How to be IMMUNE to Pathogens

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Learn more about the biggest factor that destroys your immune system, and find out the best way to be immune to pathogens.


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0:00 Introduction: Your immune system explained
1:18 Conditions that increase your susceptibility to more problems if you get sick
2:14 Your microbiome
3:25 The top nutrients that boost immunity
5:55 Vaccines and immunity
7:12 The biggest thing that can destroy your immune system
8:20 How to boost immunity
10:55 Learn more about how to get rid of stress!

Today we’re going to talk about the main thing that can destroy your immune system and how to strengthen your immune system to the point where you can get through anything.

Conditions that increase your susceptibility to more problems if you get sick:
• High blood pressure
• Heart disease
• Diabetes and insulin resistance
• Obesity
• Cancer
• Autoimmune disease
• Inflammatory conditions
• Liver problems
• Kidney problems

Many of the above health conditions are connected to the consumption of sugar and carbohydrates.

Your microbiome is vital in keeping your immune system strong. Your white blood cells work with your friendly microbes to provide immune support. If your microbiome is weakened, you have a higher risk for secondary infections and lowered immunity.

The biggest thing that can destroy your immune system is the stress caused by bereavement. Bereavement basically shuts down the immune system and elevates cortisol, which can cause paralysis of the immune system.

Other stressful situations can cause a similar effect. To keep your immune system as strong as possible, you have to do things to reduce your stress.

How to increase immunity:
1. Do whatever you can to handle your stress
2. Get more sleep
3. Take vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc
4. Get on the ketogenic diet
5. Do fasting
6. Get plenty of exposure to the sun
7. Eat foods that support your microbiome or take a probiotic

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 57, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps explain the best way to be immune to pathogens. I’ll see you in the next video.

54 responses to “How to be IMMUNE to Pathogens”

  1. Thank you Dr. Berg, this video is life changing. My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation goes out to you with prayers. God bless!

  2. Thank you Dr. Berg.
    Since the Flu season Is here I’m going to increase all of these vitamins and minerals.
    God bless you!

    • C and zinc are probably the most immediately effective. Echinacea is also good once you’ve been taking it for a few days regularly.

    • Cinnamon bark is also good in preventing colds, there is evidence that Cinnamon is antibacterial. You can take cinnamon cappsules or mix it in cold water

    • The “flu” is a NATURAL detoxification process that the body knows to do , sh0ts st0p the purging pr0cesss , these supplements are man made synthetic p0ison, Praise the Lord (Jesus)!!!👍

  3. Hi Dr. Berg. Have been following your channel for a while and found it very accurate.
    Years ago, I cured myself of diabetes and high cholesterol without any medication…. which all doctors try to force down your throat 😅.
    I did by just controlling my diet and volume of food consumed. No exercise at all since my work didn’t allow for it.
    What you state is almost exactly what I did. Thank you for your honest views on health.
    I would love it if you did an episode on the benefits of moringa. I found it to be the best source of vitamins and minerals on the planet and I would love to know your views.

  4. Thank you Dr. My cholesterol is high…a statin was prescribed, not doing it. The podiatrist gave me a foot cream for my calloused feet. Not taking this stuff. All the things you suggested in this video I do. I spend so much more on quality food, it’s so worth it and tell people to watch your videos. Thank you. Happy holidays to your family. 🎆 🎇 🧨

    • Life Extension Foundation (LEF) has a supplement that can lower cholesterol if needed. I remember hearing of this during a call to LEF’s wellness advisors .

    • 👍do not take statins, take high strength Tumeric with black pepper, & Acv (apple cider vinegar) your cholesterol, blood pressure, & general health will be so much better 🙏

  5. Thank you 🙏
    I’m planning a hard 24hr dry fast for Monday, followed by a 24hr water fast on Tuesday, done it before, but not for a while 🙂

  6. I took Echinacea, zinc, C and D in high doses for years. I still take one or two grams of ascorbic acid a day.

    I haven’t had anything more than the sniffles or a mild sore throat in over twenty years.

    I’m also vigilant about washing my hands and touching my face, and keeping my mouth and sinuses clean. (Brushing *_at least_* twice a day, listerine, salt and baking soda rinses, and weekly or monthly sinus flushes using warm salt/baking soda solution.)

    Pau d’arco and ashwaganda are also great in cases where you feel a cold coming on that your normal immune system and supplements aren’t working against.

    Also, sugar and junk food helps germs and suppresses your immune system.

  7. Thank you very much !
    I love your sharp mind and the way of approaching different topics .
    I am a philologist , but my mother was a biologist.
    Although I have knowledge in that area , since I always was inquisitive , you never stop to amaze me , Dr . Berg !
    Merry Christmas !

