The #1 Hidden Source of Your Digestive Problems

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If nothing is working for your digestive issues, you may be missing this important factor.

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0:00 Introduction: Digestion explained
0:10 A hidden source of digestive problems
3:50 How stress affects digestion
8:30 Types of stress that affect your digestion
13:43 How to improve digestion
14:53 Learn more about the best natural remedies for digestive problems!

Let’s talk about one of the biggest causes of digestive issues: stress.

It's important to remember that what’s going on in your gut affects your brain, and what’s going on in your brain affects your gut. Healthy digestion occurs when you’re in a low-stress state.

How stress affects digestion:
• It causes the development of biofilms allowing harmful bacteria to survive
• It erodes the mucosa layer, which can lead to ulcers
• It decreases transit time (causes constipation)
• It can lead to leaky gut
• It alters your microbiome and decreases the diversity and number of your microbes, which can lead to inflammation and other health concerns

Stressors that affect the digestive system:
• Emotional stress
• Antibiotics and things that act like an antibiotic (chlorine, artificial sweeteners, glyphosate, and sterilized food)
• Intravenous feeding
• ICU care

The best ways to get rid of digestive problems related to stress:
1. Reduce your stress
2. Take L-glutamine
3. Consume probiotics and fermented foods (if you experience bloating afterward, try a carnivore diet for a while)

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! Try these tips to help get rid of digestive issues. I’ll see you in the next

36 responses to “The #1 Hidden Source of Your Digestive Problems”

  1. Stress is also the reason why we lose sleep. Luckily Dr. Berg drops a video during the early hours of my lack of sleep.

    • Me too, it puts me right back to sleep and I get it subconsciously then I listen again later in the day.

    • Even just focusing in he’s voice I get so sleepy 🥱 is so soothing!! Thank God for Drs Like Dr Berg !! 🙏blessings. 🌎👋🏻♥️

  2. Oh hell yes! This has happened to me SO MANY TIMES! Even just feeling a little bit sad is enough to set off a negative chain of symptoms 😢

  3. Hi Dr Berg, how about doing a video “a day in life of Dr Berg” with everything included (habits, nutrition, supplements, sports, etc) that you do to maintain good health? I would love to learn more about that!

  4. God bless you Dr Berg, thats me suffering from stress after losing both parents within 2yrs & 3mths I’ve bought all tablets I’ve ended up with chronic inflammation, your a legend just wish you where my Dr, God bless you all the way from Northern Ireland 🙏🌹☘️🇮🇪

  5. It wouldn’t surprise me, if Dr. Berg would be the one who can help my teen with this issue. Nothing else helped so far. Highly informative video. Thanks a lot!

  6. Thanks again Dr Berg you have helped me get healthier and lose 20kgs so far , I seem to be on another plateau at the moment so after watching your video’s I need to step it up a bit more. Thank you so much

  7. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Dr. Berg! Yes, stress is the factor for me regarding digestive problems.

  8. My kid’s dad has digestive issues… Pretty sure he has leaky gut and a fatty liver. Sad that people leave the hospital with other problems at times 😕 Thanks for the deep dive into this and solutions 🌞🙏

  9. I’m an anxiety prone person, also dealing with stress, and have always had digestive issues with no apparent cause. I feel like I finally understand what’s going on.

    • It goes much deeper. I’m the same way, been having tons of stomach issues for years now. I’m 24 and have a healthy diet. When your stomach is messed up, you don’t really absorb much nutrients. I now also found out that I have different vitamin and mineral deficiencies too. Still testing for more.

  10. This was a really great video; I love Dr.Berg’s 10-15 minute videos that focus on a specific symptom, such as digestive issues in this video

  11. Thank you Dr.Berg!! I really feel like you’re looking out for all of us. Is there any chance you can do a video some time on eosinophilic esophagitis? I was diagnosed several years ago but also have no known allergies except for pollen I guess? But have had bad GERD for a long time. It’s still a bit of a mystery

  12. Wow! I started having gut issues about two weeks ago…it’s stress related. The pain is showing up less frequently but it really scared me at first. Im recovering from a very stressful year.

