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45 responses to “HE SPENDS 2 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR TO REVERSE AGING – Bryan Johnson Blueprint Review”

  1. 1:20 I disagree he looks in shape now, but his skin and hair looked better when he was in his late 30’s. I think this is due to his vegan diet.

  2. Might look marginally younger but doesn’t look healthy, which I find to be the case with most vegans.

  3. I don’t think he looks younger. He looks thin but not with the smooth skin a younger person has. He looks like a middle aged man who has recently taken up Iron Man.

  4. My intuition tells me that low body temp is a means to conseve energy… like the coldness of a vegan… just like fasting (-30% calories, live 30% longer, extend lifespam to reproduce later)
    I’m not a fan of low body temp, cold limbs, extremities…

    • It all depends on the gut microbiome. The more diverse your microbiome, the healthier one is and the more capable to digest. Basically the more good bacteria you have in your gut, the better your body becomes at absorbing nutrients.
      Microbiome diversity, however takes time to change. All in all, there is plenty of scientific evidence that gradually increasing the intake of prebiotics (fiber, polyphenols, etc) and probiotics (fermented foods) will boost microbiome diversity and hence improve our overall health and immune system.

  5. It is another way of achieving longevity. Is it possible to get similar results for less money with OMAD and Keto?

  6. He just appears thinner and fitter..he doesn’t look younger at all..that means that the reverse aging discipline is still inconsistent

  7. The crashing testosterone is a dealbreaker on this protocol. I suspect it is caused by the vegan nature of it. Rework it for a keto/carnivore based diet and I think you will see much better results. Include a fasting routine, as that is also a part of the human experience that our history has primed us for.
    Edit: looking a little more closely at the before and after I see that he has developed gynomastia and a receding hairline typical of someone having their hormones screwed with. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to find that this protocol actually significantly SHORTENS his life.

    • @Jacob By the way, we have zero conclusive proof of his having the capacity to live longer than normal. The estimation by the Horvath test will not take into account the accumulation of deuterium in the body, pesticides and chemicals that take effect later on, the deleterious effects of one’s diet or over-supplementation (which takes time to reveal), etc.

    • @Jacob Anybody who says things like “science sez” is a dunce and is to be ignored. Go turn into a woman somewhere else.

    • @Blake You have zero evidence of your claims. You’ve been thoroughly convinced by people like liver king and CarnivoreMD that carnivore is the optimal diet. You fail to realize that Keto/carnivore was very popular in the 1950’s and did not produce an abundance of long-lived people. Even the keto diet gurus of 1950’s died in their 70’s on average.
      You have not discovered some special information on diet. You will learn eventually that the science is right about nutrition and the hucksters who brainwashed you made a lot of money at your expense.

    • @Grug Notice That’s the typical response from a closed-minded moron who’s scared to learn anything that may contradict his beliefs.

    • Low T is due to his low BF (6-7%), which is too low to maintain all year round. He should look into combining fasting and refeeding into the protocol.

  8. Heh, Mark Hamill looked much younger at 64 than he did at 46 because he changed his diet and started working out. Certainly didn’t cost him $2 million!

  9. Even though what he’s doing seems extreme, I’m grateful that he’s trying because something good may come out of it for all of us.

    • Yes, that’s a good way to think about it. A lot of jaded people will be quick to point out the lack of results, but we need more people exactly like this. Even I perform various experiments in my daily life.

  10. How come “age reversal” happens only on inside, according to some questionable tests ? On outside all these biohackers never look younger.

    Also, metformin for non diabetic people is proven to be quite harmful.

    • There’s a strong correlation between the youth of our internal and external self. In other words, if someone looks young, you can guarantee their organs are young too and vice versa. Your perception may be clouded because you strongly don’t want to believe a Vegan diet can be healthy.

    • @Jacob no, because some people just have a round face, like a babyface – they look young but they are not…just a headshape

    • @Levon Darratt There’s more to it than head shape. Meat diet promoters have a reason to disparage this guy and say he’s looking unhealthy. They can’t accept any evidence that contradicts their belief in an all-meat diet being superior to a plant based one.

  11. I guess ultimately, does what he’s doing actually extends overall lifespan, or does it just allow you to age better?

  12. Even if you think he looks better after his protocol, I think we can all agree that one would expect drastically better visual returns on a 2M annual investment.

    • he benefits from it but loses 50% of benefits to being stressed out for spending 2 mill yearly on it and anxiously keeping track daily – he should chill out more lol – the dieting could use more cycling probably, throughout the year even – also he should press the eating window

  13. Good video. That being said, the longevity benefit of physical exercise does not work well with calorie restriction. The company Glycanage has the following written on one of its blog pages: “High intensity training when combined with caloric restriction depletes the natural capacity of our immune system. It has a negative impact on most indexes.”. High Intensity Interval Training is one of the healthiest forms of physical exercise which you cannot neglect.

  14. It is clear to see this is not a balanced approach and could possibility backfire in the long term. But it is okay if he want to experiment with himself.

  15. I think his single subject research is great —results will provide the map to the ballpark of what works for him not necessarily the seat —but that is still valuable !

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