Why Some People Shouldn’t Jog

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Why Jogging Might Not Be for Everyone?

While jogging is a popular and cost-effective exercise, it may not suit everyone. Here's why:

1️⃣ Joint Concerns: Jogging is low-intensity cardio (Zone 2), but it can strain weak knees or poor running form.

2️⃣ Alternatives: Zone 2 cardio can be achieved through cycling or swimming, which are gentler on the joints.

3️⃣ Strengthening: Lifting weights, contrary to the myth, can actually strengthen knees and reduce pain.

The key is to find an exercise that suits you and doesn't cause pain. It's all about staying active while staying comfortable!

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13 responses to “Why Some People Shouldn’t Jog”

    • @Abdelilah BENAHMED Go slow and steady. Slow enough so you can maintain continuous stable breathing patterns, even if you’re so slow that you’re basically just jumping and going forward at walking speeds. It all depends on your fitness levels. Also slow enough so you can maintain proper gait and form.

      There will be bad days, not gonna lie. Specially at first when you’re not used to it. But after a while the endorphins, sweat and feelings of well being are just incredible. A purely relaxed state that do wonders for my cardiovascular health and anxiety levels.

      I usually go just for 40 minutes on average since I have no interest in being a marathon runner. Too much jogging starts to be stressful and if I want more intense stuff, I just go for sprints.

  1. Exactly SIIM. And there is another safe, enjoyable , more effective and often forgotten alternative to jogging= TRAMPOLINE. Ideal for older people (balance, strenght…) and children who execise on it before going to school learn better.Maybe future videos on it ?

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