Foods That are a Memory Game Changer

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When it comes to preserving your cognitive function and safeguarding against neurodegeneration, there are three key nutrients your brain craves.

1️⃣ Choline: An essential nutrient that plays a pivotal role in regulating memory, muscle function, and various vital processes in your brain and nervous system. You can find choline in foods like broccoli, sardines, eggs, and liver.

2️⃣ Polyphenols: These remarkable plant compounds act as natural defenders against oxidative stress and inflammation. In humans, they can enhance antioxidant defense systems and reduce inflammation, benefiting your brain health. Embrace the power of polyphenols by incorporating olive oil, olives, vegetables, herbs, berries, and dark pigmented fruits into your diet.

3️⃣ Oleic Acid: Found abundantly in olive oil, oleic acid holds immense importance for memory. As an integral component of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil offers a double advantage—it provides the brain with polyphenols and oleic acid. Harness the brain-boosting benefits of olive oil and savor its positive impact on your memory.

Remember, your brain deserves the best nourishment. Ensure you're getting these three essential nutrients to support your memory and overall brain health.

4 responses to “Foods That are a Memory Game Changer”

  1. Sea food is tough to get in Hungary. Its possible but its usually low qaulity and very expensive. Luckily we have the largest organic farmers market in europe 20 mins away every Saturday. The highlight being the raw water buffalo milk with 8percent fat. The stuff is ridiculously good. I think it would help your diet rather than that rubbish protein powder and cooked dairy you was boasting about on one of your videos. You can actually buy the raw whey liquid there as well. Its probably 100times better for you than the cooked processed powered stuff.

  2. I dont really like sea food so i supplement with cod liver oil, eat alot of eggs and take a daily shot of olive oil with a tiny bit of honey in it to get it down easier.

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