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41 responses to “27% REDUCED MORTALITY FROM COFFEE – New Study”

  1. GET MY COFFEE code SIIM10: https://notyouraverage.coffee/?bg_ref=HGrHgw73NO

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  2. Moderate….sheesh…I guess I will make sure 5 cups is my max. Next question would be strength of ☕. 2+ tablespoons freshly ground per 6oz preferred for me.

  3. 2-3 cups of ground coffee..when and how much should someone drink to get the effects 🤔everyday and also drinking all three cups in one sitting also work?

  4. It looks like the polyphenols are making the biggest impact, which the instant and decaf processes seem to remove. In theory, unfiltered coffee should provide more polyphenols, but it raises LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Would be interesting to have a coffee without diterpenes (kahweol and cafestol) to drink unfiltered and get maximum polyphenol benefit.

  5. come on, this is a survey, an epidemiological study – it shows correlation, not causation necessarily. Perhaps people that drink coffee are more likely to exercise or less likely to smoke, etc

  6. I think some people have a genetic profile favorable to coffee , for me its devastating, it causes anxiety and poorly sleep quality. I’m happy it is good for some people.

    • There’s no one with a ‘genetic profile favorable to coffee’. What there is, are a bunch of addicts who have become accustomed to coffee like a smoker becomes accustomed to smoke, most of whom are in denial.

    • @DRourk coffee is not nicotine. Are you high? Am not a fan of coffee not hate it. I drink randomly for the taste with a piece of dark chocolate, but coffee beans are very good for health benefits except do not overuse. Anything in extreme is not good

  7. I wonder how this compares to tea drinking. I’m English so I don’t drink coffee unless I’m on a fast, which is very rare nowadays. Women are also advised to avoid caffeine when wishing to improve their fertility and conceive which is odd given that these studies are saying coffee can improve health.

    • It’s not odd when you realize the studies are financed by people who make money directly or indirectly from coffee sales.

    • Oh…. and by the way… tannins in tea are generally harmful to various parts of your body, in particular the kidneys. As is the caffeine in the varieties that have it.

      Stay away from drugs…. they generally aren’t good for you, and definitely aren’t good when consumed regularly.

    • @DRourk when I was pregnant doctor and nurses constantly reminded me to avoid caffeine specially coffee. It may cause ADHD to the baby.

  8. There’s the clear issue of correlation not being causation. Also, how can something that alters energy levels, adrenals, and stress hormones on a daily basis not take a toll over time?

  9. Drink Greek/Arabic coffee. It’s the same bean (i.e. cafe arabica) but it’s ground to a fine powder you can buy in some stores. 1) You add a teaspoon of it to a 1/2 of water with a 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar and 2) you slowly heat it up on medium heat. 2) Before it boils, remove it from the stove just as it puffs up a bit (don’t let it boil) and you’ll have a nice froth on top when you pour it into your cup. This method gets the most benefit from the coffee as more of the polyphenols are realeased with less cortisol-inducing caffeine.☕

  10. For myself, I accidently found that drinking coffee was hurting my weightlifting gains. I quit drink coffee because it was doing anything for me. 3 weeks later, I noticed my muscles were getting bigger and stronger. It was really weird. I didn’t change anything except quitting coffee. Hmmm. I guess the cortisol response from the coffee was stressing my body and causing muscle wasting. I always thought drinking coffee was no big deal. Oh, well.

    • If you’re looking to reduce cortisol my stack is 100mg Phosphatydylserine, 50mg picamillon, 150mg L-Theanine. It’s a good start point adjust from there.

  11. Some people have a genetic difference that results in an inability to eliminate caffeine so this study would not be looking at those people closely.

  12. Accidently healthy for the win. YES. If you’re looking to reduce cortisol my stack is 100mg Phosphatidylserine, 50mg picamillon, 150mg L-Theanine. It’s a good start point, adjust from there. And if you are worried about an enlarged heart from over stimulation and exercise, SR-9011 keeps the heart from enlarging the left ventricle which causes heart attacks in athletes.

  13. Question, for your next Q&A: during longer fast, I take some salad of non starchy vegs (Kale, chicory plus dressing), idea is to keep de microbiome fed with prebiotoca (and to put something in my mouth). Good idea? Doesn’t break the fast does it? thanks, Hans, Amsterdam

  14. It helps to validate the research when you tell us who sponsored the research. If it was a coffee association it invalidates the data. We are tired of them bouncing us around by providing their own biased data, Slim.

    • This article was published in the highly respected European Journal of Preventive Cardiology from a reliable data source: The UK Biobank. It was also published by Oxford University Press, a highly reputable academic centre of global excellence.

    • @gdok Thank you. Please don’t think this is any shade on Slim. It is not. I have been a subscriber since he did his first fasting video. We just need to know. Thanks again.

  15. Correlation, not causation. Still interesting finding though.
    But I still think its healthier to not consume caffeine at all even if its through coffee.

  16. Possible confounds between profiles of people who drink and do not drink coffee? I don’t drink coffee because I get nervous more easily, which can also impact my health.

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