These High Protein Breakfast Ideas Helped Me Lose 135lbs!

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It’s almost the new year and I wanted to share 3 easy breakfast egg ideas that helped me lose 135 lbs! Remember to also include other sources of nutrients in your meals, like fiber, healthy fats, and vegetables, as well as staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It's also important to speak with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian before making any changes to your diet. Click here for the full recipe:

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32 responses to “These High Protein Breakfast Ideas Helped Me Lose 135lbs!”

    • Hi Mayra! I’m relatively new to your channel, and just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the work you put into your recipes. A meal prep video with an accompanying grocery list for the week would be amazing!
      Happy New Year ❤

    • Have you ever done a meal plan for weight loss for a week? I know it’s a lot to ask:) In the event you have and can point me to it, I would be wicked grateful!

    • Can you do both? I’ve been wanting to do meal prep and can’t seem to get into it or honestly an easy way to start.

  1. I did a roast last year of mushrooms and turnips instead of potatoes and the turnips really ruined it, it was hard to eat because of that turnip flavor throughout 😢

  2. These look AMAZING! I really love that green enchilada skillet and I’d eat it with a low carb tortilla! YUM!!😍

  3. I guess I could call the first recipe, rash browns. I use small radishes for my potatoe substitute. All of them look great and delicious.

  4. I have tried turnip hash🥴🥴. and I think they replaced potatoes better in a soup or stew or pot roast. Pot roast was the best.

  5. I love all of Low carb love recipes but please look into side effects of turnips if you’ve never eaten them before. If you have a thyroid disorder or on nitrate drugs do not eat turnips. Please do your research before trying new vegetables.

  6. I make the tomato based one with my left over homemade Lausanne sauce I use Italian sausage and lots of fresh basil onion galic in my sauce mmmm delish 😋 👌 crack those eggs In..thanks for showing me a quick way to enjoy that more often.

  7. I think everyone should find out your DNA and find out what works for you. I do mostly low carb however add a potato or rice on occasion and my body stays happy. I love the recipes here as they’re fantastic! But some need some extra carbs. I do have a nutrition degree. We have to do what works for each of our bodies like low carb love says!! She’s the best. Love the recipes 😊

  8. Good morning, Myra. I’m not sure where you get your turnips but I’ve never been able to equate them to potatoes. I think it’s the texture of them that I just can’t eat. The dishes look great though.

  9. Good Friday morning Mayra. Love the high protein breakfast ideas . (and of course always so much better than store-bought). And of course Happy New Year weekend. Thanks for sharing. 😊😊

  10. Thank you for these recipes. Being from San Antonio, I love my lluevos rancheros and do this exact way of cooking but using Ro-Tel diced tomatoes & green chiles! Since I only do one serving, I use my Imusa casserole pan that is 6” and has a tight fitting lid ( bought on Amazon). Cooks perfect eggs each time!

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