Avoid These 3 Hair Loss Triggers

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Your daily habits could be the culprits behind hair loss. But hey, you can avoid these hair woes easily! 🙌

1️⃣ Ultra Processed Foods: They amp up dandruff and hinder hair growth. Swap 'em out for a healthy mane.

2️⃣ Refined Carbs: Keep your thyroid happy with balanced carbs. Too much or too little can mess with your locks. 🥖

3️⃣ Stress: We've all been there, right? But let's kick stress to the curb. Sleep and zen moments are your hair's BFFs.

By nixing these triggers or reducing them, you can keep your hair thick and fabulous!

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4 responses to “Avoid These 3 Hair Loss Triggers”

  1. I failed on all three for at least ten years. Lost my hair from head to foot. I was very hairy up to my fifties. At fifty seven I made radical changes. Now at sixty my hair and hairs are trying to come back. 🫣

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