The #1 Best Food for All Menopausal Symptoms

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Find out why it’s not necessary for women to experience symptoms of menopause, and discover the best food for menopause symptoms.


0:00 Introduction: How to deal with menopause symptoms
0:40 Menopause explained
1:50 Understanding cholesterol
5:45 The best food for menopause symptoms
8:03 Learn more about cholesterol!

Let’s talk about menopause and the best food for menopause symptoms.

The adrenal glands make all of the same hormones that the ovaries make. During menopause, the function of the ovaries decreases, but the adrenals can act as a backup and start making these hormones.

It’s not actually normal for women to experience symptoms or signs of menopause. The hormones that are created by the adrenals stem from a certain raw material: cholesterol. The problem is that people are told to avoid cholesterol at all costs.

Cholesterol is required to make sex hormones, adrenal hormones, fat-soluble vitamins, and bile salts—and it’s also essential to support the brain.

Cholesterol only comes from animal products, and 80% of the cholesterol that feeds the adrenals is LDL cholesterol. Cutting cholesterol out of the diet can potentially lead to a cascade of health issues, including menopause symptoms.

Olive oil is great, but it doesn’t provide cholesterol. The #1 food for menopause symptoms is butter. Cooking with high-quality grass-fed butter, or even putting it in your coffee, may help relieve symptoms of menopause.

It’s important to remember that as you increase your dietary fat, you need to reduce your carbohydrate intake. If you keep your carbs low, you can consume higher amounts of fat. Taking vitamin D and bile salts may also be beneficial to help your body digest the fat.

More great foods to help with the symptoms of menopause:
• Fatty cheese
• Cream
• Egg yolks
• Seafood
• Organ meats

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Dr. Berg, age 57, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this increases your awareness of the best food for menopause symptoms. I’ll see you in the next video.

44 responses to “The #1 Best Food for All Menopausal Symptoms”

  1. Still not menopausal, but I think this video will come handy in the future 😊 Thanks Dr Berg 🌸

  2. If only our bodies functioned as the good Lord intended. We are fearfully and wonderfully made! Thank you for these videos. I try to incorporate as much of your advice as I can. It’s hard but appreciated! ❤

    • I’m sure they do function as the good Lord intended,but you got to eat the food the good Lord provided,rather than the shite provided by unethical corporate entities. 🙏

    • @Bampa Mike Absolutely 💯. Our environment needs to be closer to our ancestral times where we thrived. Today Our bodies are in constant conflict due to the stressor of toxins, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. Our bodies are in a constant fight.

  3. Thank you Dr. Berg. My family consumes Kerrygold irish butter and olive oil daily and feel much better for it. Most medics would advise no butter at all🙈! Our ancestors ate grass fed butter and other natural fats daily e.g. fatty hams and bacon and lived long lives.

  4. The #1 food for menopause symptoms is butter. Cooking with high-quality grass-fed butter, or even putting it in your coffee, may help relieve symptoms of menopause.

    It’s important to remember that as you increase your dietary fat, you need to reduce your carbohydrate intake. If you keep your carbs low, you can consume higher amounts of fat. Taking vitamin D and bile salts may also be beneficial to help your body digest the fat.

    More great foods to help with the symptoms of menopause:
    • Fatty cheese
    • Cream
    • Egg yolks
    • Seafood
    • Organ meats

    Thank you Dr Berg! 🐱👍🏿

  5. Thank you for this video. I’m 52 and pre-menopausal. I became a carnivore 3 years ago after having a severe case of adrenal fatigue, they were almost completely burnt out, and since I started watching your videos this year I put butter in my coffee every day and add cream on the weekends. I also eat 2-4 eggs every day. So far, no symptons. This is a very well timed video. Thank you for all that you’re doing.

  6. @DrBerg I’m in trouble if it’s the adrenals that will back up the hormones for menopause. Medically documented rare issues with adrenals, probably from extreme stressful life events and toxin exposures. Have had too many health issues already although was very healthy and active when younger. Have had some help from wholistic health practitioners but couldn’t continue due to finances. Doing what can. Thank you for the educational information.

  7. So, basically, eat the eggs and bacon, toss the bisket and donut.
    Love Dr Berg, you are the best at nutritional advice.
    Still hoping for a review of the book ‘This is Your Brain On Birth Control ‘ by Sarah Hall. Your video on eating cruciferous vegetables ti flush artificial estrogen pollution was great, just hoping more women will realize what the birth control pill does to the enviroment.

  8. I’m 55, ended my cycle 2 years ago and never had one menopause problem. Thanks for being my primary care physician Dr. Berg! ❤

  9. My mom and sister had so many problems living with menopause. I had none. My monthly cycles began occurring further apart until they stopped. While raising kids and working average jobs, we always had canned deer meat and canned garden food, but junk foods were also present, and I’ve always been a coffee drinker 🙂

  10. I’ve been eating healthy keto for over a year now and I also began perimenopause about the same time. I eat eggs, grass fed butter, and fish more than ever, yet I have never had so much brain fog, hot flashes, stress, heavy bleeding, and emotional mood swings. I guess I need to increase these foods in my diet even more.

