Quick 3 Ingredient Queso | No Stove Needed I High Protein

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26 responses to “Quick 3 Ingredient Queso | No Stove Needed I High Protein”

  1. Happy Sunday to you Mayra! Congrats on surpassing 1m subscribers…you definitely deserve it👏🏼 Best of luck for continued success! Stay blessed and beautiful 🙏🏼

  2. *It’s amazing how something so easy to make can be so satisfying. Thanks for the delicious idea!*

    • Would you then need to use the taco seasoning that has salt? I guess you get to the same place either way.

  3. Hi, love it ! I’m sure I can use any low carb tortillas? I clicked the link and the low carb corn tortillas are sold out. They must be good. Thank you!

    • The A La Madre tortillas are amazing, I order at least a 3pk and keep them in my freezer.

  4. I love cottage cheese. My mom always kept it in our fridge while I was growing up, and we are talking decades ago. She always bought the pink Knudsen’s carton, which is low fat and small curd.

    Try cottage cheese with Pace Picante Salsa on top. OMGoddess. Life changing.

    • I have loved pace for years but they seem to still be using high fructose corn syrup in their salsa, I think we need to get on them to stop it.

  5. I love your recipe but I don’t understand why everyone is trying to eat healthier but then radiate the food. Threw my microwave away 8 years ago and never looked back.

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