Identifying Heavy Metal Toxicity From Your Skin

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We’re all exposed to heavy metals. Find out how heavy metals can affect your skin and learn more about the best remedies for heavy metal toxicity.

0:00 Introduction: Heavy metal toxicity
0:22 Heavy metals explained
0:45 Arsenic toxicity
2:20 Cadmium toxicity
3:18 Lead toxicity
3:55 Mercury toxicity
4:45 One of the best remedies for heavy metal toxicity
5:09 Learn more about the benefits of distilled water!

Today we’re going to talk about how heavy metal toxicity can affect your skin.

It’s the dose that determines the poison. We’re all exposed to various toxins and heavy metals, but in low amounts, they won’t affect our bodies.

There are a lot of different signs of heavy metal toxicity, but I want to cover a few distinct symptoms of heavy metal toxicity to be aware of.

One of the best remedies for heavy metal toxicity is distilled water. Try drinking distilled water and then consuming the minerals you need.

Potential effects of heavy metals on the skin:
1. Arsenic
Arsenic can be found in:
• Pressurized wood
• Water supply
• Insecticides

In high amounts, arsenic may lead to:
• Hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation
• Keratosis

Nutrients that help protect against arsenic toxicity:
• Selenium
• Zinc
• Folate
• Carotenoids

A great natural remedy to help protect against arsenic poisoning:
• Spirulina

2. Cadmium
Cadmium can be found in:
• Spray paint
• Tobacco
• Shellfish

In high amounts, cadmium may lead to:
• Yellowing or tanning of the skin
• Skin cancer

Nutrients that help protect against cadmium toxicity:
• Zinc
• Antioxidants

A great natural remedy to help protect against cadmium poisoning:

3. Lead
Lead can be found in:
• Paint
• Water supply
• Soil

In high amounts, lead may cause:
• A blue line on the gums

Nutrients that help protect against lead toxicity:
• Calcium
• Iron

A great natural remedy to help protect against lead poisoning:
• Calcium EDTA
• Alpha-lipoic acid

4. Mercury
Mercury can be found in:
• Dental work
• Fish
• Thimerosal

In high amounts, mercury may lead to:
• Graying of the skin
• A pink color on the palms of your hands and soles of your feet

Fish and seafood that are low in mercury include:
• Anchovies
• Catfish
• Clams
• Crab
• Crawfish
• Flounder
• Herring
• Oysters
• Sardines
• Scallops

A great way to help protect against mercury poisoning: 
• Consume at least one Brazil nut a day

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Thanks for watching! Try these tips for heavy metal toxicity. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Thank you kindly Dr Eric Berg for the information.. You are unbelivable.. is there anything you don’t know.. smile I love watching your programs/videos you are a life safer.. Take care and be safe.. always 💞✌️

  2. Thank you sooo so much for these incredibly helpful videos. I need to point out though that if you make a slight adjustment to your EQ to reduce the midrange and highs, the audio will sound much less shrill. I don’t know what you changed this year but if you listen to your Distilled Water video from 11 months ago, the audio EQ balance was really nice. (Sorry if I’m overstepping here! 😅)

  3. After dental fillings removal, like close to a year after, I did a heavy sauna period with lots of nutrients and running and I was sweating black… MERCURY WAS COMING OUT! For a full month. Glad to know indicators of mercury in the body!

    • Holy s, that s interesting to know to say the least ,hopefully you ve had something better put in your mouth after that , im interested to know more about your sauna therapy ,im having my epoxy resin fillings removed because they gave out ,plus they also contain Bpa derivates ,and they can leave a very bad taste in your mouth which can make your whole body toxic ,many dentists don say a word when they put white fillings into people s mouths ,and mine didn t say anything ,he just charged me and left me to figure out ,

  4. Thanks Dr Berg, you Rock!!! I have a very complicated set of medical issues, from Early degenerative spinal disease, diabetes, poly arthritis, severe adhesions from peritonitis and severe polycystic ovarian syndrome and excrutiating peripheral neuropathy. I’ve been fighting for my life since I was 14.
    I find your advice wonderful and it gives me hope.
    God Bless 🙏 ❤

    • @whatdreamsmaycome 🙏🙏 that’s a hard life I’ve been through many road blocks , Perseverance POSITIVES PRAYERS AND PEACE my friend

    • Diabetes can be reversed by your diet. Probably many of your other problems, too. Dr. Berg talks about the Keto diet all the time. That’s how you do it.

  5. I had high Barium levels about 5 years ago that lead to elevated blood pressure 140s/90s. My doctor put me NAC and selenium but also suggested 2-3 Epsom salt baths weekly. After about 6 months the barium levels were normal and my BP came down as well. No skin conditions were observed with this heavy metal toxicity.

  6. You should do a video on protecting ourselves from chemtrail fallout. It’s no secret, and they don’t hide it anymore. So unlike peroxide benefits, it should be ok to discuss 😆

  7. My friend used to spray paint cars back when no one wore mask protection. 10 years later He drank raw juices for months in addition to regular meals. His skin turned orange! He was detoxing those metals and chemicals! Today he is 81 doing fine.

  8. Thank you Dr. Berg for all your amazing knowledge.
    I watch all your video. My mother introduced me to you. Very nicely done and easy to understand videos.
    Your supplements are amazing and I feel that they help me. I do watch what I eat too.
    Too bad that you don’t ship to Greece. I would love to buy many of your supplements for my mother.

  9. For aluminum (which is still in many shots made before cvid), water like fiji that has natural silicilic acid (acid of silicates) helps bind it. Dr Christopher Exley, who studied the chemistry of aluminum has a substck about how it affects the body and how to reduce it.

  10. Thanks Doctor Berg, appreciate all these information you are sharing with us always. God bless you sir 🙏 🙌

  11. I drank distilled water for 2 decades and got heart palpitations every time I went in the Sun for 15 minutes. I’m guessing it was due to a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is used to convert D3 to 25(OH)D3. The problem was resolved when I learned about taking enough D3 because that is when I also started taking magnesium.

  12. Big thanks Dr Berg!! Great video!! I have been using rubbing alcohol in last year because of COVID. I only used spray for my hands when I go out, recently I have bad red and itchy skins on my hands…

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