Eat Onions and Boost Testosterone

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Find out how consuming onions can help you boost testosterone.


0:00 Introduction: Boost testosterone
0:10 Understanding testosterone
1:30 How to boost testosterone naturally
2:02 Other onion benefits
2:45 How to use onions to increase testosterone
3:30 Learn more about the best ways to increase testosterone naturally!

Today, we’re going to talk about one of the best natural remedies to increase testosterone: onions.

Testosterone does a lot in the body, including increasing libido, controlling male characteristics, and increasing muscle growth.

When someone takes testosterone, they inactivate the gland that makes the hormone. Generally, we want to choose natural ways to increase testosterone, which can involve natural glandular therapy.

Onions are high in quercetin, which triggers the luteinizing hormone. Luteinizing hormone controls and can increase the production of testosterone in males.

Onions also have a lot of additional health benefits:
• They have powerful antioxidant effects
• They have properties that help with insulin resistance
• They have anti-cancer properties
• They can help increase nitric oxide to support the vascular system
• They may help reduce the risk of cataracts
• They may help reduce the risk of allergies
• They have potent anti-inflammatory properties
• They may help decrease blood pressure
• They can act as a diuretic

It’s best to consume raw onions to support healthy testosterone levels. However, you can sauté the onions or cook them—just be sure not to overcook them.

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Thanks for watching! Try consuming more onions to boost testosterone. I’ll see you in the next video.

39 responses to “Eat Onions and Boost Testosterone”

  1. If you happen to stumble here by the algorithm or random symptom search, Congratulations. Youre at the right place. Dr Berg helped save my life.

  2. Allicin in onions and garlic has been shown to increase testosterone, as well as capsaicin, the spicy compound in hot peppers has been shown to increase testosterone as well.

  3. Great Video. Simple onion we take for granted in benefits. Appreciate Dr. Berg for reminding me the great benefits, definitely back on the weekly shopping 🛒 list love with salad & a good tasty burger 🍔.

  4. Yepp, onion is a great healthy source of important flavonoids.
    Red, white, purple, silver? Don’t matter. I love and eat them every single day.

  5. Good morning Dr. Berg, Onions .. Amazing, this vegetable can be eating with anything and like you said easy added in every meal getting a lot benefits. Thank you dr. Berg ❤

  6. Hmmmm interesting, I’ve been taking quercetin for about 6 months now, due to long covid/MCAS… That’s something nice to know, thanks Dr Berg 👍

  7. Onions and mushrooms go great together with chicken or in an omelet. Also great with brown rice and home fries, but don’t tell Dr. Berg I said that. But really if you do eat those carbs you can use them to cut back the ratio using a lot more onion and mushrooms .

  8. Hello Dr. Berg, I heard that onions have a sandpaper for the blood quality that helps repair damage to arteries from smoking. I ate half an onion a day for 3 months as recommended. I saw a significant drop in my blood pressure. Placebo effect or did it do the job?

  9. thnkas for yet another great video, i love onions, i eat them in about everything, after finding your channel in mid june, i have lost over 40 lbs in the first 5 months, my neck and back have hurt since 1996 from a head on collusion, after diet changes the only time they hurt now is if i sleep funny. i spent the past 20 plus years baking, making my own pasta noodles, eating bad overall, now i follow a lot of these recommendations and have kept the weight off so far and still working on losing more.

  10. After many years of suffering and eating it daily, I’ve come to the conclusion that onions and garlic cause me bloating and silent reflux. If you have problems, cut it out for a few weeks and see for yourself. Hope that gets to help someone else who suffers a long time…

  11. The thing about onions is that they are a natural antibiotic. Are we going to harm our bioma if we consume a significant amount of onions every day?

  12. As always highly informative & knowledgeable content. You are a life saver to millions on this planet. Thank you Dr. Eric Berg 🙏🙏

  13. My grandmother used to make onion soup at least once a week when we were kids. We didn’t really get sick as kids now that I think about it. Also didn’t have much acne going through puberty.

  14. Wow, my husband eats raw onions everyday and that used to be irritating to me but now I will be encouraging him the more. I will be eating more now because of its amazing benefits. Thanks for sharing Dr. Berg.

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