The REAL Reason for Your Inflammation and 14 Ways to Rid It

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What is inflammation, what causes it, and how do you get rid of inflammation? Here’s what you need to know.

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0:00 Introduction: Inflammation explained
0:35 What is inflammation?
3:25 What causes chronic inflammation?
4:47 Can inflammation cause cancer?
7:10 How to reduce inflammation
13:05 Learn more about inflammation!

Let’s talk about inflammation. There are two things involved in inflammation: infection and injury.

Inflammation triggers hypoxia, and hypoxia triggers inflammation. Hypoxia is a lowered oxygen condition. This loop of inflammation and hypoxia is what can lead to chronic inflammation.

Damaged mitochondria are also involved in chronic inflammatory conditions. Damage to the mitochondria can cause a hypoxic situation that can create damage at the cellular level and lead to oxidative stress. This situation also increases the risk of cancer and insulin resistance.

The key to getting rid of inflammation is to supply more oxygen to the body.

How to increase oxygen and get rid of inflammation:
1. Exercise
2. Take methylene blue
3. Try hyperbaric oxygen therapy
4. Breathe through your nose (especially while sleeping)
5. Try infrared therapy
6. Do fasting
7. Take vitamin D
8. Try high-altitude training
9. Try massage therapy
10. Try ozone therapy
11. Take iron, B12, and folate
12. Take CoQ10
13. Try alternating cold and heat therapy
14. Consume antioxidant-rich foods
15. Avoid omega-6 fatty acids and consume omega-3 fatty acids
16. Avoid smoking, vaping, and second-hand smoke
17. Avoid foods that contain gluten
18. Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates

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Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! Follow these tips to get rid of inflammation. I’ll see you in the next video.

39 responses to “The REAL Reason for Your Inflammation and 14 Ways to Rid It”

    • @Dr. Eric Berg DC wait, what does Methylene blue does to inflammation (i´ve already watched our methyle Blue Video in case yesterday) Does it bring the inflammation down? So can i “only” take MB ad it will stop? Idk wher emine is comming from…maybe low leucocyts are showing my knee pain -> so its kne inflammation? Could be also from somewhere else.

  1. Are sore muscles around the time of menstruation and perimenopause normal? I experience stiffness late in my menstrual cycle. No stiffness outside these times. Thank you Dr Berg.

    • You lose a lot of Essential Minerals during menstruation. Gotta replenish. It’s also good to walk on grass & ground with the earth and get sunlight.

    • Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, garlic, raw honey, Omega 3 Fats, & ginseng should be eaten regularly to prevent this. Cantelope, pineapples, & coconut milk & water are great for electrolytes & helps with muscle pain.

    • @Nick Lima  Thank you for that. I take omega 3 daily. Would a ginger tea with raw honey be a good way to start?

  2. Thank you so much for this, Dr. Berg! I’m learning so much from you and I’m really grateful. God bless you. Have a great month of June!

  3. Hello Dr Berg. Thank you very much for this episode, it’s really good to solve my problem even my family Dr can’t help me to cure properly. Great advice Dr Berg. Thankful again Doctor Berg ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Good morning Dr Berg.Such a great advice, very informative, concise but very useful.It’s solving my mum and my dad problems.Thank you so much and so much Doctor Berg.Have a nice day ❤️

    • Thank you very much for your warm message. Glad to be able to help your family. Wishing you all good health!

  5. Thanks, Dr. Berg! Because of your teachings I’ve experienced great success beyond “weight loss”. OMAD has been life changing for me. Also, your recommendations- including Tocatrinols and Tudca are absolutely spot on! Have a great day Sir! 🙌

  6. Since i started omad fasting (one meal a day) my over-all body is less sore and achy. Had a sore shoulder and upper back for the last 10years but massively reduced since i started fasting a week ago.

    • I have been fasting until 5pm, and it saves time, money, a lot of work, and I can eat better too.

  7. Hello Dr. Berg. I have to deal with the inflammation for several years. My problem is from several reasons but the main one is Fibromyalgia. My life become harder after I have this syndrome.

    I have tried some of ways mentioned in the clip but it just temporary. If Dr Berg has specific ways to deal or heal it. Please share it on your channel.
    Thank u so much n Hv a nice day!

  8. When have we _ever_ heard a medical professional with _so_ much knowledge of _so_ many areas of healthcare?!

  9. Been using my husband’s infrared spa…helps w/inflammation & sweating out toxins too!👍🏻 thanks, Dr. Eric Berg! ☺️

  10. Hi Dr. Berg, can you do a video on High Ferritin on a blood test? Mine was over 1,000, but all my other iron measurements were in normal range. Other than phlebotomy, can I lower it in other ways?

  11. Thanks Dr. Berg. A year ago I was on a dozen medications for various forms of inflammation. Due to your advice I have been able to come off all of them by attacking the inflammation at the source. I’m forever grateful! 💕

  12. Thanks for all your help Dr. Berg. I was just diagnosed with dupuytrens contractures. Anti inflammatory process and foods help a little bit but do you have any specific suggestions? Thanks 🙏

  13. Thanks Dr Berg, i used to suffer from inflammation but after watching and listening to your PowerPoint advice i gradually transformed.

  14. Someone needs to do a “Why We Love Dr. Berg” video! You are such a gem, Dr. Berg, and I’m glad people aren’t shy about sharing that fact with you. Thanks so much for mentioning ozone therapy (at 11:15 point). I was so impressed with the benefits of ozone that are trumpeted all over the internet that I bought an ozone machine, and have already gotten a lot of good out of it! 🙂

  15. Wonderful information. The only thing I have to say about high altitude or diminished oxygen training is you might want to have your blood checked before and after. The reason I say this is my son and his mates had to have a Navy doctor check them when they disembarked from their respective submarines, which sustain an oxygen level of 90 to 92 percent of what dry landers get. They are gone for months at a time.
    His red blood cell count went way too high, and the doc told him to come back for more tests in a few days. Fortunately, his counts returned to normal.
    Also, the sailors all slept under red lights in boot camp. They were told it’s because enemy vessels cannot detect red light on the waters as well, which is true but only half the truth. I’m sure they were getting infrared treatments as they slept.

  16. Great timing of this video because I sprained my pinky finger a week ago. Thankfully my level of inflammation has been greatly reduced because I’ve been following the healthy keto and IF from Dr. Berg’s informative videos so the level of pain from the injury is 2/10. Aside from the initial edema and atrophy from being on a stint, there is virtually no inflammation. But I still have ways to go for the chronic fatigue. Thank you!

  17. Thank you Dr Berg!

    I’ve been able to find a solution for my chronic inflammation as a result of your channel and I believe I am in a state of remission due to the symptoms massively subsiding and I will be able to finally start living my life again the way I want to in due course!

    You’ve literally changed my life after I’ve experienced complete chaos with my body due to my stress levels and bad diet. I feel more in control now and have stopped the medications my doctor prescribed me for the inflammation (which made me feel awful due to the many side effects).

    It’s crazy how uninformed the average doctor is and they don’t help with the root cause at all.

    Thanks again ❤😊.

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