The Deeper Causes of Brittle Nails

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Brittle nails are a sign of something more going on in the body. Learn more and discover the best remedies for brittle nails. 

0:00 Introduction: Brittle nails explained 
0:10 What brittle nails say about your health 
1:16 Causes and remedies for brittle nails
10:02 Learn more about nutritional deficiencies and your nails!

Today I’m going to share the best natural remedies for brittle nails and potential causes of nail problems. 

Your nails can give you insight into your health. Even though there are many different causes of brittle nails, we can still try to understand what the root issue is. 

Your nails are made of keratin, which is a type of protein. Protein is a combination of amino acids. A deficiency in amino acids can cause problems with the nails and lead to many other health concerns. 

You could be deficient in amino acids because of a lack of animal products in the diet, which contain amino acids. You could also be deficient in amino acids because of a lack of hydrochloric acid or because of intestinal inflammation. 

To activate proteins, you need certain trace minerals and minerals. Here are the most important minerals and trace minerals for brittle nails:
• Sulfur
• Iron 
• Zinc 
• Selenium 
• Copper 
• Magnesium 
• Silicon  

Important vitamins to support healthy nails: 
• Vitamin C 
• Biotin 
• Vitamin B6
• Vitamin B12 
• Choline 
• Vitamin A 
• Vitamin D

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Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of what causes brittle nails and the best remedies. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Good morning all have a safe and enjoyable Memorial weekend…Thanks Dr Berg. I needed to know this information!😊

  2. Great info as always! I was breaking out on my chest and back 5-6 years ago. I thought it was my shampoo so I started making my own shampoo & conditioner. Switching helped clear up my breakout but to my surprise, my nails got harder. My nails were brittle, tear, & break. I noticed with me that it’s the fruity flavored shampoos and conditioners that cause me to breakout.

    • @Tone Wilhelmsen sure! I love sharing! Shampoo: 1 tsp baking soda to 8 oz water and your favorite essential oil or choose one that’s good for your hair. Conditioner: 1 tsp vinegar to 8 oz water and you can add essential oil too. I mixed 2 batches and put in old shampoo bottles. ACV is good for your hair but I can’t stand the smell lol but have used it on my hair.

  3. Good morning Doctor Berg: You are one of the BEST specialists to listen to before 7 AM in the the DAY. Your voice IS CALM and filled with fabulous info. I’ve been attempting to triumph over a diagnosis of first Amnesia then ?????….significant loss of memory….. It has improved with cleansing my diet, intermittent fasting plus laughing at human silliness (including my own)!

  4. I always had bad toenails after I started running at 14 years old. And it was very obviously because while running my toenails would collide with the inside front and tops of the front of my shoes. There would often be blood 🩸 blisters beneath my toenails any time I started running regularly, as time went by they seemed to get tougher. When the blood blisters were big the toenails would become thick for a while. The last 10 mile run I did when at University gave me a very messed up big toe nail and toenail next to it that were damaged for life. And as I was in college/University I would see Pediatrists at the health fairs and they would laugh at me when they looked at my toenails and say it was fungus beneath the bad toenails! No suggested treatment, just ridicule. And of course they were totally wrong about the cause!

    • Cut them a LOT shorter, use a course file to smooth them, keep feet/toes clean and DRY, rotate use of shoe/trainers so they dry out for two/three days between wearing the same shoe again.

    • Yes, as a medical pedicurist, I’ve been dealing with this exact situation from , sports too small shoes, high heels etc.
      Keep nails short and be accurate when buying shoes ,make sure there’s room in the front and space between the big toe or make sure the width is not to tight. soak in Epsom salt, vinegar .
      It’s the tightness of the shoes and constant banging into inside of shoe..nails are Helmets for our nerve endings and just like a calus the nail will thicken to protect nerves..if this is left too long the nail begins to turn in and eventually looks like a claw instead of nail..
      This is always something I see in seniors also as we age we loose padding on bottom of foot so our feet can actually lengthen up to an inch!!!
      Big problem with seniors always shoes are too small!
      This is knowledge after 25 years of toes… yellow nails all the way through from base to tip that’s a fungus problem ..nail thickening is a sign of lack of care…you can get a fungus problem that way…they are the easiest to cure…

  5. My nails have dips in them and lines and ridges but I have symptoms of hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. I’m open to any suggestions for natural remedies.

