Why Fake Meats Will Never Be Popular

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Alternative plant-based animal products may sound like a healthy option at first. But find out how fake meat, cheese, and eggs are actually damaging your health.

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0:00 Introduction: Are fake meats healthy?
2:15 The Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger
4:58 What makes grass-fed meat healthy?
8:45 Check out this video on grass-fed beef vs. grain-fed beef!

Let’s talk about fake meats—like meatless burgers, for example, and why they’re bad for your health.

As people are testing out alternative animal products like fake meat, cheese, and eggs, their health will suffer because the ingredients are not actually healthy.

Plant-based, fake animal products are not sustainable for your health or the environment. On the other hand, 100% grass-fed beef is a very healthy food and is great for the environment.

Cows that live on the land and eat grass are fantastic for creating fertile soil. Cow manure is the ultimate fertilizer because it adds essential factors back into the soil, including microbes.

The concentration of microbes in the soil is what makes plants and animal products nutrient-dense. To maintain a healthy body, we need nutrient-dense foods.

However, many ingredients used in plant-based meats, cheeses, and other products are GMO and inhibit microbial growth.

The only way to get nutrient-dense foods is to consume food grown on nutrient-dense soil.



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Thanks for watching! I hope this increases your awareness of why fake meats are bad for you. I’ll see you in the next video.

53 responses to “Why Fake Meats Will Never Be Popular”

    • They already are, Burger King and many many other big companies are already doing it. Mr Beast Burgers through Perkins. Little do you know… for a meditator, for a human being, for a soul, a plant based diet is the only good idea you’ll have while you breathe air in your life.

    • @Deep Value Investing  I don’t eat fast food. And I barely eat burgers… grew up on farm to table food, I cam tell when it’s fake meat.

  1. I couldn’t agree more. People think they are eating healthy and the ingredient list is a damn paragraph of science words.

    • It gets much worse, FDA just approved lab grown “meat” with the burden of proof that they are not safe rather than the logical opposite they use in Europe where it must first proven they are safe before wide scale consumption is allowed.

  2. Dr B, as you already know, here in South Carolina. Farmers are planting vegetables in sandy soil with zero nutrients. Soils that our grandparents let grow up in scrub Oaks because they knew it wouldn’t grow anything. Now with new gmo chemicals and tons of artificial fertilizer, farmers are producing vegetables that have no taste and probably do more harm than good for our bodies. Don’t worry though, farmers are selling their land to build subdivisions for all the new people. So who’s going to plant food to feed them all and where?

    • we need to start local green houses for local use only. when i was in turkey they have amazing weekly produce markets they do in every town and all the produce is so fresh. we need to go smaller not bigger. the bigger our farms get the less nutrient dense our food becomes because they have to industrialize their product and thats never a good thing.

    • The Department of Agriculture did a nation wide study in the 60s and found our farm land soils needed to be “remineralized”, which has sadly never been done because the politicians reeeee at the price tag. How much worse do you think it has gotten 60 years later?

  3. And here, I thought that something had bacteria on it that was causing my throat to itch, scratchy feeling. I ate at two different restaurants this within 2 weeks and the same thing happened. Plus I felt nauseated. Like something was not quite right. Told my husband, I’m done! When I cook at home, I’m good eating at home and we’re good eating real meat.

    • Exactly. Don’t go to a restaurant and ask for substitutions. They look at you like you are from another planet. I eat the majority of my meals at home.

  4. Used to eat the fake cheese,vegan milk exc. I’ve stopped eating all that because it’s all fake and filler. Now I make my own from veggies and nuts, exc. And feel a lot better.

  5. 2:16 Impossible Burger Ingredients:
    • Soy protein isolate: which are GMO
    • Potato protein
    • Cultured dextrose: Cultured synthetic sugar
    • Modified food starch: MFS is maltodextrin which is higher than sugar on the glycemic index
    • Methylcellulose: which is for the texture and who knows what it will do to your gut microbes. It’s a synthetically made product and it’s processed and inflammatory. But they have to use it to give you the texture of meat.
    • Soy leg hemoglobin: It’s a bioengineered protein from soy which gives you the taste of meat, the texture of meat, but it’s not meat. Because it’s not really classified as a food, it’s not recognized as being safe and there’s no long-term safety studies so who knows what it’s going to do to the population.

    3:51 Beyond Burger Ingredients:
    • Pea protein isolate: very highly processed protein
    • Canola oil: it’s GMO oil
    • Rice protein
    • Mung bean protein
    • Methylcellulose: Explained above
    • Potato starch

    5:02 What is it about cows that are grazing in the pasture that is so healthy? From the book “Soil, Grass & Cancer” The link between human and animal health and mineral balance of the soil: Cows are the best way to make soil very very fertile. How? Through cow pie (manure). The cow pie is the ultimate fertilizer. It’s loaded with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium that goes right back in the soil. It also has carbon that is put back into the soil as well. But most importantly, it puts the microbes back in the soil and it’s really the concentration and the density of those microbes in the soil that makes the plant nutrient dense, the animal nutrient dense, it all comes from the microbe.
    6:56 The way that a plant gets its nutrients is through the microbes dissolving minerals from rocks and then exchanging with the plant root carbohydrates that feed the microbe and then the microbes give the plant nutrients like certain minerals.
    7:12 There’s another mechanism where a plant gets its nutrients. It’ll actually attract microbes and suck the microbe right into the root and into the plant and extract nutrients from the microbe like nitrogen phosphorus and other minerals. Then it pushes the microbe back into the soil to recycle and get more nutrition to bring it right back in. There’s a whole machine going on in the soil level that the plant is dependent on that microbe and that’s called the Rhizophagy Cycle. Rhizo means root and phagy means eat.
    8:08 To create health we need nutrient dense foods and the only way to get the nutrient dense foods is to consume food that’s grown on nutrient dense soils. That’s not what you get with these fake meats.

