The FIRST Sign of a Magnesium Deficiency Is… (Dr. Berg Explains)

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Sixty-eight percent of people in the US don’t get the required amounts of magnesium from their diet. Learn more about magnesium deficiency and why magnesium is so important.


0:00 Introduction: Magnesium deficiency
0:20 What is magnesium?
1:04 Magnesium deficiency symptoms
2:30 The first sign of magnesium deficiency
2:50 Why you need magnesium
4:19 Magnesium deficiency causes
4:23 The best sources of magnesium
5:53 Magnesium supplements to avoid
6:09 Other causes of magnesium deficiency
7:18 Learn more about how much salad you should be consuming!

Today, I want to cover the first sign of magnesium deficiency. Many people don’t get enough magnesium from their diet, not to mention other factors that deplete magnesium.

Magnesium is a cofactor involved in 350 enzymes. A cofactor is something that is required by an enzyme to work.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency:
• Cramping
• Twitching
• Arrhythmia
• Osteoporosis
• Osteomalacia
• Insulin resistance
• Insomnia
• High cortisol
• Depression

However, the number one symptom of magnesium deficiency is fatigue.

The top cause of low magnesium is not consuming enough magnesium in the diet. Foods rich in magnesium are vegetables and leafy greens.

Consuming large salads is a great way to get the magnesium you need. But you can also take a magnesium supplement. If you do take a supplement, consider magnesium glycinate.

Other causes of magnesium deficiency:
1. Refined foods
2. Fructose
3. Alcohol
4. Certain medications

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis and intermittent fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this increases your awareness of magnesium deficiency and how to get the magnesium you need. I’ll see you in the next video.

48 responses to “The FIRST Sign of a Magnesium Deficiency Is… (Dr. Berg Explains)”

  1. Great timing Dr Berg. I was just going to bed. It’s now 21:00hrs here in Australia 🇦🇺 I needed to hear this. Thank you always for your wonderful contents 🙏

  2. Dr.Berg, he Is what medicine should do,should teach, should explain to people….instead of approving drugs.

  3. I’ll be honest, I’m not eating the gigantic salad bowl most days either, lol 😂. I take some magnesium in the citrate, taurate, and/or glycinate forms at night maybe 1 hour before bed. Magnesium malate can be good in the mornings. Thanks for spreading the Mg gospel, Dr. Berg!

  4. Great video!
    I was definitely mag deficient ( insomnia, IR, cramping, and all the hair had fallen off my legs) but fatigue was not an issue. I was always jacked up on cortisol due to chronic stress.
    Months of salads made me worse with severe bloating. I wasn’t digesting due to lack of HCL. And I wasn’t absorbing the magnesium and other supplements. I cut out salads and did a daily blended cabbage juice instead of salads.
    I started a daily morning routine of soaking my feet in epsom salt for 30 minutes with deep breathing and increased my HCl and supplements with meals.
    Also, IF and low carb. The keto was depleting me.
    No cell phone or blue light after dinner. I walk my dog after dinner and started playing guitar again and reading before bed.
    The hair grew back on my legs, I no longer have cramps, and insomnia is gone.
    It’s an ongoing process but you have to continually find what works for you.
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.
    Peace love and blessings.

  5. A good video would be “how to get enough magnesium from food while avoiding excessive oxalates.”
    I know anyone who’s ever had a kidney stone would be interested. Just a talk on these lectins and oxalates (anti nutrients) and a pro/con of eating them would be interesting.
    I’d also like to know more about why mushrooms need to be cooked to destroy some toxin. This is common knowledge, but when Paul Stamets was on the JRE podcast and this subject came up, he acted like he’d be tortured if he talked about it..which was strange. Many he was just being purposefully cryptic and a bit facetious. Idk.

    • @woodenfencessame, I also had kidney stones due to oxalates but I had no idea that was the reason. When I started my keto diet I ate tons of vegetables especially spinach and pretty quickly started getting pain in my joints and flair ups from old injuries like my knee. When I went full carnivore and cut all the greens all symptoms disappeared. I now have occasional flair ups when I’m dumping oxalates and my electrolytes go bananas.

    • To answer your question on Stamets, this is what someone said.

      “Mushrooms, even common button mushrooms, contain traces of carcinogenic compounds in raw form. The same toxin, hydrazine, is also found in portobello mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms contain a naturally occurring formaldehyde. Both chemicals are heat-sensitive and abolished upon exposure to heat.”

