Carbohydrates and Death Risk: What You Need to Know

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36 responses to “Carbohydrates and Death Risk: What You Need to Know”

  1. There is no evidence the can relate cause and effect to the word risk which you use consistently in your discussion.

  2. I’ve cycled low carb/keto on nd off. If u want to anti age, have great skin,look young nd be disease free, keto/carnivore is the only option. If u cant follow keto, millets are the best carbs.

  3. Strict keto was very anti-inflammatory for me, it made wonders but having a social circle made it a bit impossible for me to sustain it.

    • Well, it’s not like you can’t have a good time while on keto. It’s not like your friends are going to see you as a monster/cult leader for not drinking. If they do, you’re in the wrong circle.

      I’m strict keto and my social life was not impacted one bit.

  4. Found that I didn’t need to restrict carbohydrates, but cut the seed oils, trash quality grains, and anything ultra processed.

  5. Siim, this does not add up with how carbs cause insulin spikes which leads to wrinkles.

    I’m doing healthy keto, and it works for me. I think it’s sustainable for me for life, especially with the combined benefits of OMAD/IF. I was always miserable on carbs, no matter how healthy. Never touching it again. Just though I’d weigh in.

    • I totally agree, high carbs even the 50% in the research paper would lead
      to sugar = higher blood glucose. Not healthy at all. Then again who paid
      for said research ? 🤔

    • You’re telling me a balanced diet consisting of a variety of whole foods causes wrinkles? That does not add up. Plenty of somewhat high-carb foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes are clearly healthy for most people. You would have a hell of a time making a somewhat reasonable scientific case to the contrary. What seems to “work for you” carries no evidentiary value.

  6. Humans didn’t have carbs for most of existence and they got along fine. Cave men weren’t baking bread

    • No but they were eating loads of muffins and doughnuts. And don’t get me started on all the Big Macs and milkshakes they were consuming.

    • You are not cave man buddy. Cave man would probably not live more than today. Cave man analogies are stupid.

  7. Do you not think that the higher hazard ratio on a low carb diet is probably due to the fact that diabetics tend to go low carb, and diabetics as we know have a lower life expectancy.

  8. All I know is the best healthiest I ever felt my whole life was when I was eating high-carbon very low fat
    Physically I felt amazing but I realized I need dietary fat,, now I eat high protein with carbs than moderate fat , but I know if I was to cut down the fat cut down the protein increase the carbs I would feel awesome but I know that’s not what my body needs so I have to sacrifice feeling awesome to give it what it needs

  9. 50% calories from carbs? That would mean several hundred grams of fats that need to get 3000-5000calories my watch says i burn?

  10. Siim, I’ve been watching your videos for the past 5 years. After seeing your content, I started following the Keto, Low carb, and OMAD diets. Recently, I’ve noticed a shift in your stance. Could you possibly make a video explaining why your opinion has changed? Are there any recent studies that have influenced your perspective? I really appreciate that you remain true to your beliefs and don’t just produce videos based on what your viewers want to see.

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