The Amazing Properties of Wormwood

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Learn more about the benefits of wormwood and its effectiveness against cancer.


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0:00 Introduction: Is wormwood healthy?
0:10 What is wormwood?
0:50 Wormwood benefits
1:22 Wormwood for cancer
5:53 Learn more about garlic as a natural remedy!

Let’s talk about wormwood. This natural herb has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine.

The synthetic version of wormwood is the most effective treatment for malaria. There is also some interesting research on wormwood for COVID.

Other potential benefits of wormwood:
• It’s anti-parasitic
• It may be effective against worms, viruses, bacteria, and Lyme disease
• It’s anti-viral

What we’re going to focus on today, though, is its effectiveness against cancer.

Potential benefits of wormwood for cancer patients:
1. It can selectively cause apoptosis in cancer cells.

2. It oxidizes a small amount of your iron, turning it into a free radical and directing it to the cancer cell. Oxidized iron is toxic to cancer cells.

3. The phytonutrients in wormwood can inhibit a certain protein complex involved in the process of normal cells converting into cancer cells.

4. It can inhibit normal cells from producing an increase in blood vessels to a tumor.

5. It’s anti-inflammatory and may help stop the formation and spread of cancer.

6. It has an anti-metastatic effect, which means it may help inhibit the growth of cancer.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the benefits of wormwood. I’ll see you in the next video.

51 responses to “The Amazing Properties of Wormwood”

  1. Happy Easter Dr Berg

    I tried to grow this herb from seed, but the UK weather was not good for it…
    Thanks for always educating us with valuable information ❤

  2. Even when Absinthe (wormwood) was on its 100 year ban the French Foreign Legion still issued a daily allowance of the drink to combat ALL tropical diseases .

  3. Sorry my typing isn’t good. Since i have watched your videos my health is improving .Thank you so much and so much Doctor Eric Berg ❤🙏🌹

  4. Wormwood or شيح / Sheeh/ in Egyptian dialect is well known as a hot drink in Egypt, people use it for multi health benefits there. Thanks for your daily knowledge Dr Berg 🌸

    • @Salty its has been used on dogs with parasites or cancer but i never use it on dogs it should be around 250 mg in extract form 4 times per day for 1 week then 1 week stop and reuse if needed

    • @MedicalHerbalism47 if you wish to share valuable information, that is a good thing, however, please do so without the snarkiness and putting others down. That’s a really big turn-off.

    • @Donna Leveron you might be right , however . giving opinions on something they dont know . especialy on people with cancer that is fine i guess?

  5. This is good stuff. Doug Kauffman (Know the Cause) has been talking about the relationship between cancer and parasites, especially fungal ones like Candida, for a long time. He has promoted garlic and wormwood and other parasite treatments for people with or trying to avoid cancer. I lost my husband to cancer four years ago and I believe there is a definite connection. Keep up the great information!

  6. My grandmother used to worm children every spring in SW VA. As a child, my aunt and I were walking along a dirt road when she began to gag. She pointed at a green plant and told me all she had to do was look at it to get queasy.
    She said the concoction her mother made and made them drink cleaned you out from one end to the other, copiously. She remembered sitting and staring into the fireplace, hoping to die. But if you had worms, they were no more. Wonder what that plant was?

  7. I grow wormwood so that I always have it on hand. Thank you for your amazing videos. God bless you and all who are reading this. Happy Easter!

    • Do you live in the states, if so which one? I would like to grow it also, but wondering if north central Texas would be good climate wise.

    • @Donna Leveron I live in Indiana. I would think it could be grown in Texas. It really flourishes in Temps around 75 to 80 degrees. It’s actually looked at as a weed here, but then again, most things that are good for you are called weeds these days.

  8. I’m so glad Dr. Berg is doing a video on this, touching on the subject of anthelmintics’ effects on cancer.

  9. Thank you. My sister-in-law most likely has pancreatic cancer. She can not see an oncologist without a biopsy. Only about 3 people in our state do pancreatic biopsies. A mass was found in the last part of February. Her biopsy is April 26. Meanwhile, she’s 75 pounds and in pain. ,

    I praise the Lord , Dr. Berg, for your priceless information. I do not go to doctors!

    Let me say this: Her diet was made up of high carbs and lots of candy, ice cream, etc. She thought that because she was already thin, that sugar was ok.

    Thank you.

  10. Dr Berg, can you tell us what vitamins and minerals are depleted when taking this herb or what vitamins and minerals we should not take when taking this herb for it to work effectively very kind being?

  11. Thank you Dr Berg for Artemesia /woodworm plant info. We use this plant for cancer and dengue and it is effective to rid dengue parasite. We take a few stall, wash clean, crush with fingers and let it boil in a cup or two short while and drink the water when cool down. Also, we add the leaves in soup. Traditionally we used to eat them with fried egg omelette.

  12. Wormwood used to be a common part of the Okinawan diet. It was traditionally eaten with any dish that included goat meat, including raw goat meat. Maybe this is one clue as to why they were known for their longevity, despite their love of pork and goat meat.

  13. Way back in the beginning of Facebook there was a post of a protocol for cancer on a Healing from cancer group page. It involves wormwood or artemisinin and fish oil. I realized the importance of it and I’ve been growing my own wormwood since. I have heard there’s a shortage of sources for the natural herb so I’m grateful you have brought this herb into the light. Since the protocol was posted Facebook has taken it off. So my belief is that if anything is taken down like that there is much value in it.

  14. Please Dr Berg do a video on all the nutrients you need to have for your body. I don’t know if you have videos mentioning them all. Also I haven’t been able to get blood tests for all the nutrients at the medical centre. There is a risk of overdosing on nutrients by supplements. Maybe you could list the safe levels of nutrients per day. Not everyone gets the same symptoms of deficiencies and there are the same symptoms for different deficiences

  15. Tarragon is in the Artemisia plant family with wormwood. Tarragon has been used medicinally too, with similar properties to wormwood. Maybe we could throw more tarragon in our salads and cooking.

  16. Hi Dr Berg ! How many drops a day do you recommend? I don’t have any serious illnesses except inflammation in the small intestine. It comes and goes depending on my diet.

  17. I grow wormwood in my garden for my goats. It’s a natural dewormer for them. I even dry it to use during winter. I’ve never used it on myself though. It’s got a really strong medicinal smell which I’m sure is an indication of it’s powerful benefits.

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