  8. I was sick in February, everyone in my work are sick usually 2-4x a year and I am not. When I tried intermittent fasting, I am not longer sick. I usually was 2 times per year 😀 And now I am ok. I cut my sugar intake on 3/4 and I am ok with that (sugar sweets are no longer sweet or too much and I dint like them 🤔🤣) So yeahh, thanks for you videos. You were the first person and Doctor who teach me about IF and I am glad that you are here and making these videos for us 🙏🙏🙏

  9. Thank you doctor for doing this video as it provides important information for first preventative approach. Your research is greatly appreciated and I also love the visual content in the video

  10. Thanks for the reminder. Events of recent years ought to lead more people to pay attention to their general health and intake. It’s really important!

  11. Great info Dr. Berg! I was just explaining to friends the importance of eliminating sugar and stress because they suppress your immune system.

    • @ewcraigs Ok, got it. But I think its dumb. If the video gets less views for saying “Covid” or “Corona” – so what? This channel has over 9 million subscribers. Acting like it’s prohibited or something makes this topic unnecessary political and/or emotional imo. I prefer matter-of-factly discussions.

    • @creativetraininghacks people are literally not allowed to talk about it on these platforms. Legal threats, etc. it’s fucked.

  12. Excellent video. Thank you Dr Berg for sharing this. Giving people tools to be in charge of their health is wonderful 👍.
    Appreciate you!!!

  13. Thank you so much for this video as well as the links for the data discussed. I am amongst the vax injured, having had VITT within 24 hours of my one and only shot followed by shingles several weeks after. To be honest, I have not returned to the level of health I enjoyed prior. I’ve developed chronic urticaria with angioedema, multiple food allergies, and seem to be constantly sick despite the fact that I live a healthy lifestyle and have minimal exposure to others. It’s been frustrating because it isn’t taken seriously. Pro-vax people think I’m crazy and anti-vax people mock me for having gotten one to begin with. And the medical community has been equally disappointing, not wanting to consider that there was a correlation between what I received and how my body responded. Not able to find data here, it was studies and data from Israel that provided the best information. In fact, they cautioned women of a certain age group with certain rheumatological issues to avoid the injection all together. I fit both categories. Anyways, thank you. I appreciate the validation.

    • Check out dr peter mccullough’s new online medical services. I forgot the name of the site. Search with duck duck go. They treat the blank injured people

    • Thank you for speaking the truth 🙌 🙏 by Jesus stripes you are healed 🙏 🙌 ✨️ please speak up.

  14. When my state/local health officials were really pushing “vaccines” in the first year of Covid-19, my intermittent fasting and healthier eating (including drastic reduction of carbs) seemed to really be helping my immune system and overall well-being. I had lost weight, felt great and–being in my early 60s–thought that many of the things Dr. Berg had recommended to stay healthy were key to people avoiding complications of Covid. So I spent literally hours composing letters to these government officials urging them to recommend Dr. Berg’s ideas as part of their Covid response, and they totally blew off my suggestions. If these same officials had achieved a modicum of success in getting people to make small lifestyle changes (& not solely relying upon unproven jabs), I believe many of the health issues and complications people experience would be avoided. And, yeah, lives and suffering would be spared too. Thank you, Dr. Berg, for being a voice of reason and education!

    • But it’s not politically correct to tell people they NEED to lose weight. I got the 🦠 two years ago, when I was nearly 130lbs heavier. It nearly KILLED me!! That was my wake up call to lose weight. I have 55 lbs to go, then I’ll be a normal sized person again. But to say the least, my body is in WAY better shape to fight off any more 🦠.

    • @Fever Dream 👁️ your health is more important than being politically correct! Keep up the good work!!! 🙌👏

    • @milada bravenec That’s the point I was trying to make! People need to wake up, and be accountable for their own actions. (Being lazy and addicted to carbs) I used to put more thought into what oil was best for my car, vs what food is the best for my body. 😏

  15. I haven’t been sick since 2008. My approach? 1. Oregano oil 2. Vitamin C 3. Vitamin D 4. Echinacea 5. Raw Honey 6. Not being coerced into taking an experimental medical procedure that’s been rushed to the public pushed by fear/threats with a no liability clause built in. 😃

  16. Thank you, Dr. Berg, for this information. I’ve been binge-watching your videos for about 2-3 yrs now.

    I’ve been eating sauerkraut with my salad almost every day and taking probiotics and zinc supplements for about 2 yrs now. I also take Vit. D, but on a lower IU. (From watching your videos, I need to bump it up to 10,000 IU). I also add about 2 tbsp of nutritional yeast and pour cod liver oil and olive oil, and apple cider vinegar as a salad dressing.

    Anyway, I felt some cold symptoms (sniffling only, no cough) this past week, but it did not get full-blown. My kids came home one day with colds/coughs. I thought I would get sick too. I’m glad I did not get what they had – moms can’t get sick.😊

    • Immuplex by Standard Process excellent vitamins/supplements Research this company you will be glad you did! Whole food vitamins/supplements been around since 1929

  17. All my kids, and also so many of my friends, have been taking turns being sick with the bug that’s going around through everyone, but I haven’t gotten sick. Intermittent fasting, no sugar, leafy greens everyday, tons of water(I’m a singer), and taking vitamin D supplements… yep, that’s what’s helping me! Thanks for your knowledge Dr. Berg!

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