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We’re well aware of the buzz generated by our exploration of high protein and satiety approaches. Our founder & CEO, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, is here to shed light on our commitment to low carb and introduce some exciting changes that will help Diet Doctor become purely low carb again.

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    • I don’t know where you are on your keto journey, but many of us struggle. I am just over 60 days on a near-zero carb diet. I’ve lost 30 pounds (I have 40 to go) and gained all the other benefits you hear about: off all meds, excellent blood pressure, type 2 diabetes under control, etc. However, like you I am currently struggling. It is not the diet so much as a couple of strong cravings, particularly pizza and barbeque potato chips. My brain is in over-drive trying to come up with a way to work those two foods into my diet. Everyday I have to fight the urge to order a pizza. What this tells me is that while the diet aspect is working, I have emotional issues I need to address. Many people can conquer the diet part, but if they fail to conquer the “why-I-eat” part, the diet will fail, no matter what diet regimen they might be following. No amount of satiety can fix an emotional problem.

  1. I’ve always thought that if you are actually truly healthy, you can eat carbs of all types. I think it’s only when we have some metabolic damage that we have to explore things like low carb diets. I think it’s a mark of health to be able to digest carbs and remain healthy.

    • No diet is sustainable when approached as a diet only. The main point behind keto and the other low/no carb regimens is a major change in thinking and understanding about what we are eating. I don’t think that you would want to go back to eating sugars, and highly processed food. So, why do some people seem to be able to eat what ever they want? I suspect that there is a genetic component involved as well. For example, my father could eat anything he wanted, and he never gained an ounce over his entire life. My mother had trouble with her weight her entire life. I am the youngest of three sons. My oldest brother is like my dad was, my other brother had moderate weight issues, and I became obese. For myself, once I get to my target weight, I don’t think I will ever be able to eat just any old carb I feel like. I think I am going to be able to eat some natural carbs, like those is some vegatables, but I am going to have to be very careful about the rest. For me, carbs are addictive, and eathing them like an addict is exactly what made me obese.

    • @MsMsmak starches are good for the gut microbes, creating the source SCFA’s. And there are other benefits besides nutrition for vegetables and fruit, affecting how we digest and how our organs function. Our bodies and digestion function best as a complete eco-system, much like the natural environment around us, less like nutrient extraction factories.

    • That is ridiiculous. You don’t have to have a major metabolic DISORDER if you don’t burn off ALL carbs effectively and they become sugar quickly. ALL CARBS IS A HUGE CATEGORY as there is so much processed crap on the market. STILL some of us do best on a high protein, low carb and very modest fat diet. There are other reasons too much to type here. Bottom line is each person has to find what works for them.

    • @Kathy So what?? Your myopic viewpoint that all HEALTHY PEOPLE should be able to EFFECTIVELY PROCESS ALL CARBS is based on nothing. Not sure where you got that but it is not true at all. Most people need to stay away from too many carbs because they convert to sugar so easily and for many contribute to inflammation and the “cravings” issue. Otherwise we would have A NATION OF OBSESTIY currently. If you look at videos from the 80s, regardless of socio-economic levels, people were by and large leaner. Why? Because it was prior to the expansion of so much processed foods that have hidden sugars, toxins everywhere. We are currently a very sick Nation.

  2. Sounds super interesting. I’m just hoping that it is as simple as low carb is. Meaning the food prep and recipes. As soon as things get too fancy or complicated I tend to quit. I’ll definitely have a look 👀

  3. Achieving our health-related goals is so much easier when we are not hungry. Appreciate the focus on satiety which will help so many people who are struggling in this area.

  4. Added myself to the beta test, looking forward to it. I was actually hoping to see that the community aspect of DD was coming back in a new form. Will that be part of the new site?

    • Thanks for signing up, François! There are many cool features planned for Hava. Community is on the pipeline for the future 🙌

  5. I am REALLY excited about HAVA! As we know, each body is different and each body processes foods differently. We each use the foods we ingest in a different manner and we each gain or lose weight in our own way. While some things about eating and food processing are common to all humans, more things are individual and we each must find our way through the maze that is eating and health. I’ve have tried eating one single high carb food exclusively; next, the vegan lifestyle; next, the low carb/high protein/fat lifestyle; and finally back to one single high fat/protein – no carb food. Each style has had it’s pros and cons. I’ve lost weight with each but never thought any one style was exactly right for my body. I am searching for the style of eating that is right for my body/mind. I am 74, so my years available for trial/error are becoming limited. I’m not 35 anymore!! HAVA just may be the style for which I have been looking. I am VERY optimistic!!
    Thank you!
    Leslie Ann Farrar

    • Hi Leslie Ann, thank you for sharing a part of your story with us 💚 Exactly as you say, each body has specific needs. Hopefully Hava will help you find the foods that will be right for you. We’re looking forward to share this experience together, so keep in touch!

    • I am your age and your post could almost have been written by myself. Absolutely agree with all you have written.

  6. I’ve been following high satiety, healthy fats, low carb (but not keto) and certainly low sugar for about 4 years now. 100 pound loss worked for me, good luck with this.

  7. Excellent choice to keep Diet Doctor focused on low carb. Very good idea. I can go to Diet Doctor and not get confused.

  8. So glad to hear the latest news! Congrats to all. Equally happy that Diet Doctor will remain, as it has been a hub of learning and resources for me over the last 7 years! It was literally the first website I found when facing a health crisis and has been an almost daily log-on for me! It’s where I got me start and happy I can stay.

  9. It’s not that complicated. Once protein/fat requirements are met (as per your unique, individual requirements), low-CHO plant foods provide the mechanism for satiety. Take 3-4 scrambled eggs – eat these and measure the stretch reflex in the stomach… this is often insufficient to induce satiety. If you just eat this for breakfast you will get hungry soon. Instead, add in plenty of above-ground vegetables, and voila, gastric stretch receptors are activated and satiety is induced. I have used this approach for >20 years in my practice to get patients eating better, and feeling more satisfied, without necessarily pounding more and more calorie dense foods, which even if low-CHO is counter-productive for weight-loss.

  10. Thank for keeping Diet Doctor low carb!
    I do though like the focus on higher satiety food WITHIN low carb, since I’ve been struggling with feeling full without crashing through the roof of high calorie limits…

  11. I would also like to see Diet Doctor branch out a bit and include more information about carnivore. There are so many of us that were helped some by low carb, but just not enough, but found all the healing we needed on carnivore. There are plenty of people out there still that could really benefit from carnivore but don’t know it’s a healthy option.

  12. The decision to keep DietDoctor as the keto / low-carb site is very much appreciated. Those of us eating that way for medical reasons are well served by this. Best of luck, good people.

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