57% AGE REVERSAL – New Longevity Study by David Sinclair

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45 responses to “57% AGE REVERSAL – New Longevity Study by David Sinclair”

  1. I used to like David Sinclair until I started watching Dr Brad Stanfield on YT. Dr Brad Stanfield pretty much shows that David Sinclair is more concerned with making money than actually pushing anti-aging into the population.

    Also, resveratrol ended up being BS, yet David never admitted it.

    • @Fat Boy Dim. – well, he is honest about the rapamyacin study he is doing, so he’s upfront about his agenda.

    • All Stanfield does is read a paper verbatim, and shows you screenshots of the paper. So what does he contribute? At least Sinclair is a researcher and does original research.

    • The main ingredient in resverotol.
      Is probably the same constituents as b12 …manganese.
      You can get this from Iodine.
      If you know anything about plants and geology…especially vineyards.
      The oldest and healthiest vineyards in the world, grow on slopes of volcanoes.
      The mitochondria of the human cells require manganese….b12.
      So these non corrosive elements …related to kobalt…manganese.
      You can get this from eating, Grasses grown, on coastal salt flats.

  2. It’s getting harder and hard to take Sinclair’s work seriously as it becomes more and more obvious that he’s only in it for the money.

  3. If you do pranayama and create enough hypoxia in your body (holding no air in lungs) and hold it for two minutes your bones will begin releasing stem cells through your body. Do wim hof breathing and time your breath holds, working your way up.

  4. Also Metformin has now been debunked as being helpful for healthy people if your goal is longevity.
    Sinclaire can‘t really be taken seriously anymore at this stage. Of course I still hope that his new findings can be applied to humans soon!

  5. I just subscribed your channel. I thank you you great info. I have been taking NMN for a year, I feel it gives me an energy but i haven’t noticed anything else when it comes to my skin. Do you take NMN?

  6. A my professor rhetorically asked, How this Sinclair manages to be serious scientis working in his lab, as he is so often on youtube and takshows?

  7. Dispite the whole resveretrol debarcle Sinclair has greatly profitted and become a multi multi milionaire from it. But that is clearly not enough; for years he has professed not to profit form NMN but would eagerly promote it and now that he has got it hyped he lobbies for it’s restriction by the FDA. He has lost all credibility in my view

  8. YEAH, when? That said, I’d like to see his eye application could possibly work with hearing loss too…

  9. the one thing those threee Yamanaka factors don’t do is extend the replicative potential of cells. If they were to include hTeRT in the cassette, that would solve the problem.

  10. David Sinclair had a lot of great advices and techniques that I incorporated in my life like fasting, but now he is just selling snake oil.

  11. Lost all respect for Sinclair. Botox, fillers, laminates on teeth, dyes his hair, and uses the beautification filter when he does his vids. That coupled w the money grab around NMN plus the fact that resveratrol was a bust kinda killed my interest

  12. I think David is in for the money in as much as money is the only thing that’ll bring his research forward which is fair enough.

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  14. I don’t see why it should not be possible to completely reverse aging in human in the future. But it might take much longer than many people, including experts, think.

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