  13. Thank You so much for this information Dr. Berg. I’ve been trying to figure out ways of destressing (stress comes because of the pressures of school, and my own difficulty stemming from my past) while taking care of myself which is an ongoing effort. Lately, however, I have been having what feels like gut issues where I’m digesting, but too quickly or improperly because visits to the bathroom are almost consistent every morning. I’ve been wondering if I am not eating enough fiber because waste isn’t as solid as it needs to be, and lately I have had what feels like hypoglycemia, especially when anxiety begins to set in, and eating something sweet resolves this; and ironically, I don’t have any really low readings. My blood sugar is always normal but ever since I got low I’ve been nervous I guess and it seems to be directly affecting my gut and the way it processes everything. For now, I’ve been eating solid foods, taking Kiefer in the morning and going east on stressors. But this doesn’t seem to be enough, not to mention when anxiety kicks in it also raises blood pressure which is no help at all either. Any recommendations for improving my diet in addition to managing stress?

  14. Thank you Dr Berg! Stress is a number one killer of humans, I would say even humanity. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to live without it, yet we can learn to control it. One way is not to take anything close to heart understanding that everything has a fleeting nature, in other words temporary. As it was engraved in Solomon’s ring, everything passes and this passes as well. I think if we develop this attitude, we could make a huge contribution to living stress free life.
    Besides affecting the digestive system, stress destroys hormonal cycles in both males and females and causes insomnia in some folks. For that reason, guys live in peace with yourself and surrounding as we know from physics that every matter gravitates towards each other, so if we develop positive energy in ourselves, we definitely live positivity and in good relationship with others as well as attract only pleasant and wonderful matters of nature. Peace upon everybody!

  15. Dr. Berg, I have suffered from constipation most of my adult life. . . and feeling bloated from time to time as well. I live in Japan where many doctors in private practice -sad to say- don’t know how to communicate with their patients. Actually, I now have a great doctor who talks and explains things to me so well. But you, Dr. Berg, you are a blessing!! and I thank you for “being there”, doing these incredible videos and for answering my questions.

  16. Dr. Berg, I want to thank you for saving my life. I tried your 30 day no sugar and failed before 2 weeks. But I followed more of your video’s to get rid of the sugar and lost 27 pounds! I went to my doctor just to get weighed on the same scale. Now 285, I haven’t seen in 20 years. 4 weeks on your suggestions. I threw away all my shirts and went down to 2x. You were right, my face is lean now. you can see my youtube picture with the fat cheeks, Not anymore. Now to work on my fupa and I’ll be able to buy new pants. this month going for another another 25 with exercise and NO cheating!!!!! Thank you so much. There is one thing, in my case, that happened the last week. I used to have perfect stools, and this last week there was a lot of flushing out going on. I assume it’s my body cleansing itself, but it wasn’t fun. But I’m ok now and today everyone is amazed at how good I look. My next step is achieving ketoses, and the 100 day cell renewal. So my goal is by october to be heading to 250 lbs. I even cheated on these 4 weeks, I had to figure it all out, but the next 4 months will be better. And I’m loving it not hating it. Apple cider Vinegar and olive oil for vegetables tastes so good. I eat steak maybe 2 times a week. I got a rotisserie chicken yesterday since i think you said the fat from it was ok. Gives me protein and some fat. I’m so excited for myself. Been depressed beyond belief for 15 years. I’m back! No stress.

  17. This makes so much sense. When I was 13 I started a new school and it was so stressful for me that I would have to throw up every morning even if I had nothing in my stomach, it caused me to not eat much and isolate myself. Gastroscopy showed nothing wrong. It all started in my emotional body and mind. I wish I had known then what I know now, it would have saved the young me so much pain.

  18. Hi Dr Berg, awesome video!. I was on PPI medications for over 20 years. I am now suffering with most of the symptoms you mentioned in this video. I would like to purchase some of your supplements. Could you recommend which ones I should take?

  19. You are absolutely right about stress and the immune system
    After many many years of research I discovered the reason I started to develop food intolerance (I can’t touch wheat/gluten it makes me so sick. Came on gradually In my thirties, am now 62)
    This got worse each time I had a highly stressful episode but unfortunately being married to a narcissist there was a base level stress constantly.
    I remain relatively ok as long as I don’t touch wheat, but I am tired all the time.
    Stress caused myriad disease Inthe body
    Thank you Dr Berg 😊

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