Longevity Supplements Worth Taking

Time To Stop Struggling With Keto! You Can Lose Weight, Burn Fat, Keep Mental Clarity & Energy & Stay In A Fat Destroying State Of Ketosis, Even On Cheat Days!

Introducing elixcel The easy 2 per day capsule designed to keep you in fat-burning ketosis even when you cheat. 



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26 responses to “Longevity Supplements Worth Taking”

  1. GET THE COLLAGEN CURE: https://amzn.to/3YAZnzu

    OMAD 6 years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCP2nHXO1Bc

    Intermittent Fasting Video Course: https://www.siimland.co/offers/JL2Nx9Rw
    Metabolic Autophagy Master Class: https://www.siimland.co/offers/KLk3bLay
    Metabolic Autophagy 4 Week Meal Plan: https://www.siimland.co/offers/EwhNysUs

    Circadian NAD Activation System: https://www.siimland.co/Circadian-NAD-Activation-System
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    David Sinclair Supplement Stack Review: https://youtu.be/K6cNNktoGl8

  2. does niacinamide trigger mast cells to produce histamine as niacin does? I like the lower cholesterol benefit of niacin, but I can’t tolerate the flushing effect of niacin, it gives me hives on my legs several days after taking it.

    • @Cool Boy NAC to fight Coronavirus symptoms especially the damage it does to the heart. The government knows about it, and were trying to crack down on the supplement because there were doctors, and health practioners using it successfully in treating Covid patients. In fact there was a point where it was not even available to buy on Amazon.

  3. I’m confused with regards to the differences between glycine and TMG. Take one or the other, take both? Also, I’m a senior, with a eGfr of around 58 to 60. Considered low, chronic kidney disease. Does creatine further harm the kidneys in your opinion?

  4. I’m approaching 60 and am a woman, and I’m very glad I started taking NR, then NMN years ago. I also take the other supplements on this list. They do work!

  5. Nice and concise!
    ( for relating this list )
    And it’s good to see you considering both the ‘ cost ‘ and effectiveness’
    …Keep it coming Sim
    ( u’re looking well )

  6. Glycine gives me a fantastic sleep, the problem is I do intermittent fasting every day, mostly to trigger autophagy, but I’ve read that glycine stimulates mTOR, which would inhibit autophagy.

    • @LimSa As I implied before, the main reason I like glycine is because it really improves sleep, which means taking it before sleep in the evening, during my fasting period, which usually starts in the afternoon.

  7. Could you recommend a good brand of Glycine? I’ve found brands like Now, which is more expensive, and Bulk Supplements which is cheaper but I’m not sold on the quality.

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