Low Carb Gold Coast 2022 – Q&A Session Day 1

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The presenters from the first day of 'Low Carb Gold Coast 2022' answer questions from the audience. Featuring Dr. Lucy Burns, Dr. Penny Figtree, Dr. Sarah Hancock, Dr. Simon Thornley, Prof. Karen Dwyer and Dr. Rowena Field.

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11 responses to “Low Carb Gold Coast 2022 – Q&A Session Day 1”

  1. 50 to 100 grams of carbs are not low enough to
    be in ketosis. I don’t know why they did not tell him.
    He also said he’s never seen someone in “ketoacidosis.”
    I think he fundamentally misunderstands the issue.

    • If you eat it in one sitting, it’s fine. You’ll be back in ketosis within the hour most of the time. Assuming it isn’t garbage carbs, of course.

    • The answer is no carbs! Low carbs just continue to fuel carb addiction. Humans do not need any carbs at all. Humans were made this way. Millions of years of adaptation.

  2. Also, what are they calling “fasting”? They may
    think they can drink some sugar water but not
    eat and they are “fasting.”

  3. (US), Butted heads with my RN Daughter last weekend about what diabetics can eat and cant… guess who was wrong and who wasnt? Not the “professional” as you can imagine. I’ll put my health (55) against her’s (29) any day. “Standard of Care” is generally bullocks.

  4. I started OMAD low carb/sugar since January this year lost 15kilos stopped BP meds BP great..can’t wait for next blood test to see my sugar level as I was diagnosed pre diabetic..Hoping I have reversed insulin resistance. 🤞

  5. The answer is so simple. No carbs not low carbs. Go carnivore, stop all seed oils, no alcohol no tobacco. You have the recipe for great long term health.

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