The Best Blood Test for Cancer

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Find out how you can potentially catch a problem before it turns into a big problem with this important blood test for cancer.


0:00 Introduction: A blood test for cancer
0:30 Understanding your cells
1:10 This blood test explained
4:00 Learn more about one of the best protocols for cancer!

There is an interesting blood test you can get that helps screen for cancer and determine the severity of damage there is to the cells if you have cancer. When you get a blood test done, you may want to consider getting this test. It's called a lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme test.

When a cell dies or ruptures, it leaks out certain things, including an enzyme called lactate dehydrogenase. This enzyme generates energy for cancer cells.

There are five different types of this enzyme, and the number you test positive for can help determine where the problem is in the body. When you order the test, it may be helpful to test for all five of the different enzymes, also called isomers.

This blood test won’t tell you what type of cancer you have, but it can help tell you if there is damage and the severity of damage in the cells. You can also use this test to monitor progress over time.

A younger person or a person who does intense exercise may have higher values that appear on the test, giving a false picture of what's happening. Certain medications, narcotics, or alcohol may also increase the values. On the flip side, taking high amounts of vitamin C can reduce this enzyme, also giving you a false picture.

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Thanks for watching! The next time you have a blood test, ask about this important test for cancer. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Dear Dr Eric Berg this is probably one of your most important videos and information you have shared. Thank you so very much.

  2. Good Morning Dr.Berg ☕
    Thank you so much for sharing this Valuable and Interesting Information with everybody !
    Have a wonderful day , God bless you all .
    🙏 1 / 13 / 2023 🙏

  3. My doctors tested those in my blood when I had testicular cancer in 2018. I did HFLC and IF and no chemo or radiation.
    I’d also test ferritin.

    • @* Starlight * It’s an indicator of potential health as opposed to insulin, glucose & free T3 which are the top 3.

      Ferritin measures iron stores.  If too high (>80), a sudden release of that storage could cause big health problems.

    • @asdf 4 hour window per day. I ate mostly steamed cruciferous vegetables with butter, eggs and avocados. I did a carb day every week, and ate the same veggies and eggs, but no butter nor avocado; I added Ezekiel bread and squash.

  4. The doctor I recently had said that the blood test to detect cancer comes much later. They do all the basic tests first and are required to do a build up of trying to find out what’s wrong, which could take weeks or months before the test for cancer is ever attempted. Therefore, if you have cancer that is causing symptoms of other conditions, by the time you are confirmed to have cancer you could be in stage 4. Total ClownWorld.

    • They don’t understand blood.
      They always look for cancer sels even they don’t know what does it mean?
      This is a crime.

    • @shabnoor maved it is not the doctors, but higher up protocols. Most docs are “owned” by the system which makes new & some nonsensical protocols in order that the “system” is less likely to pay up for the docs work..the webwork continues & the “system” doesn’t care. Docs near drown in more & more required paperwork over time with the patient. Best thing is to get healthy in every way you learn how. Look into the “laws of health” & apply. Our Designer gave us the brain & the instruction book to follow. To all out there: Trust our Creator fully & no other. Seek to know & be fortified rightly.

  5. Underutilization of certain tests may come from polices about expenditures or even lack of diagnostic skills. For example, I expected higher LDL values after 6 months of your lifestyle plan and asked the GP specifically for the Advanced Lipid Profile test which he replied he could order. 72 hours later and the test was not ordered and the General test showed high LDL and a recommendation for a statin. Apparently I don’t know what I’m talking about and will be charted as a non-compliant patient after discontinuing statins a year ago due to adverse side effects.

    • From France. My younger sister had statins for high LDL values during years and years. Then she told us she was beginning a Diabetis… I prefer taking phytotherapy ways. Sorry for my English. Thanks for your message.

    • @Pauline Simon Hello, I understand that elevated LDL are common in those with type 2 diabetes. The reason for this is due to liver dysfunction and I am still trying to piece that process together. Dr Paul Mason from Sydney, Australia who developed a protocol to help determine if statins are required based from the Triglyceride:HDL ratio being less than 2.0 mg/dL and two other markers (my ratio is 1.6 mg/dL). The ALP test results mentioned above would be nice but you work with what you have. The video I am referring to that shows the protocol is ‘The heart of the matter – chapter 1 – busting the LDL myth’. I do know that balance and overall muscle strength improved after stopping the statin therapy. Hope this helps

