3 Ingredient Lemon Bars | Only 2G Carbs I Easy Dessert For Weight Loss

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32 responses to “3 Ingredient Lemon Bars | Only 2G Carbs I Easy Dessert For Weight Loss”

  1. Just bought some lemons with no recipe in mind, just to have. Now I gotta reason to use em!!! MmmmmMMMMM! LOOKS SO GOOD. Love the minimal ingredient recipes!

    • @Nashville Braids Thank you, yes it can as I have a few lemons growing on my newly planted Lemon tree and we also have a VERY old orange tree and mandarin tree that are quite prolific in their season too. 👏🍋🍊❤️

  2. What’s not as appealing is the bar looks droopy or floppy but I have to try these to give a full rating 🤔 it’s on my list to make. They do however look tasty!

    • Definitely! Ya know east coast is a lot slower in getting a lot of the ingredients west coast has. I’m going to have to order. The morsals are on sale rgt now

  3. 7:33 hey girl if you don’t mind me asking where did you get your two bracelets? They are gorgeous. Can’t wait to make these lemon bars I’m making them for Easter. I also love your Starbucks lemon loaf keep those videos coming Godspeed.

  4. I can’t wait to try this recipe out but I was wondering can I add protein in them? If so how would you added it in? 😊

  5. Oh I can’t wait to make these! Ive made your traditional recipe which were delicious. This seems so easy and lately easy is better for me! Ty💕

  6. Look so yummy. I just discovered I am borderline diabetic. So I am cutting back sugar and carbs. I have a big sweet tooth. Thanks for these lemon bars.

  7. Those look delicious and I love lemon bars but I’m out of white chocolate chips. I wonder how this would be with dark chocolate chips and orange juice/zest?

  8. I can’t wait to make these. Question Mayra, do you ever use lupin flour to bake other goodies? It is lower in carbs than almond and coconut flour.

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