The Best Superfoods

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Discover the power of these remarkable ingredients:

Olive oil: A brain and heart-healthy choice.

Green tea: Packed with antioxidants and polyphenols, reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Coffee: Rich in polyphenols, linked to reduced mortality and cardiovascular disease risk. Among Western diets, it offers one of the highest polyphenol sources.

Remember, moderation is key due to caffeine content. Aim for two to three cups per day.

Raw cocoa or dark chocolate: Abundant in polyphenols, it's associated with reduced heart disease risk.
Embrace these superfoods and elevate your well-being.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

28 responses to “The Best Superfoods”

  1. Hmm, green tea AND coffee is a lot of caffeine, yes I target 3 portions of caffeine, but from green tea with additional benefits, so coffee is out for me, I would substitute with sauerkraut as the fifth

    • A great recommendation. I agree. Something fermented will definitely add to gut health and therefore overall health.

    • I use Colavita Premium Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s tested for polyphenol content and beats most competitors. It generally arrives with a low oxidative status. It comes from Molise, Italy, and since talking with some people, it’s apparently a favored brand among Italians.

  2. Let’s think about how magic the egg is. A chicken lays an egg every single day. The shell alone has more calcium than most chickens consume.
    I drive once a week to pick up naturally raised, pastured chicken eggs. Not only do they taste better and have a much healthier yolk, they’re better for the environment. A pastured chicken eats the bugs that other farmers use chemicals to get rid of.
    I cook an extra egg every day and give to my dog. Not only does he love it, his coat is shinier and healthier

  3. Not much to live on in this list. What about something else to eat? That is what you said this was a list of-things to eat.

    • What? You can live completely off this list of foods, eggs are the #1 most nutrient dense food on earth, by a huge margin.

    • @Eternity Relax friend. “Not much” is literally true. Maybe you can but it’s “not much.’ Also, tea and coffee are not food they are drinks and cacao is a seed and not eaten in more than small quantities. I expected 5 food items and the inclusion of sardines or liver or beef for instance.

    • @James Walter Sardines are horrible for you. They contain insane amounts of chemicals/toxins. But I kinda agree with you, his list is kinda random. My list is :

      Pastured eggs, hemp seeds, liver, broccoli sprouts, baby spring mix/baby kale.

      Think these are the top 5 foods by far, don’t think anything beats them. This is from 10 years and reading 100s of studies, I am an expert on health. 🙏

    • ​@EternitySeeds/legumes are one of the worst things for humans to consume. Seeds are foods for birds not humans

  4. perfect i do all of those 5 every day anyway so happy that all mentioned i do most days

  5. Your claims on Olive oil, Tea, caffeine and Cacao are not supported by any evidence based on causality. The polyphenol and antioxidant argument isn’t supported either

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