The #1 Danger of Prolonged Fasting You HAVE to Know About

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You need to understand the biggest danger of prolonged fasting and how to avoid it. Check this out!


0:00 Introduction: Is prolonged fasting dangerous?
0:20 The biggest danger of prolonged fasting
0:33 People at risk for refeeding syndrome
1:40 What is refeeding syndrome?
6:10 How to prevent refeeding syndrome
7:43 Learn more about the benefits of prolonged fasting!

Prolonged fasting is very beneficial to support a healthy body. However, there is one aspect of prolonged fasting that can be dangerous, and that’s what we’re going to cover today.

Prolonged fasting is when you fast for three or more days. The biggest danger of prolonged fasting is called refeeding syndrome. This can happen if a person consumes too much of the wrong foods too fast after coming off of a prolonged fast.

Rare complications of refeeding syndrome can include coma, seizures, convulsions, and death.

Refeeding syndrome typically involves malnutrition. Certain conditions cause a higher risk of refeeding syndrome, such as:
• Eating disorders
• Alcoholism
• Type 1 diabetes
• Starvation

However, the risk of refeeding syndrome is low if you aren’t malnourished going into a prolonged fast. As a bare minimum, when you start any type of fasting, you need to take electrolytes and B vitamins.

How to come off of a prolonged fast:
1. Consume foods that align with Healthy Keto®
2. Take electrolytes and B vitamins while fasting (you may also want to take cod liver oil, vitamin D, vitamin K2, and trace minerals)
3. Gradually consume very small amounts of food

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Thanks for watching! I hope this increases your awareness of the biggest danger of prolonged fasting. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Good Morning , Dr, Berg
    Thank you so much for sharing this Interesting information with everyone, Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks for this important video, Dr Berg. It is something that is not widely known. Any further information on how to maintain electrolyte balance is very welcome.

  3. Thank you for pointing this out. I take B vitamins and hydrating drinks. I can’t see me going past a 24 hr fast unless I was ill. And even then, I don’t feel like eating, so it would only be a couple of light healthy meals a day. Maybe a smoothie and a light healthy meal. Doesn’t make sense to gorge on junk food following a fast…

  4. I have some friends who jumped into a 7 day fast together.They didn’t have a great diet before, and the fast nearly wiped them out and they had to quit at day 5 due to dizziness. I think all they consumed was salt water.

    • If they hadn’t even done intermittent fasting they might have not even adapted to using their own fat, might have been consuming their own fat and getting the release of the crap stored with it giving them a sort of keto flu with dizziness.
      Tell them not to be disheartened, just to do a bit more research and not skip the electrolytes.
      Sodium chloride (sea salt), potassium chloride (I bought powder, others said lo-salt type salt is good) and magnesium bisglycinate (I bought powder, don’t think there is an alternative for this).
      I followed a Mary’s Nest video/website article for the ratio, but it’s mostly sea salt then a tiny amount of potassium and even less magnesium

  5. Thank for this Dr. Berg. I am just starting my 5th day of a 21 day water fast. I recently found out I have two kinds of breast cancer. I’m reading Fred Erdvard’s book. I hope I can cure this on my own. I will follow your instructions …and Fred’s on refeeding. Thanks for all you do to help mankind. You truly are a gem!

  6. My normal eating routine is a combination of OMD/2MD(20/4) throughout the week with 48 hour fast every other weekend and for me that works great. I don’t fast any longer than that, and don’t really feel the need to go any longer. My weight loss, liver enzyme levels, insulin levels have come pretty much back to normal, gradually. My mom always said “slow and steady wins the race”, and in the case of Healthy Keto and IF to get my body back to good health, it has been working wonderfully and really not very slowly. In 3 months I’ve hit my weightloss goal at about 60% of complete, my BP goal at 100% and my liver enzyme goals at about 85% complete. Not to mention how much better I feel in general….a night and day difference.

  7. I first heard of this syndrome from combat medics who were deployed in Somalia. The packaged meals used as emergency rations are almost twice as rich as standard ones, so the advice given to the locals was to eat one small handful every 10-12 hours. Most were able to tolerate this well while a few unfortunately ignored the advice.