  6. If you are taking PPI’s your ability to absorb magnesium is greatly affected. I ended up in intensive care for 4 days due to low magnesium. You require magnesium to process potassium. With low potassium my heart was palpitating. Definitely use a supplement if you are over 50. Don’t risk it. Low magnesium is an awful feeling and he is right, like your battery is not charging overnight.

  7. Magnesium oil, as a topical mineral spray, which comes from deep inside tge Earth’s crust (magnesium chloride), is said to have the highest absorption potency. Thank you Dr Berg as always for your wonderful work 🌻🐝

    • @Deb Greentree oh wait google said it isn’t? dang… well as someone who’s used both magnesium oil spray and magnesium supplements I can 100% testify to the oil being waaaay more useful. Not only it’s very absorbable through the skin but it also doesn’t have the drawbacks of making your kidneys work or possibly causing imbalances when u take too much, the skin takes what it needs, the oil is IMO the more efficient way to take magnesium (other than actual food, like salads etc)

  8. Thank you Dr. Berg thank you so much for your advice . I have been getting severe cramps in my feet and legs. You are always very informative and helpful.😊

  9. I always appreciate Dr. Bergs info and perspective about health self-care. I take notes and utilize most of the info as I can. I juice a lot of raw veggies. I keep around 3 separate bottles of liquid magnesium, liquid potassium and a trace mineral liquid. I use them as needed. Doc speaks about so many nutrients, etc…. in a way that I can understand and apply. Thks so much Doc.

  10. Great video Dr. Berg.
    In addition, certain medications will lower your magnesium level. Just like certain blood pressure medications will lower your potassium levels….long term use of proton pump inhibitors will severely reduce your magnesium levels.

  11. Imagine how healthy people would be and what a great world we’d live in, if only our medical system was run by people like Dr Berg and not owned by the people who make the drugs.

  12. We’re so blessed to have your wealth of knowledge, daily and without payment. Thank for sharing another amazing video Dr. Berg ❤

  13. 00:00 🧪 Magnesium deficiency is common in the United States, affecting 68% of the population due to dietary insufficiency and other factors.
    02:43 🛌 Fatigue is a significant symptom of magnesium deficiency, as magnesium is crucial for energy production and muscle function.
    03:38 🫀 Magnesium is essential for maintaining a healthy heart by regulating calcium levels and supporting the sodium-potassium pump.
    04:21 🥗 Leafy greens and vegetables, particularly in salads, are excellent sources of magnesium and potassium, helping prevent deficiency.
    05:45 💊 If dietary magnesium intake is insufficient, consider magnesium glycinate supplements, avoiding types like magnesium oxide, hydroxide, and carbonate.

  14. I was never explained from doctors about magnesium deficiencies or potassium when I was diagnosed with a-fib 14 years ago. I’ve been doing your healthy keto for 1-1/2 years now. I also use a supplement d-ribos which has and is helping me with those deficiencies along with just OMAD. Thank you Dr. Berg for all your great knowledge and advice!!!! You have been the most help for me while on this amazing journey!!!!

  15. For me, it’s muscle cramping or weird nerve issues.

    One time I was electrolyte deficient on moderate hike, and my thumb muscle started hurting a lot. It continued to hurt after the hike was over and even after I took magnesium. (I guess at that point it was too late) A day later, I noticed a huge dark bruise right where the pain was located. Super weird!

    I also get odd unexplained nerve pain where the surface of my skin in specific areas will be extremely sensitive to touch and will feel like someone rubbed sandpaper on it for a minute. It sometimes hurts for days!!

    • @sweetpeace5 Oh really? Thank you, I will definitely try that. I take nutritional yeast every day but it sadly misses b12. I recently bough spiraluna for the first time with b12. It’s kinda gross tasting ngl. I may try another avenue.

  16. I want to cry. Because I am happy that I found Dr Berg, that he teaches me and that I get the answers I am looking for. But also because I am sad. This video gives me the answers my doctors didn’t give me for the past 4 years. At least now I know what to work on again, thank you Dr Berg! 🙏🏼

  17. Thank God for Dr. Berg. Great role model of functional medicine. With insightful and cohesive information. 🙏🏼

  18. Wow. I’ve complained about these symptoms to my doctor, and I was never offered magnesium or potassium. You are a wonderful Doctor. Thank you 💞💞..

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