  6. Hey doc I just want you to know that in the past couple of months of being on the keto diet and dropping sugar I’ve got to tell you this this is literally, been life changing for me. So a few years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Been going through a really bad divorce and my life was kind of just falling apart at the seams. Near the end I met a girl who really cared a lot about. She told me that I should try the keto diet to lose weight. I was very reluctant thinking it was a fad diet. But I tried it for about a week and I noticed incredible results. First was the cravings for sugar and my glucose levels. Before I started this tired I went to the hospital and they told me that my blood sugar was at 650. My A1C was at 18. I was literally on the verge of death. But without any help from medication sticking to the keto diet. I weighed 280 before I started my journey. I now weigh 239 and my daily blood sugar levels are 98. My last A1C was 7. I’m scheduled to take a new lab in a few weeks. You saved my life because my girlfriend had the proper information from a doctor who was very passionate about his work. I want to bless you and your family for what you did for me. I thought I was going to die. My little girls would grow up without their father. I will always be grateful for you. Anyone reading this and thinking about trying this, just do it! Because you have one life and we have to cherish that. I will continue to lose weight and never go back to where I was. Thank you Dr

  7. My toe nails and finger nails are growing thicker and quicker since ive gotten healthy 😊 thanks Dr berg , appreciate the video 😊

  8. Glad to know this information.
    It tells me that I’m doing pretty good. My nails are very healthy, thankfully.

  9. I was always under the impression that genetics played a part. The entirety of my father’s side of the family has very “healthy looking” nails. My nails grow long and have this strong and clean look to them no matter my diet, and it used to bother me when women would stare and ask me “do you get your nails done?” And I always explained they have been that way since birth. But, I have one nail on my toe that has been brittle since birth hiding a birth mark underneath it. If it weren’t for the birth mark I assume it would look like the rest of my nails.

    • Same! All in my family have very strong thick nails – have a good diet too but didn’t see my nails getting worse when I was eating less well. Also taking good care of them – like gentle manicures ( no glue, fake nails that will cause stress and damage when removed etc) and oiling them regularly helps a lot with their health and strength

  10. Dr .Berg thanks for this important topic 🥰. I have this problem on one of my nail and my toes they come and go

  11. Good morning. Dr Berg thank you for all you share. I have a cyst right on the cuticle of my finger. How do you get rid of it. Thank you.

  12. My nails have gotten more brittle as I’ve gotten healthier. I eat low carb to keto, as clean as I can, and none of these vitamins and minerals seem to be anything I’d be deficient in.

  13. Doctor Berg

    I have had brittle nails for about 5 months. I started to have gelatina with no sugar in power with my coffee and bone broth. They are getting better.

  14. Hello Dr. Berg, from NB ,Canada!
    I’m curious about how all of this works without a gallbladder? Are all these vitamins & minerals absorbed without a gallbladder?
    Thank you for all of your videos! They’ve helped me lose 100+lbs over the past few years!

  15. Very interesting. Thank you Dr. Berg! Oh BTW, can anyone recommend a free app that tracks carbs/foods? Thanks! Love this channel!

  16. I’ve traditionally had great and strong nails, but after a surgery in November that left me extremely anemic for a couple of months as my blood volume recovered, my nails went brittle as could be. It’s taken nearly 6 months for them to recover to the point of not splitting when I put my hand into my pocket. My hemoglobin is back to where it was pre-surgery, and as the nails have grown out, they’ve become better. So, long story short, iron deficiency/anemia is a definite cause for your nails to suffer. I’ll never underestimate how debilitating low iron is for someone again, it was truly miserable.

  17. You forgot mention very important mineral IODINE! I take kelp according to my doctor advice and it works great! After few months I have normal nail again!

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