Dr. Carolyn Harris – ‘Mental Health is Metabolic Health (learnings from Epilepsy)’

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Dr Carolyn Harris is a Nutritional GP who approaches her role with a focus on lifestyle, especially diet, in the management and prevention of disease. Carolyn has 30 years of experience as a specialist GP and also at least a decade as a trailblazer, working with patients to treat and reverse insulin resistance.

Working closely with dietitian Nicole Moore, Carolyn has helped dozens of patients to sustainably lose weight, as well as putting their type 2 diabetes, PCOS and non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) into remission. Carolyn works with her patients to create an individual plan, utilising care plans and a high quality team approach in particular incorporating the use of low carb and ketogenic diets.

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20 responses to “Dr. Carolyn Harris – ‘Mental Health is Metabolic Health (learnings from Epilepsy)’”

  1. This doctor is very smart, and open to new ideas. It is interesting that so many health professionals come to low carb, etc, through a personal health or family health journey. “Physician heal thy self”

  2. Learn from Morley Robbins (iron filings threaten the brain and nervous system), Dr. Chris Palmer, and Dr. Thomas Seyfried.

  3. Very forward thinking Doctor. I hope more medical people start to take this approach.
    If my Doctor ever mentioned fasting or Keto I would fall off my chair.
    Although my husbands young Doctor told him he needed to get active 30 mins per day even 10 mins at a time.
    At that time he had high blood pressure.
    He ignored the Doctor and continued with his medication.
    He went on to get prostate cancer, prostate was removed.
    He had a stent due to blockage.
    He developed heart failure and eventually diabetic.
    He suffers chronic kidney pains and generalised arthritis.
    He is now very sedentary and sad.
    Chronic depression.
    I was with him that day this young Doc said to him. Walk briskly, cut processed food. The Doctor told him I go to the gym before I attend surgery. I do it because I sit all day so I know it is not easy.
    My husband didn’t listen but I did.
    I stopped driving and I walk quite a lot.
    I do swimming and resistance.
    I fast. And cut out processed.
    So at least one of us heard this forward thinking doc.

  4. I thought dietary cholesterol had nothing to do with brain cholesterol (The Blood Brain Barrier) Doesn’t the brain makes and regulates it’s own cholesterol levels … ????🤔

  5. I was made seriousely ill by epilesy meds and fifteen years later an immulologist in Brisbane turned me carnivore. It healed me within weeks. I really cried when I went back to see him and told him how long I’d been that ill. How I wished I’d met him fifteen years earlier.

  6. Great presentation. Your warmth and humanity was very engaging and you presented complex information a way that is very accessible to all.

  7. Here in the US, we are focusing on “gun violence” after crazy incidents of mass shootings. I have been convinced that the underlying issue is the mental issues that seemingly is on the rise and is most evident in the younger generation. It may be that the greatest threat to society is not the prevalence of firearms, but the easy access to carbohydrates and the hormonal effects that they have on our bodies. Just look around and see how uncivil people have become and wonder why.

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