Longevity Supplements You Should Take All Your Life

Time To Stop Struggling With Keto! You Can Lose Weight, Burn Fat, Keep Mental Clarity & Energy & Stay In A Fat Destroying State Of Ketosis, Even On Cheat Days!

Introducing elixcel The easy 2 per day capsule designed to keep you in fat-burning ketosis even when you cheat. 


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29 responses to “Longevity Supplements You Should Take All Your Life”

  1. Video Why You Should Take Glycine: https://youtu.be/HhPQOOhsvh0
    Top 3 Best Longevity Supplements: https://youtu.be/NspPUvK3KII
    Code SIIM for 10% OFF Collagen: https://donotage.org/products/

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    Metabolic Autophagy 4 Week Meal Plan: https://www.siimland.co/offers/EwhNysUs

    Circadian NAD Activation System: https://www.siimland.co/Circadian-NAD-Activation-System
    My Supplement List: https://www.siimland.co/supplement-list
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    Metabolic Autophagy: https://amzn.to/3ndj8ix
    Stronger by Stress: https://amzn.to/3LPiQZ4
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    The Obesity Fix: https://amzn.to/40rjtwg
    The Collagen Cure: https://amzn.to/408cmZI
    WIN: https://amzn.to/3n5TUlX

    • Honestly colostrum is a MUST for me. I take it daily. I buy raw, organic grassfed colostrum from my friends farm (ive worked for them too), freeze dry it, blend thoroughly to powderize it well and then store it in the freezer (not necessary since its freeze dried but cant hurt). I add it to my raw milk and raw egg protein shake.

      Colostrum is one of the best natural immune boosters out there. It literally establishes the immune system of the calf and the calf consumes strictly colostrum for the first few days (cows produced only colostrum the first few days, with each day the colostrum becoming less potent and more milk-like).

      Colostrum aids our immune system in a similar way and is used to help reverse Leaky Gut. (Colostrum “seals” the calfs gut, almost like a glue). It also helps with recovery as well.

      There was also a study done that showed colostrum to be 3x more effective at preventing the flu than the flu vacks.

  2. Wouldn’t it be better to make just one longer and more information-dense video about the topic of longevity supplements? You have already posted about 3 videos about the same topic within a week and they all seem to be to so similar that it’s difficult to choose either one.

  3. i dont eat any animal products and i always have an atleast 3-1 or 4-1 glycine to methionine ratio

    • You should reconsider. Your health will improve greatly if you incorporate animal foods. At the very least you should consume eggs and milk since they are essentially a regenerative source of the highest quality protein available.

    • When I say milk, i mean raw milk from organic grassfed catfle that has not been injected with hormones, vaxss, etc. Truly healthy cattle.

  4. Siim I take all of them great video when is the best time to take NAC? Have you tried adding Bee Pollen to your diet?

  5. How does NAC effect histamine degradation? I have a supplement called D-Hist which helps by lowering histamine levels, it contains NAC.

  6. Vitamin C must be a part of this mix. If a human could make vitamin C internally like other animals then we would live twice as long.

  7. Do you think NAC is beneficial to take as a 23 yr male? I already take Magnesium glycinate for it’s respective benefits, but my understanding is that it is most beneficial when I have lower glutathione around 40ish yrs old

  8. When do you take your NAC then? If i workout around 2-4 PM, is it ok in the morning alongside glycine?

  9. I used to take collagen or bone broth for the skin and structural tissue benefits for many years until I discovered camu camu cold pressed JUICE powder (not just any camucamu powder) it’s the highest vitamin c fruit source on the planet and when you take enough vitamin c (not just ascorbic acid but the full natural complex found in nature) your body gets all it needs to create it’s collagen. My skin is brighter, tighter, and just overall healthy looking even more so than when I took just collagen/bone broth and it’s the first time I didn’t get sick when winter came in my entire life so the raise in immunity goes without saying. When I was a lot younger I took 1000 mg of ascorbic acid and had nowhere near the same result

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