    • I also drink clove tea a couple times per week. Organic non irradiated whole cloves steeped overnight, and then drink about 10 ounces 1 hr before I eat or drink anything else.

    • @M Pras hormone replacement therapy will help to prevent dementia, osteoporosis, complete atrophy of vagina vulvas skin and urinary tract, it will help prevent some cancers such as uterine cancer as progesterone protects your uterus. What many women are not told is that as hormones drop drastically between 50 and 55 especially estrogen this can actually trigger autoimmune diseases such as lichens sclerosis rheumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis etc once those ultimate diseases have been clicked on you can’t click them off. They are some very good home loan replacement therapy people on YouTube who talk about all the aspects of this. So for example if you have rheumatoid arthritis in your family you may want to start hormone replacement therapy before 50. My twin sister was diagnosed with lichens sclerosis due to menopause triggering it, it’s bloody awful condition. A friend of mine started home and replacement therapy earlier than some to prevent rheumatoid arthritis from being triggered which runs in her family so far it has prevented this. for me the benefits of hormone replacement therapy outweigh some of the risks you will have to weigh this up for yourself. Only 25% of women have what we call nice menopause where their symptoms are mild the rest of us fall off the cliff.

    • I had the same problems until I cut out all dairy besides butter, and I stick to just red meat and fish now. Chicken and turkey were causing fatigue and brain fog somehow, and other dairy made my periods very heavy and painful. The advice on raspberry tea is true! I hope you can find relief soon! 🌸🍵

      Also pls know that there are many estrogenic herbs that work with your body that are far better for you than hormone replacement. Nettle tea helps support your adrenals in their new job of replacing the ovaries, and reduces pain. I tried wild yam, but I’m not at the stage of menopause that requires more estrogen yet, so it made periods worse. Just food for thought. 😊

    • @Bianca S I tried organic maca powder after watching a few videos and it made me 🤮 So annoyed because I went ahead and ordered some capsules which I now will never dare use.

    • @Susan Lisson same here! I was so thankful to find out about it. I buy the powder form on vitacost or vitamyr. I often mix it into warm milk with honey and cinnamon. So good!

  11. Well, that explains my desire….lol….to become celibate, Doc! 😳….and now I understand the reason why my “bow-chickee-bow-wow” turned into a “bow-chickee-bye-bye. I researched meat nutrition and Bison meat is one of the superfoods, as per the research, of meats, so it is sitting in my fridge crisper presently, and the grass fed butter is still being ingested. My creamer is a combo of oat creamer and a turmeric based powder creamer, but maybe we’ll go buy the whole cow, as they say, with real deal creamer for my hot beverage choices. Even coffee has been resumed somewhat, but the sleep that night never resumed, and I believe that my coffee ingestion should be taken earlier in my day….lol. Cholesterol, huh? I’m so there, as I don’t want to even remember how much this Menopause crap is a hassle, and one wonders why it’s even called “men”opause, instead of “woman” o pause, cause it definitely puts a pause in a women’s life and style…(yeah, I know, the meaning of “menses” and all, but still…lol). Thanks for another educational and informative video on the trials and tribs of being a human being in this world, Doc. Have a good week! ✌️

  12. My mom was told to go on statins since she was 50. High cholesterol was going to kill her they said. She thankfully refused. She’s 93 now and people mistake her for being in her 70s and she’s outlived all those doctors who told her to go on the statins.

  13. All I suffered with was weight gain and ten years post menopause still have that extra weight. I’m type 1 diabetic and follow keto and do IF. Health not too bad but extra weight is still a big problem. I had to be tested to see if I had gone through menopause!

  14. Thanks Doc…. I saw my PCP mons ago complaining about all these symptoms and she was ready to give me drugs of course, I refused. There’s was no mention of dietary changes I could make, herbal or homeopathic remedies, etc, just “this is normal and take these drugs” I knew there had to be another answer. BUTTER! Something I already love. Yay!!

  15. My only symptoms have been over heating. I thought it was stopping my last fall, but now I’m getting hot flashes again. Not as bad though and stops quick enough. Cold makes it stop faster, so I take my socks off and step on something cold, or turn on a fan. That’s it, just over heating which has been very annoying. I want it to stop.

  16. I worked up to 1 stick of butter per day, and all menopause symptoms vanished. This level of fat is healthy because it is grass fed, pasture raised, and I am keto. Been keto for 5.5 years and got stuck at a plateau that I finally got past by increasing butter. 😊🍵🌸✊

  17. Hi doctor Eric, I liked your video about menopause. ..most of the woman in India are vegetarian using ghee from milk as good fat . I have seen healthy woman of 80 to 90 years age who are not having any symptoms as you rightly said we have backup from adrenals and other body organs. Moreover all illnesses are related to our brain. More the brain is in cool calm state and body is physically active .. lesser the symptoms of menopause.
    Good job Dr Eric for human health.

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