    • Here in Sweden I too was immediately told I should get on a statin for high cholesterol. No questions about my lifestyle, what I eat, family history. Just following standard policy to get me on to the Big Pharma hamster wheel asap. However, when I said NO WAY JOSE, the doctor just wrote in my health record that he had offered statin therapy, but I had declined. Covered his butt in writing, that I decided NOT to have the pills. No reprimands or judgements, but no other options were advised…

  6. Great info, thanks!🙏🏾

    I wish I knew about it earlier. My brother in law died of ‘blood’ cancer related complications 3 weeks ago. In the last few years he had a variety of blood tests to try and figure out why he had such bad chronic dermatitis (nothing suspicious was ever found a part from having a weak immune system). They found the cancer cells a week before he died. Apparently it was an aggressive kind but I can’t help but think there could have been more done leading up to his death to reveal this seemingly covert form of cancer he had. Between this video and the information we know about immune system sicknesses/ improving the immune system, I’m sad that he didn’t have this information to at least give him a better chance. Knowledge is definitely power ❤

    • Truly sorry for your loss. but I must say something that won’t make you feel better, on the contrary: of course there was a lot that could have been done. Even those hypocrites drug dealers know, and even say, the vital importance of early detection. But one thing is to speak at medical conferences, another thing is daily practice, where the patient welfare is no longer the first concern …

    • Sorry for your loss. I wonder why they didn’t see cancer cells in any of the variety of blood tests they’d done before. Was it a special test that found the cancer cells? Did he have any other symptoms?

    • I am sorry for your loss. My mom died from acute leukemia in 2 months. She just had all her tests done couple of weeks before and was great but suddenly she wasn’t. It was all so fast that we couldn’t do anything. Don’t feel bad. I did a lot of research and the only thing we can do is prevention and it is so easy but we have to do the things doctors don’t like that are natural

  7. Sometimes I wonder if Dr. Berg can read minds. I spent all day yesterday in the ER with my dad who is being worked up for cancer. Prayers are appreciated 🙏 thank you!

  8. _You know _*_why_*_ they don’t_ . . . but I understand why one would claim they do not. Love you guys for sharing this kind of information with People.

  9. I have just survived Ovarian Cancer. Stage 2 B. The tests I had in the ER, sent me to the hematologist/oncologist. Thats the only way I new about the Lymphoma in turn found the Ovarian Cancer…with a PET scan. surgery and Chemo. Praise the Lord I’m healed.

    • I pray you can turn from your old habits or from the use of toxins in your home environment that brought the 1st round on. Keep strong, keep healthy, & do look up ‘cancer doesn’t scare me anymore’ & be blessed.

    • Congrats, but lifestyle changes are a must to keep cancer away. SQUARE ONE by Chris Wark is a great way to do that. Chemo and radiation don’t kill circulating tumor cells and in fact make them go into hibernation and come back angrier than ever. Stay on top of it with lifestyle. Stay well.

  10. The world needs him to live till the black hole comes easily in our pockets… That would never happen and Dr. Berg never leaves us.. Stay blessed Doc

  11. Dr. Berg, I’m thankful u shared this, especially w/ talk of turbo-cancers, etc… Please keep teaching us! 🙏

  12. Now we just need to convince our doctors to perform that test for us. Wish us luck with that… Jokes aside, thanks for all you do doc.

  13. Having recently being diagnosed with cancer I now know that it’s almost impossible to detect cancer until it has advanced far enough to present symptoms that make you want to go and see a doctor ie. I had a 4.5cm tumour and didn’t know. I had blood and urine tests which proved negative. Only an ultrasound scan revealed it. I’ve had an operation to remove it and am awaiting part 2 to make sure it’s not invasive. An MRI can only pick up tumours that are greater than 1mm. I was told that the majority of cancer cases are detected when someone comes in for a scan for something totally unrelated.

  14. Thank you so much for this important information Dr. Berg 🙏

    I’m dealing with a tumor and I’m not ready to do a biopsy yet, so knowing I wasn’t going to do the biopsy, I researched other tests that can indicate tumor makers or ♋. I found the test Dr. Berg mentions here and asked my doctor to run that test, he said it wasn’t necessary yet but I insisted and got it done. Really don’t understand why these important tumor marker blood tests are not automatically done for patients with tumors? 🤔…but they quickly push C-Scan, radioactive pet-scans and biopsies 😕
    Anyway, this is why it’s so important to do your own research and be your own health advocate!

  15. Dr. Berg should be given the Nobel Prize for helpfulness. You’re a national treasure, sir. Thank you. 🙏🏽🥰

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