These 3 Desserts Will Help You Lose Weight & Stay On Track During The Holidays

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Items Used In This Video:
My Chocolate Cake Recipe:
Choczero Dark Chocolate Chips (discount code – lowcarblove)
Choczero White Chocolate Chips (discount code – lowcarblove)
Hu Gingersnap Cookies (discount code – lowcarblove)

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My Favorite Air Fryer:

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🍴 Desserts KETO BROOKIE RECIPE! How to Make Keto Cookies + Brownies ONLY 3 NET CARBS!
🏋 What I Eat In a Day
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21 responses to “These 3 Desserts Will Help You Lose Weight & Stay On Track During The Holidays”

  1. Looks yummy.Wish you were my neighbor. Would Love for you to make me these treats and I would even pay for the ingredients plus a tip. 😊😋

  2. I love you lowcarblove!!!!! ❤️
    You are literally giving me so much hope to turn my insulin resistance around.

  3. I never heard her say keto & it’s not in the title. Maybe I missed it or wasn’t paying attention since I do practice a keto diet. I like Hannah for her “low” carb options.

  4. Question Mayra, is it possible to make Keto Bunelos? If so, please perform your magic! You are Simply Amazing with your Keto Culinary Skills!!!

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