinawan Diet to Live Over 100 – w/ Inka Land”

  1. Timestamps:
    00:50 Our New Book We’re Writing
    02:00 Benefits of Glycine
    04:00 Collagen for Anti-Aging
    07:20 Why Okinawans Don’t Live Long Anymore
    15:40 The Okinawan Diet Now vs Then
    28:20 DASH Diet vs Mediterranean Diet
    36:00 Glycine vs Methionine Balance
    46:50 Incacao Collagen and Chocolate

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  2. Willcox based his claim solely on a 1950 US government report on Okinawan food intakes survey conducted in 1949, he concludes that the diet consisted of mostly sweet potatoes was the secret to Okinawans’ long life span.

    The real truth is before WW2 Okinawa’s traditional diet wasn’t high in sweet potatoes but high in pork, and the high ratio of old age people on Okinawa islands was the result of US invasion on Okinawa islands during WW2 in which about 1/2 of Okinawa’s young population was killed.

    In 1949 Okinawa was in postwar ruin and had very bad food shortage crisis immediately after WW2 and into the early 1950s, meat supply was very short due to Okinawa’s pre-war farm inventory of 100,000 hoof livestock on the islands were mostly killed during the heavy battles between Japanese troops and American troops.

    According to a US government report made before WW2 there was average one hoof livestock as meat supply for every 3 to 4 Okinawans. After the war US government conducted a survey on the remaining living Okinawans who were starving to death, dying of malnutrition and diseases, but that horrible condition was not mentioned in the report, which Willcox uses, in order to cover up US military atrocities and war crimes committed on Okinawans in postwar time. The 1949 US government’s physical and medical condition report on Okinawans was fabricated to make the world thinks the Okinawans were living happily and healthy when in fact they were not.

    An account by an Okinawan who lived through that food shortage period:] After living in the Koza refugee camp for about a year, we finally returned to Misato Village, moving into what was called “standardized housing” [prefabricated wooden huts with thatched roofs]. Food was still hard to come by. Although we received some rations—mostly canned goods—and clothing from the U.S. military, we were always hungry. The term “postwar palm fern hell” best describes conditions at a time when we ate anything, including wild plants, thought to be edible. One day, we fried [sweet] potato tempura in motor oil. My uncle insisted on eating some first to be sure it wasn’t poisonous. He always did that because, he said, he was old and weak, and didn’t expect to live much longer anyway. Three years later, he died.

    Source: The American Occupation of Japan and Okinawa: Literature and Memory – By Michael S. Molasky

    • I once found myself in debate with someone arguing you’re exact same claim and it’s just a lie that’s being pushed by the carnivore fanantics. I researched myself to find some vintage pics taken in Okinawa before WW2 and I found on tumble there were pics of workers/farmers handling large sacks of sweet potatoes and a picture that appeared to be an Okinawan family in front of their hine standing next to a large pile of purple looking sweet potatoes, both pics in the description (in Japanese) mentioned that the pics were taken in 1936, there were others pics such as a one of some people in a market (appeared to be many vegetable looking foods) and others that had some girls selling fish on the street and another of a fisherman, I found pics like these in other websites as at all the the descriptions frequently had years like 1935 and 1925 in the descriptions. I did find one vintage looking picture of a uniformed man carrying a couple of small pigs on his back but by judging the quality of that one it was easily taken post-war probably the 50’s, pork has long been part of holiday traditions for the Okinawans but never the bulk of their diet and the pics I mentioned serve as proof that the sweet potato were definitely a staple among the Okinawans before WW2.

  3. So it’s not beneficial to eat large amounts of chicken eggs. I assume they are high in methionine. I take magnesium glycinate (glycine), saffron, with coconut oil and real olive oil to support balanced hormonal profile

  4. I absolutely love cakes, cookies and doughnuts, so therefore I take massive spoonfuls of Ceylon cinnamon to balance out the insulin and glucose

  5. I started using glycine because I wanted something to use in my sugar free egg and my gelatin snacks. Glycine was just really delicious and keto/carnivore friendly and makes it easier to stay away from things like sugar and artificial sweeteners (which upset my stomach). I probably eat a pretty huge amount of it at this point because those treats are so tasty.
    I actually have found a diet beverage that used glycine as its sugar replacement. I wish I remembered the brand. It was a bottled tea imported from Japan, that I remember. It was delicious. If glycine was used instead of aspartame, etc… I would probably have a huge soda habit lol.

  6. the gut is critical to brain and mental health fermented foods probitotics help a lot obv avoid food sensitivities like gluten

  7. 1. Seed oils were a critical factor when it came to the US influence on Okinawa.
    2. I was surprised to find how balanced methionine is to glycine in a nose to tail diet: fat, meat, organs, ligaments, marrow, skin, etc

  8. Can you address the amount of fiber in the various diets? Legumes and lentils are good for protien, but also fiber. I’l bet the differences in fiber are important too.

  9. The information below is preliminary. However, if you have depression, it might not be a good idea to load up on collagen:

    “Once again, proline was the dietary factor with the strongest impact on depression.

    Fernández-Real told Verywell that the results were quite surprising. “The intake of proline was the most associated item with the depression score in apparently healthy subjects,” he said.

    After additionally identifying the proline/depression link in mice, researchers sought to corroborate their findings by transplanting human subjects’ gut bacteria into mice. The mice who received the bacteria highest in proline showed more depressive symptoms.

    The final step of the study involved fruit flies. Like the mice, the flies who received proline-rich bacteria exhibited signs of depression.

    Fernandez-Real noted that the research team did observe that some subjects with a high intake of proline were not depressed.

    “These subjects had a gut microbiota that metabolized proline and ‘protected’ them from a high proline in plasma,” he said.

    Source: Foods High in Proline May Be Linked to Depression, Study Finds
    By Lauren Manaker MS, RDN, LD, CLEC Published on June 10, 2022

  10. Most people that would switch to peasant food or “poor” food. They would improve alot of health markers and lose fat. Also save alot of money. I do hope they understand that like 33% of the collagen is glycine. Eating collagen is probably superior because of absorbability than just single out glycine. Also a few studies found out fish collagen being superior. That why I always recommand eating cans of sardines. It has the cooked bones +skin, pure collagen. It’s a pretty safe and affordable fish to eat as well.

    Seaweeds is what stands out. Not the potatoes in the Okinawan diet. Seaweed is very anti-inflammatory and also has senolytic properties. Sirt-6 activator Fucoidan is very powerful. We’re already hearing more and more about “inflammaging”. It might be one of the most important things in longevity to keep inflammatory markers as low as humanly possible, unless ofcourse you have a infection. But ideally you want to prevent any disease.

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