Habits That Make You Live 24 Years Longer

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Want a longer, healthier life? Embrace these habits:

1️⃣ Say No to Opioids: Reduce early mortality risk by 38%.

2️⃣ Stub Out Smoking: Non-smokers see a 29% drop in mortality, but quitting at any time is a win.

3️⃣ Eat Smart: A plant-based diet can up your longevity by 21%.

4️⃣ Moderate Sips: A drink here and there is fine, but 4+ drinks daily can increase mortality by 19%.

5️⃣ Snooze Well: Get 7-9 hours of sleep nightly and cut early death risk by 18%.

6️⃣ Nurture Relationships: A strong social circle can boost life expectancy by 5%.

With these habits, you'll not only live longer but live better too!

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