    Thank you Dr. Berg
    Sincerely, 11 : 11 Meditation Portal Channel

    • Any ingredient that begins with “autolyzed” or “hydrolyzed” (such as autolyzed yeast extract) or ends with “isolate” (such as “soy protein isolate”) has MSG in it. The MSG is probably “naturally occurring,” but for me, there’s so much of it in those ingredients that I can smell the MSG.

    • Burgers are a complete pleasure food to begin with, with an optimal diet they wouldn’t be included. You don’t eat burgers for health.

  6. Thank You Dr. Berg! Common sense taught me do NOT try a few things in life 1 being beyond/impossible meats! Thank goodness I haven’t. Your awesome Sir!

  7. I have had an Impossible Burger from Burger King a couple of times, when the Impossible Burger first came out. I had no digestive problems with the fake burgers. They pert near tasted like hamburgers. However, I may have had the Impossible Burger a couple more times, but I am not planning to get another one.

    • My whole family went in to BK to try out the Impossible Burger, I liked it but it tasted burnt to me. My son and his wife like all the fake stuff but don’t eat it that often. My youngest son was trying all the fake stuff with me before I went Keto. He eats the real stuff with me now. 👍🏻

  8. Thank you Dr. Berg, a very important video. Sometimes being vegan does not mean a person is healthy. There are junk food vegans. For the last 5 months i have been making for myself and my family a black bean burger that is healthy and delicious…the recipe comes from a young lady on YT Plant Fit Meg…the best bean burger I’ve ever had. Family approved even by those who are not vegan. I make them a lot and they freeze well.

    • Oh thanks, I’ll have to look that up. I’m not vegan but am suffering from kidney disfunction and told that I have to watch my meat protein intake. Never thought to make meat burgers our of beans. I’ll give it a try

  9. I was reading my email the other day that the fda approved meat made in a lab and that it’s coming to all the grocery stores. I wonder will we have choices on whether to pick from the fake meat or real meat

  10. Sorry to hear of your restaurant ordeal, I hope they compensated you but I fear that wouldn’t be the case if they are already treating customers like well I won’t say in order to cut corners. Now keto branded foods with inflammatory ingredients are appearing on the shelves giving the plan a bad name. Thanks for bringing awareness to the front of a global dilemma

  11. Thank you Dr. Berg, where would we be without you! Besides the cows look like they are very happy romping around and living the life eating grass and hay in your video.

    • @Ben And they go to the same slaughterhouse as factory farmed animals. Watch the slaughterhouse footage and tell me if that’s an acceptable humane way to kill an animal.

  12. Thank you for this video. Unfortunately, I use to eat these products along with other fake/processed meats for years. The fake meats oftentimes taste extremely salty. As a consumer, felt I was doing a good thing because of concerns of treatment of farm animals. Recently I stopped because I was having unexplained hives and pretty much ever other reason was ruled out. Since stopping eating these “meats” the hives have disappeared. I appreciate you raising awareness on this.

  13. This is exactly why I cook all of my meals. And I do have to say that you literally saved my life through food and my liver. My liver specialist was very impressed with my numbers because of my diet and I told her it was because of you. My liver problem is because of alcohol. Thank you for your knowledge and compassion for our organs.

  14. As a Vegan, thanks for the information. I certainly don’t need meat to be healthy, but a lot of your information is useful.

  15. Perfect timing for this video! I just received my first order of locally sourced grass fed and grass finished meats and poultry. So looking forward to trying it out! We are able to get grass fed and finished ground beef in the stores so I concentrated on the other meats and especially chicken. Thanks for sharing this great video!

    • My family hates grass-fed, which bums me out. We have wild turkey and deer wandering all over our property, husband and kids dislike that too. Too bad cause gamey meat is the best.

    • I hear you. We like the grass fed beef but we will wait and see how we like this food. I am a bit disappointed because the portions are so small. We can’t make a meal on 1 chicken leg. There are other subscriptions to try so we shall see. You can only do the best you can do. We have 4 grown children and could never afford to feed them with these prices. Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Thank you, Dr. B., for encouraging healthy, real foods! Including healthy meat! I’m not a big meat eater. Just don’t have much of a taste for it. But I recognize it’s importance and keep it in my diet as best I can. I was chatting with a vegetarian who was praising these fake meats as being so tasty and so healthy. I asked her what was in these “meats”, and she told me vegetables, of course! But, I reminded her that vegetables don’t taste anything like meat, so what is it really? She didn’t know, but someone eavesdropping next to us answered the question-“chemicals”.

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