  8. I am thrilled with the mental benefits of being in ketosis! I always wanted to finish reading the Bible and I’m finding I’m ripping through it! Sometimes it takes more concentration and work to digest it and this ketosis is amazing for that! Almost done with the old testiment! So proud to have it under my belt….God’s message to us.

    • My friend, I commend you for reading the Word of God. And it is good that the diet is helping you to achieve your goals. Now, when you finish reading the Book of Malachi, do yourself a favour- and go back to Genesis and start reading the Old Testament all over again. Why? Because it is vital for your life. It is more vital to know all the attributes of God and all the laws which we are to follow than what food is on your plate or how often there is food on your plate. Reading the Word of God is not a “one-off”. It is a life-long marathon. Just like a champion runner, you train day in and day out. You read and re-read…and you never stop reading and meditating on the Scripture. This is a daily task for every Christian. Beloved, I may not know many things but this I do know: that even if you read both the Old and the New Testament a hundred times, even if you can memorise all the laws of God, all the Psalms and all the Prophets and all the Gospel and all the Epistles, you will still have MUCH to learn about God. You will never have it “under your belt”- for God is *much greater, much more glorious* than we can ever comprehend. Make a point of reading the Scripture every day. Ideally, you should be able to read both the Old and the New Testament twice a year…but if you can manage to read only once a year, that is a progress too.
      This is a word of encouragement. Get to a point where when you are cut you bleed the Bible. And when jostled, you spill the Word of God.

  9. Fasting is a healthy habit, as long as it’s done mindfully and knowledgeably. Thank you for another awesome video!

  10. I can testify to the legitimacy of the information in this video. I did NOT have a refeeding problem with my 7 and 5 day prolonged fasts in January and February. I did take sea salt, electrolytes, b vitamins, bentonite clay (separate from electrolytes), and all the supplements you mentioned during the fasts. I can now eat dairy for the first time in years without congestion and headaches!!! I’m so excited about this because it opens up many good recipes for me. I have been intermittent fasting for a few years. Planning ahead is very helpful. The third day was a wiped out day both times for me so I planned ahead for that.

  11. I am so thankful we have Dr. Berg to help us. He helps us understand so many things and never gives up on us. I wonder where he came from sometimes. He’s extremely helpful. Another excellent vide! ❤️💕😉

  12. Thank you for this video. I am finishing a 7 day fast today. I’m 5’7”, male, 210lbs. Thank you for looking out for us!

  13. This definitely needed to be said. There are probably a lot of people who see info on the benefits of prolonged fasting who jump right in without knowing these risks.

  14. Thank you so much for your hard work Dr Berg and Team. These were key data I used years ago when I first found out about your videos. Despite I wasn’t overweight, I had so many issues and I recovered by understanding some the data you provided. 🎉🎉🎉

  15. Hello Dr. Berg. I was on death’s doorstep three weeks ago. Discovering you and your teaching has helped me turn a corner. I appreciate your effort and sound research. You have been my guru over these last few weeks. The level of current knowledge and the white papers you’re sharing are a god send. I appreciate you. I am on a healing path (I feel it). I look forward ot digging into your recipes as I come out of this nutritional hole. It’s a journey and I am thankful that you are my sherpa leading me up the mountain. Bless you!

  16. I am on day 16 of a 40 day water fast, (thank you Jesus). I do drink Dr. Berg’s electrolytes and take B vitamins. I am in the process of developing a refeeding plan starting with chicken/beef broth, soft foods, then solid keto friendly foods.😊❤

    • I plan to start my first 40-day water fast next week. Timing it with my menstrual cycle. This is my plan as well. Good luck to both of us! Good bless you.

  17. I completed three 7-day prolonged fasting in 2022. The first one was incredibly difficult and then it got easier with the second and third. I am currently on day six of my first prolonged fasting for 2023 and it has been incredibly easy this time around. The human body learns and adapts to past experience. Prolonged fasting exists all over the animal kingdom. Some big cats go for days without making a kill. We have to fast! It existed all over human history!

  18. My daughter had anorexia at age 12, she was admitted to the hospital for feeding via nasogastric tube, her heart rate was in the 40s. Her doctors were concerned about refeeding syndrome and checked her electrolytes every morning and adjusted her tube feeding rate accordingly. She’s now an eating disorder survivor at age 19!
    ❤ God is good. ❤️

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