You Will QUIT Sugar After Watching This (Guaranteed)

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Sugar is hurting your health! Even if you’re thin, you may be experiencing side effects from sugar consumption. Learn more about the dangers of sugar.


0:00 Introduction: The truth about sugar
0:10 The problem with sugar explained
0:25 Side effects of sugar
0:35 The dangers of sugar
3:35 How to quit sugar
4:37 Learn more about how to stop eating sugar and transition to keto!

Is sugar bad for you? Yes! Let’s talk about why.

Sugar has been heavily studied, and it’s been concluded that a high amount of added sugar is significantly associated with 45 negative health effects.

Some of the potential side effects of sugar consumption include:
• Diabetes
• Asthma
• Depression
• Stroke
• Heart attack
• Gout
• Hypertension
• Dementia
• Cancer
• Early death

Even if you don’t have a weight problem, it’s crucial for your health to cut down your sugar intake. Forty percent of people with normal weight have metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome includes high blood glucose, fatty liver, and high cholesterol. Sugar is very toxic—fructose may be as toxic as alcohol.

When you eat sugar, you’re supporting the harmful sugar industry. On top of that, you’re destroying your body.

Switching to keto-friendly desserts and sugar-free chocolate is a great way to transition off of a high-sugar diet.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis and intermittent fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the dangers of sugar. I’ll see you in the next video.

55 responses to “You Will QUIT Sugar After Watching This (Guaranteed)”

  1. Thank you Dr.Berg. Though im off keto but im off sugar as well and follow a low carb diet, you have helped me a lot to lose weight ❤

  2. Thank you, Dr Berg, you continue to encourage me in my quest to eliminate sugar from my diet.
    Thanks to you, I no longer have a fatty liver.

    • ​@peaceninja4338 you’re right. there is an episode of 60 minutes where doctors compare sugar cravings to a cocaine addiction.

    • I quit sugar 2 years ago and experienced withdrawals. It took me 2 weeks to stop shaking. I had no idea what was going on because I didn’t know it was addictive. I was weak, shaking, nervous and confused. My wife brought me a Dr. Pepper (my old favorite) and I stopped shaking in less than a minuite. I then knew what was going on.

    • There’s a reason for that. Our cells prefer glucose to ketones. It’s efficient and doesn’t yield the toxic by products that ketones do. We even covert protein from our own muscles into glucose without carbs present, and that’s not good. It prevents the body from using aminos to rebuild tissues (including the heart) and using our own muscle tissue for fuel is obviously terrible.

      Learning HOW to eat is as important as what to eat. Consume salad or veg first, it makes a HUGE difference in how much any meal spikes blood sugar. That sustained level also means no sugar cravings. Even with carbs consumed after your salad, protein and fat.

  3. I also didn’t have any health issues, and my weight was normal, but after this healthy diet that you introduced here, helped me to understand the meaning of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. Thank you 😊

  4. Former sugar addict here. Haven’t had sugar in 3 weeks. The withdrawals are real and had a mental fight to stay away from it. Candida in my gut also makes craving worse. Going to continue loving myself.

    • Hey I have Candida as well and I’m currently 3 days in to a two week sugar cleanse. Please give me any tips that you used to help you. I am seriously craving sugar. It’s strange. I quite smoking last year and this sugar addiction is far more severe and difficult to break. I’m really struggling
      :((( best of luck to you ❤

    • How are you dealing with candida ? Are you planning to just avoid sugar or you want to go through some type of detox -diet ?

    • You can do it! Keep going once you’re free of it, you’ll feel so much better, and you won’t regret it. Pay close attention to all ingredient labels cause they put sugar in almost everything. It’s almost overwhelming trying to find something to eat without sugar added

  5. I stopped eating sugar from an earlier video of yours and let me tell you from eating chocolate biscuits everyday to stopping I went through a period where I was almost angry that I didn’t have sweets but then I got over it and my cravings went. It was so hard. But I’m a very fussy eater so there’s not much that I like to eat.

  6. Damn, if it was put this way then many people would be more aware of eating sugar!

    Thank you Dr. Berg, though I am concerned about the potential censorship on this video☹️☹️☹️

  7. Because of you Dr. Berg, I no longer consume regular suger. I switched over to stevia. I’m so much more healthier and I lost weight without exercising.Thank you.

  8. My mother’s quality of life was ruined by sugar. Obesity, severe depression, dental issues, diabetes II, dementia and early death. Being a first hand witness, I believe I can speak for her – It wasn’t worth it!!!

    • Yep, I’m currently going through that with both of my parents. It’s extremely difficult, and I don’t want to end up like that. It truly is heartbreaking to see what a terrible diet can do to one’s way of life.

    • Same story but I’ve turned my experience around. I took a vow to NEVER end up like my Mom. It helps on days when I get lazy as to get right back to working out like a mad man and eating clean.

    • Same for me however, 2 years ago I made a change and it’s been great since. I was so packed with visceral fat, on 7 medications and in poor health. No more medications for me now and 52 pounds lighter. This at 61 years old.

  9. I quit sugar on September 1st and transitioned onto a raw plant based lifestyle. Now, 30 days sugar-free and feeling great. But days 15 – 18, I felt like I was going through a drug withdrawal and it was horrible. I pressed in and with the power of prayer i got through that horrible part. I will never eat sugar again to avoid those withdrawal symptoms. SUGAR IS THE ACCEPTABLE LEGAL DRUG THAT DOESN’T SEEM LIKE IT IS KILLING YOU, WHILE IT IS. Desserts spelt backwards = stressed. Sugar is a toxic body stressor.

  10. Eliminating sugar from my diet was easier than I thought. And what a difference it made. I agree that sugar and alcohol are the two worst things you can put into your body.

  11. I’ll be 56 next month, and I would’ve never thought that I could give up sugar and carbs, but I did on your healthy keto plan 1-1/2 years ago. OMAD for about 4 months now, and I would’ve never thought I could do that. It’s pretty amazing what you can do if you discipline yourself enough to make certain changes in your life! Just remember, willpower and discipline are what it takes to achieve your goals in life!

    • Same here… got tired of enriching the pharmaceutical industries on diabetes meds ($400/mth after insurance) and just getting progressively worse even after dietary ‘training’ from the medical community. All I know is the food pyramid is a horrible curse on everyone especially those who rely on institutional food like the military, nursing homes and hospitals

  12. I did a diet based on ketosis.
    I lost about 65 lbs in about 6 months. I went from 250 to 185 lbs. – A few days into the diet, I noticed much clearer thinking as if a fog was being lifted. – I am going back on this diet; that’s because I have resumed white sugar and I hate the effects. It!s an addictive poison that tastes great.

  13. Dear Dr. Berg, thanks for the vital info on sugar!! In 2019 when I was addicted to M&M’s, McDonald shakes, and other junk food, my sister, a nurse, stayed with me for a week so that I could completely detox from sugar and all junk food. I was sick for the first 3 days, but got better each day afterward. Still to this day, I never consume sugar, white flour, or any processed foods. I never have to count calories, I don’t gain weight, and never go hungry.

  14. Dr. Berg, I wanted to express my deep gratitude for your incredibly insightful video on quitting sugar. Your expertise and guidance are truly invaluable! Thank you for helping us make healthier choices.

  15. Después de ver un vídeo suyo hace ya 4 meses deje de consumir azúcar, mejor decisión de mi vida, estoy mucho mejor en todos los aspectos, gracias Doctor

    • Well I was told the reason for sugar addiction is it comes from the same plant as cocaine..yes sugar is awful and ima pre diabetic just picked back up the addiction hate it😢

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