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A weight loss journey is never perfect, so today, I’m going to tell you my the top 5 ingredients to avoid…starting at the grocery store. These tips were so important in my weight loss journey and I hope they help you too! Remember, consistency is key and nutrition is so important!

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29 responses to “How I Lost 100lbs: AVOID THIS TO LOSE WEIGHT!”

  1. You are such an inspiration to about a million people including myself. Thank you for what you do and keep up the great work ❤

  2. 1. Soybean Oil
    2. High Fructose Corn Syrup (maybe use honey or maple syrup or sugar free syrup)
    3. Maltitol
    4. Artificial Food Dyes
    5. Nitrates

  3. ❤❤❤ Thank you for sharing about that artificial sweetener, and so glad you got your daughter treated at the hospital and discovered the cause of the issue. Yes, these companies bank on folks not knowing what is in their products that we consume, and buy, due to heavy brand marketing.

  4. Like this comment if you want me to do a Part 2! Ingredients are so important and watching what you put in your body can make a world of a difference!

  5. Try to avoid these ingredients:
    1. Soy bean Oil ( causes inflammation)
    2. Canola Oil ( causes inflammation)
    3. High Fructose Corn Syrup ( over processed sugar)
    4. Maltitol ( causes digestion issues)
    5. Red 40 ( causes digestive issues)
    6. Yellow 6 ( causes digestive issues)
    7. Nitrates ( causes digestive issues)

    Once in awhile is ok…..Just NOT as in your daily intake.

  6. Primal Kitchen is a great alternative to the typical salad dressings, if you don’t want to make your own. Clean as can be, since they use Avocado oil. They also make some great BBQ sauce that tastes great and is very low carb. The brand is a bit expensive, but worth it IMO.

  7. Thank you for this. I’ve already purchased the syrups and fruit jams from Choczero and was surprised that they really taste good.

  8. Love how you are diving deeper into the ingredients, labels,, symptoms and whys for those viewers whom are not aware of clean eating. It’s self sabotage without realizing the importance of labels and ingredients to low carb lifestyle. Awesome content.

  9. Great video, Myra! I have been telling family and friends to read every package for a few years now. Maltitol is the worst of all sugar alcohols, in my opinion. I do say, however, that fructose is definitely worse than table sugar due to how your body processes these two forms of sugar. Fructose is hard on your liver. Thanks for continuing to produce great content. 😊😊😊

  10. Thank you, Myra. I really appreciate this information. And yes, maltitol made me so sick. I hate that they sneak those horrible ingredients into our food. I have lost 30lbs. so far. I’m doing pretty good on low carb.

  11. Yes! Do a part 2! I actually love Primal Kitchen dressings and mayo to use for salads and dips!! I would like to try your recipe.

  12. Great info Myra! Everything you said is true! Maltitol really messed up your gut. Small constructive criticism. Please cut out the music, it’s too distracting and hard to hear you over it. Otherwise you did a fabulous job!

  13. Yep sugar free stuff is sometimes worse than just going ahead and eating the regular sugar stuff. Cause of the sugar alcohol it contains. A lot of people don’t realize just cause it said sugar free they can eat it. So, thanks for pointing that out. Also, between my hubby and you, y’all really encouraged me to get up and make my own stuff. I was already starting to slowly make my own stuff, but this is the real push I needed. Love your recipes. Did the big Mac salad the other day, it was really good. Getting more into the low carb lifestyle.

  14. I’ve always enjoyed your videos over other “keto” people like Thomas Delauer and others. They just get too science-y and to me, present a crazy, not liveable diet. I’m 35 and recently went from 310 in June to 263 today. I want to lose another 40lbs and I’ve started working out to help with that. I don’t want to be a chemist or a from-scratch baker. I want to live my life and be healthy for my wife and 3 kids by avoiding the junk fillers they put in our food. You’re videos are helping me “reimagine” normal, everyday food my family and I can eat without becoming a Ph.D. in nutrition.

  15. I have lost over 160Lbs. I love your videos. You give so many ideas and great tips. Weight loss is so much easier when you can substitute your food habits with reduced products. Always check the labels and make sure there isn’t to many sugars salts or processed ingredients.

  16. This was so informing! I even took notes 🤣😂 I’d love to see more of these types of videos. Thanks so much ❤❤❤

  17. Thank you so much for this video, it is so helpful for one that does most of the food shopping in my household. I would love to see more Billie this. These big companies are always looking for ways to hide poor ingredients in our food.

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